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March 31, 2016 — Maryland 17, Northwestern 4

POSTGAME Thanks for joining us this evening, and we’ll see you Saturday from Ellicott City, Md. for the showdown between Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.) and Mount Hebron

POSTGAME If there was one person that really stood out for me, it was close defender Alice Mercer. She held Lasota to one shot and altered the attack pattern of the Northwestern offense. Her steal and score in the third minute was a microcosm of the match in one 13-second span

POSTGAME Whereas last May’s game was a two-goal game at the interval, the fact that Maryland was able to score four goals by the five-minute mark gave you the feeling that Northwestern was trying to tamp down a beaker of boiling water. You didn’t know when the water would overflow, but you knew it would eventually happen

POSTGAME It was nearly the same result as the NCAA quarterfinals one year ago, and the game flowed about the same way; Maryland, however, did not really allow Northwestern to be in it

FULL TIME The horn sounds with the Terps winning 17-4

59:09 UMG GOAL Kacie Longo puts a cap on this one as Maryland takes a 17-4 lead

55:00 UMD GOAL Off a Wildcat turnover, Cummings feathers a shot past Weisse; Maryland leads 16-4


53:49 UMD GOAL Stukenberg is determined! What a whirling dervish goal! Terps lead 15-4

49:16 NU YELLOW Lasota is off for two minutes

47:40 UMD GOAL Morgan Torggler responds and the clock runs again with the Terps up 14-4

46:21 NU GOAL Esposito scores to stop the clock; Maryland leads 13-4

45:05 TV TIMEOUT Well, until the scorers table sounded the air horn

44:40 UMD GOAL Taylor Cummings with the rebound goal; Maryland leads 13-3 and the clock runs

43:44 UMD FP and GOAL Whittle from top dead center; Maryland leads 12-3

38:59 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele takes a Stukenberg pass and finishes; the lead is 11-3! That’s three goals in 30 seconds and it’s “fire at will” time for the hosts

38:41 UMD GOAL Whittle gets a quick goal for a 10-3 advantage

38:29 UMD GOAL Jen Giles joins the scoring party and the Terps lead 9-3


36:44 UMD GOAL Whittle finishes the EWO goal and the lead is 8-3

36:11 NU YELLOW Esposito is off for two minutes

36:03 NU GOAL A wonderful flip shot low into the cage by Danita Stroup; Maryland still leads 7-3

32:20 UMD FP and GOAL Cummings scores from the center hash as the Terps lead moves to 7-2

31:51 UMD GOAL Taylor Cummings stakes Maryland to a 6-2 lead

30:00 The second half is under way


TOTC Thanks for joining me this evening for a look at this first half

TURTLESLAX  I had long said that the 2001 national championship team is the best team ever, but the 2014 team surpassed that. The 2014 team had a very efficient offense (almost every goal assisted) and superlative defense. They had three 50-goal scorers on that team; Taylor Cummings, Brooke Griffin, and Kelly McPartland

TOTC So, even better than Tori Wellington and Courtney Martinez?

TURTLESLAX Yes, but what is totally overlooked on the Maryland side is the awesome defense with two of the best defenders I’ve ever seen; Alice Mercer is the greatest defender who’s ever played at Maryland, along with Nadine Hadnagy. Alex McKay and Morgan Torggler have had a great night thus far

TOTC I think the tone was set in the in the third minute of play when Selena Lasota, facing up on Alice Mercer, dropped the ball; and 13 seconds later the ball was in the Northwestern net. It was the start of three Terp goals in under two minutes. Would you agree?

TURTLESLAX The Northwestern goaltender was on fire with eight saves. For Northwestern to be successful, they have to hold onto the ball, and they have not done so

TOTC Maryland was able to create an early four-goal burst, however, there was a 15-minute span where nobody scored. What happened?

TURTLESLAX Glad to join you

HALFTIME I am joined by a long time lacrosse observer who posts on as TurtlesLax. I post as TOTC, so we’ll adopt those Internet identities for a halftime talk

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Maryland leading by three

29:32 NU GOAL Shelby Fredericks bounces in a long shot that goes high in the cage; Maryland still leads 5-2

27:24 NU FP Christina Esposito throws it over the cage

24:38 TV TIMEOUT I guess this what happens when the action is continuous like it was for about 15 minutes during the half

24:38 UMD GOAL Stukenberg slips the ball into the twine to give Maryland a 5-1 lead

24:00 Lasota carries the ball like a pizza and she is dispossessed

22:22 TV TIMEOUT It is interesting that Craig, not Lasota, is the Northwestern leading scorer thus far this season. My guess is that it is because Lasota sees the best defender every game out, and that goes with the territory of having led Team Canada to the U-19 FIL World Cup last summer

22:22 NU GOAL Kaleigh Craig with the roll-dodge, bounces it in. Maryland still leads 4-1

21:30 Weisse denies the Terps again! How long can she hold out against the pressure?

20:00 Weisse denies Maryland on the doorstep

15:00 Teams are surging, trying to get the next goal, but the defenses and goalies are coming up big

10:00 Northwestern lets Lasota create from inside but is denied by Taylor

8:14 UMD FP Megan Whittle fires wide from the left hash

4:43 TIMEOUT, NORTHWESTERN It is less than two minutes since Lasota’s unforced error and the Terps have seized complete control just like that

4:43 UMD GOAL Zoe Stukenberg finishes, and Maryland leads the game 4-0

3:21 UMD GOAL Off the next draw, Maryland sticks in a Taylor Cummings draw-and-score; the hosts lead 3-0

2:58 UMD GOAL And, just like that, Caroline Steele scores off a Mercer pass, making Northwestern pay for the error! Terps lead 2-0

2:45 Selena Lasota, on the first Northwestern attack, drops the ball. Alice Mercer says, “Thank you very much,” and starts the break

0:54 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle with an angled forehand to give Maryland a 1-0 lead

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Maryland is in the yellow jerseys with red numbers and trim resembling the Maryland state flag; Northwestern is in the black with white numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up under overcast skies. The wind is picking up and rain could sweep through by game’s end; temperature around 72 defrees

PREGAME Both teams will start freshmen in goal: Mallory Weisse for Northwestern, Megan Taylor for Maryland

PREGAME I think a lot of the byplay this evening will be what the opposing defenses will do to thwart high-intensity attacks. Alice Mercer and Nadine Hadnagy need good games for Maryland to win, and Lauren Murray and Lindsay Darrell will have to be outstanding for Northwestern

PREGAME A lot of the hoopla comes from the fact that these universities have won 20 national championships combined. And as both teams indicate the number of championships on their uniforms, the stars truly have come out this evening

PREGAME This game comes at an interesting juncture for both of these stalwart programs. Whereas many teams are deep into their conference schedules already, this is the opening Big Ten match for both schools

PREGAME Maryland, the No. 1 team in the latest IWLCA poll, is 8-0 on the season, while No. 14 Northwestern is 4-4

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to The Lacrosse and Field Hockey Complex (yep, we’re calling it that) at the University of Maryland for this Big Ten match between Northwestern and the host Terps


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