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April 2, 2016 — Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.) 15, Ellicott City Mount Hebron (Md.) 4

POSTGAME That’s all for now; thank you for tuning in

POSTGAME This game was also a statement game for players on the McDonogh attack not named Aldave, Jenner, or Griffin. Notice that Dorsey had a hat trick, and Parree and Robinson had braces for the Eagles. That is bad news for every other team in the IAAM this year

POSTGAME I think Cadoux in the McDonogh goal had an outstanding contest, and Schaaf in the McDonogh goal had a number of good stops as well, but she was left exposed by her defense

POSTGAME But McDonogh excelled in their free-position shots and dispossessing the Vikings in the midfield

POSTGAME The statistics and final score will say that it was just another day at the office for McDonogh, and I really thought that Mount Hebron would put up more resistance

FULL TIME The horn sounds with the final score McDonogh 15, Mount Hebron 4

49:10 MCD GOAL Julia Dorsey with her third; McDonogh leads 15-4

48:26 MTH YELLOW Annie Ryan is off for two minutes

46:55 MCD GOAL Anna Robinson crawls under her defender and makes it 14-4; the clock runs

45:09 MCD GOAL Aldave scores to stake McDonogh out to a 13-4 lead

44:09 MCD FP Rachel Anderson is dispossessed

42:30 MCD FP Schaaf stops the three-way pass play!

41:36 MCD GOAL Parree with her second and the McDonogh lead is back to eight

40:50 MTH GOAL The hosts still have plenty of fight, as Arens scores while her side is short; McDonogh still leads 11-4

40:09 MTH YELLOW Sorana Larson is off for two minutes

39:25 MTH FP Laura Benson from the left, but missed the cage

36:00 MCD FP McDonogh has a shot at an empty cage after a Schaaf foul, but the ball hits the crossbar and the net moved; the umpire was goal-line extended and doesn’t give the goal


31:27 MTH GOAL Erin Demek with a goal after sustained pressure; McDonogh still leads 11-3

29:54 MCD FP Julia Hoffman beats the defense and goalie but bounces the ball over the goal

28:55 MCD GOAL Julia Dorsey with a brace off the fast break; McDonogh leads 11-2

28:20 MTH FP Vikings run their hi-lo, but Cadoux says no

27:45 MCD FP and GOAL Catie May finishes the hi-lo pass from Buchanan and the Eagles’ lead is eight

25:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Today, McDonogh is excelling in free position shots on goal. The Eagles have scored four goals in the first half from the 8-meter

HALFTIME As with many elite programs in lacrosse, a team may excel in a different phase of the game in from one day to the next

HALFTIME At the horn, McDonogh leads 9-2

24:03 MCD GOAL Andie Aldave with a superb goal that leaves Schaaf on the ground; Eagles lead 9-2

23:26 MCD FP and GOAL Maddie Jenner from the center-left hash. McDonogh has been awesome on the fan today and lead 8-2

22:00 MCD FP Griffin elects to keep the ball

19:56 MCD FP and GOAL Blair Pearre from the center hash; Eagles up 7-2

19:24 MCD GOAL Julia Dorsey works the baseline and the McDonogh lead is 6-2

14:00 MCD FP Buchanan denied by Hebron goalie Jen Schaaf

12:20 MCD GOAL Brindi Griffin opens her account from a tight angle; McDonogh leads 5-2

11:32 MCD FP and GOAL Anna Robinson from the extreme right hash; Eagles lead 4-2

10:32 MTH FP and GOAL Lexi Aren scores to bring the hosts to within one

9:00 MTH FP Ellie Miller pulls back for possession

7:30 MTH FP Erin Demek runs in from the center-right but leaves the ball on the ground; the Hebron bench appeals for a foul

5:20 MCD FP and GOAL Julia Hoffman pings it off the goalie and in; McDonogh up 3-1

4:30 MTH FP and GOAL Meg Pallozzi from top dead center; McDonogh leads 2-1

1:52 MCD GOAL Blair Kessler makes it 2-0 for the Eagles

1:17 MCD GOAL Savannah Buchanan with the opener; McDonogh leads 1-0

0:10 Hebron wins the first draw, but gives it back to McDonogh in an overthrow

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Mount Hebron is wearing white tops, black numbers, and white-and-gray shorts. McDonogh is in black with orange trim.

PREGAME The teams are warming up under a light spritz of a shower, with temperatures around 52 with a light breeze. Sun is trying to come out

PREGAME I believe draws and goaltending will be key in this contest. Watch especially for Gabbe Cadoux, McDonogh’s senior goalie

PREGAME McDonogh had to battle Towson Notre Dame Prep (Md.) yesterday, breaking open a close first half to win 15-8. NDP’s tactics have certainly been noted by the Hebron coaching staff; can the Vikings execute?

PREGAME Mount Hebron and McDonogh both found great success under current Eagles coach  Chris Robinson. He lit the touch paper on Hebron’s 105-game win streak  in the 1990s and 2000s before leaving to become a vice-principal at the school. Robinson the moved to McDonogh, winning several IAAM ‘A’ Division titles, and running the Eagles’ current win streak to 138

PREGAME Mount Hebron is 3-0 on the season, McDonogh is 5:0

PREGAME In terms of buildup, this game doesn’t need much, mostly because of their domination over the last 20 years

PREGAME Welcome to this intersectional lacrosse game between Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.)


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