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April 30, 2016 — No. 1 Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.) 13, No. 7 Marriottsville Marriotts Ridge (Md.) 8

FULL TIME That’s all for now; thanks for tuning in

FULL TIME But Andie Aldave, like the U.S. national teamer that she is, ran the McDonogh quick-pass offense against MR’s press and played provider as well as scorer

FULL TIME Full marks to sophomore Hayleigh Simpson of Marriotts Ridge, who had a superb second half in the center circle against Maddie Jenner

FULL TIME The Eagles’ winning streak now stands at 151, but this was not easy. Marriotts Ridge was able to counter a lot of the tactics that McDonogh threw at them. Plus, the Mustangs play the backer zone, which very few high schools use

FULL TIME At the final siren, McDonogh wins 13-8

48:00 Marriotts Ridge with a late chance but Cadoux gobbles up Thompson’s shot

45:00 Mustangs misfire in the attack end; stall on for McDonogh

42:44 MR GOAL Sarah Blalock with the nice finish; McDonogh, however, leads 13-8

41:30 MCD GOAL Catie May with an open finish; McDonogh leads 13-7

40:47 Timeout,McDonogh. That last goal was from a stall-to-score; look for more of that even though the Eagles went away from it earlier

40:34 MCD GOAL Blair Kessler thunders in from the right; McDonogh leads 12-7

38:56 MR GOAL Lily Kennedy from the angle; McDonogh leads 11-7

35:13 Timeout, Marriotts Ridge. That last goal came from a draw control which somehow found Brindi Griffin in the midst of three Marriotts Ridge sticks

35:13 MCD GOAL Aldave comes up with the big goal; Griffin the assist. McDonogh leads 11-6

34:41 MCD GOAL Savannah Buchanan from Andie Aldave (her fourth assist of the game; McDonogh leads 10-6

31:01 Timeout, McDonogh. That’s four in a row for Marriotts Ridge, mainly from the fact that Simpson, one of the shortest players on the team, has been taking the draws against the 5-foot-11 Jenner

31:01 MR FP and GOAL Souder from top dead center off Cadoux’s hip; the Eagles’ lead is three!

29:32 MR FP and GOAL Hayleigh Simpson from the center-right hash! Mustangs are trailing 9-5

28:35 MR GOAL Souder with a high quickstick of a Caitlin Ohmnacht pass! Golazo! Marriotts Ridge moves to within 9-4

26:56 MR GOAL Annalise Lower with the finish; the hosts are still six goals adrift

26:14 MCD FP and GOAL Rachel Anderson takes Aldave’s crease feed and sticks it high; McDonogh leads 9-2

25:31 MCD GOAL May with the neat bounce off an Aldave feed; Eagles lead 8-2

HALFTIME Let’s see which side executes the best this half

HALFTIME McDonogh has won draws but has lost a couple of them on violations; the Mustang coaching staff has been switching up Caroline Blalock and Hayleigh Simpson against Jenner

HALFTIME It cannot be too comfortable a lead for McDonogh because Marriotts Ridge is doing everything it can to thwart the Eagles’ attack

HALFTIME The siren goes with McDonogh leading by five

24:48 MCD GOAL Rachel Anderson in the heart of the fan, puts away the Griffin feed; McDonogh leads 7-2

23:13 MR FP Katie Thompson whips it wide a la Selena Lasota and McDonogh backs it up

22:07 MR FP Lexi Souder with the speed run! The Ridge remain behind 6-2

21:07 MCD GOAL May with the score; McDonogh leads 6-1

20:00 MR FP Carly Miller, after drawing a check, false-starts on the chance

15:53 MCD GOAL Jenner in the heart of the fan, dunks an Aldave feed; Eagles lead 5-1

12:26 MCD GOAL Catie May gives the visitors a 4-1 lead

11:44 Timeout, Marriotts Ridge

11:44 MCD FP and GOAL Julia Hoffman finds an open Anna Robinson inside the fan and McDonogh takes a 3-1 lead

8:19 MCD GOAL Aldave from the right side and the Eagles take a 2-1 lead

6:30 MCD FP Aldave from the center is checked and is called for a crease violation

5:30 MR FP Caroline Blalock chooses to run out of the chance; is dispossessed

3:14 MR GOAL Caroline Blalock spins and scores! Game tied 1-1

2:10 MCD GOAL Rachel Anderson slips it inside the goalpost at hip height; McDonogh leads 1-0

1:00 Eagles win the first draw, but smart doubling wins the ball for the Mustangs

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Marriotts Ridge is in the white with navy numerals; McDonogh is in the black with orange numerals

PREGAME The teams are warming up under overcast skies with temperatures around 48 degrees

PREGAME At stake today are not only state bragging rights, but history. McDonogh has won its last 150 games, far and away the longest win streak in the history of U.S. high schools

PREGAME Marriotts Ridge is led by senior Lexi Souder and juniors Sarah and Caroline Blalock

PREGAME McDonogh is a team that does everything well. Andie Aldave and Brindi Griffin are going to Maryland next year. Catie May, Blair Pierre, and Blair Kessler are wonderful offensive threats, and sophomore center Maddie Jenner is a draw-control magician. And if you somehow can get the ball into the McDonogh attack end, goalie Gabbe Cadoux is waiting

PREGAME McDonogh is No. 1 in the Top 10; Marriotts Ridge is No. 7

PREGAME McDonogh, the defending IAAM Class A champions, are 17-0; Marriotts Ridge, the 2013 and 2014 MPSSAA champs, are 11-0

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to today’s intersectional match between Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.) and Marriottsville Marriotts Ridge (Md.)


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