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April 8, 2016 — Friday Statwatch for games played through April 6

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the end of my career.

Well, not really, but this is the first time we’re trying to pull together a list of national leaders in statistical categories in girls’ high-school lacrosse.

It’s something we’ve done in field hockey for a few years, but there are a couple of significant obstacles when it comes to girls’ high school lacrosse.

The first is the lag time in between seasons. This week starts the season in many northern climes, despite the snow (!) we’ve had in New England. The problem lies in the fact that a number of regular seasons, such as Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas — are well under way, and it is hard to make a comparison in between the regions this early in the spring; there will be a lot of players surpassing the below numbers in the next few weeks.

Still, it’s the hard numbers that help us make comparisons across the years, and we’re going to try to do our imperfect best in order to perhaps start a conversation about the value of statistics and metrics in the sport, as well as to get more coaches and student managers to report their box scores accurately to all sources.

For those of you new to this, we try to publish a list of verifiable statistics every week in categories recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations — and even some that aren’t.

As per usual, Friday Statwatch reflects games through the end of play the previous Wednesday. And for the first few weeks of the season, they’re not going to be very complete, given the nature of the news business and the usual kinks that have to be ironed out in terms of getting scores published both in the newspaper and on line. With that, I’d like to point out that we’re encouraging coaches and scorers to enter their information in the easy-to-use platform, and we encourage you to get your fellow teams to enter their information there as well so that we can aim for as complete a statistical picture of the country as possible.

All statistics should come from any and all timed, scored, and umpired games in a team’s season that count towards a predetermined limit (if any) set by a state or regional sanctioning body and/or qualify a team for, or affect a seeding in, a postseason tournament. This includes any losers’ bracket games for in-season tournaments and any postseason tournament for which a team qualifies.

Please note that what you see below is not going to be identical to the Daily Statwatch numbers in the column next to this one, which gets updated in real time. Statwatch is only meant to be a snapshot in time.

We’ll also use this space to give kudos to players and coaches who have achieved milestones.

So, here’s what we’ve compiled thus far, thanks to, amongst others,, Advance Media, The Harrisburg Patriot-News, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, and The Washington Post:

87 Peyton Hornung, Fort Myers Canterbury (Fla.)
80 Krista Thompson, Fort Myers Canterbury (Fla.)
77 Ilana Wolf, Coconut Creek North Broward Prep (Fla.)
75 Sabrina Kaplan, Boca Raton St. Andrew’s (Fla.)
73 Journey Fishbeck, San Juan Capistrano San Juan Hills (Calif.)
73 Lauren Lockard, Bishop Verot (Fort Myers, Fla.)
62 Jessie Wohner, Virginia Beach Bishop Sullivan Catholic (Va.)
59 Jordan Shugrue, Laurel St. Vincent Pallotti (Md.)
58 Emma Pizzo, Charleston Bishop England (S.C.)

57 Nicole Hunt, Greensboro Southeast Guilford (N.C.)
57 Megan Mulroe, Tampa Walter L. Sickles (Fla.)

46 Jordyn Pandolfo,San Ramon California (Calif.)
46 Sage Hicks-Fredenburg, Rockledge (Fla.)
43 Krista Thompson, Fort Myers Canterbury (Fla.)
40 Emma Pizzo, Charleston Bishop England (S.C.)
39 Kate Immergluck, Decatur (Ga.)
38 Balay Woodworth, Dallas North Paulding (Ga.)
38 Lauren Lockard, Fort Myers Bishop Verot (Fla.)
35 Becky Holley, Littleton Dakota Ridge (Colo.)
34 Janey Johnson, Rockledge (Fla.)

535 Sophia Turchetta, Harvard Bromfield School (Mass.)
344 Daniella MacMahon, Saddle River (N.J.) Country Day School
314 Samantha Mehalick, North Brunswick (N.J.)

136 Tatum Altman, North Brunswick (N.J.)

139 Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.)

700 Kathy Jenkins, Alexandria St. Stephen’s/St. Agnes (Va.)
500 Deanna Knobloch, Moorestown (N.J.)

This list is not going to be complete or comprehensive at the start of the season, especially when it comes to emerging areas that are well into their seasons. Like many statistically-based rankings, they’re going to be imprecise early in the season but will get better as time goes on. If you see a stat that is a little awry (or a lot), don’t send it in the comments section, but send us an email at Your email should include a bit of documentation (a website will do) or someone that can be called to double-check. Friday Statwatch is a living, breathing, malleable organism that can be altered or added to at any time. Please let us know if we’ve missed something and we’ll try to do better next week.


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