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May 6, 2016 — Friday Statwatch for games played through May 4

And we’re back with Friday Statwatch, our weekly feature which tries to give you a good statistical picture of girls’ lacrosse across the U.S.

This week, we’re taking time time to give a special look at four outstanding young women: senior Sophia Turchetta of Harvard Bromfield School (Mass.), junior Bridget Ruskey of Cape May Courthouse Middle Township (N.J.), senior Daniella McMahon of Saddle River (N.J.) Country Day School, and senior Samantha Mehalick of North Brunswick (N.J.). The four of them are the current career leading goal-scorers.

But as it also turns out, all four of them have accrued more than 500 combined goals and assists. The “points” category is an official National Federation statistic in girls’ lacrosse (albeit not in field hockey, which is a topic for another day).

At the top of the leaderboard is Turchetta, who has about half a season to try to surpass Corinne Wessels’ all-time mark of 765.

Statwatch reflects games through the end of play the previous Wednesday. If you’re a coach or team manager, I encourage you to subscribe to, and enter information in, the easy-to-use platform, and we encourage you to get your fellow teams in your league or state high school association to enter their information there as well. We’re aiming to have as complete a statistical picture of the country as possible.

Here’s what we’ve compiled thus far, thanks to, amongst others,, Advance Media, The Harrisburg Patriot-News, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, the Denver Post, and The Washington Post:

108 Jordan Shugrue, Laurel St. Vincent Pallotti (Md.)
99 Bridget Ruskey, Cape May Courthouse Middle Township (N.J.)
98 Emma Pizzo, Charleston Bishop England (S.C.)
98 Jessie Wohner, Virginia Beach Bishop Sullivan Catholic (Va.)
94 Julia Couch, Roswell Centennial (Ga.)
94 Nicole Hunt, Greensboro Southeast Guilford (N.C.)
93 Abby Squires, Suwanee Collins Hill (Ga.)
92 Ryann Doyle, Seymour (Tenn.)
90 Journey Fishbeck, San Juan Capistrano San Juan Hills (Calif.)
90 Samantha Mehalick, North Brunswick (N.J.)

76 Balay Woodworth, Dallas North Paulding (Ga.)
76 Allison Hunter, Cape May Courthouse Middle Township (N.J.)
68 Jordyn Pandolfo,San Ramon California (Calif.)
67 Corisa Atkins, Wilmington Ashley (N.C.)
65 Tatum Altman, North Brunswick (N.J.)
64 Becky Holley, Littleton Dakota Ridge (Colo.)
62 Grace Zechman, Lancaster (Pa.) Country Day School
59 Maddi Hooks, Santa Ana Mater Dei (Calif.)
59 Caroline Hvozdovic, South Brunswick (N.J.)
58 Emma Pizzo, Charleston Bishop England (S.C.)
57 Samantha Schrader, Pennington Hopewell Valley Central (N.J.)

569 Sophia Turchetta, Harvard Bromfield School (Mass.)
394 Daniella MacMahon, Saddle River (N.J.) Country Day School
390 Samantha Mehalick, North Brunswick (N.J.)
344 Bridget Ruskey, Cape May Courthouse Middle Township (N.J.)

692 Sophia Turchetta, Harvard Bromfield School (Mass.)
518 Samantha Mehalick, North Brunswick (N.J.)
513 Daniella MacMahon, Saddle River (N.J.) Country Day School

500 Bridget Ruskey, Cape May Courthouse Middle Township (N.J.)

196 Tatum Altman, North Brunswick (N.J.)

152 Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.)

711 Kathy Jenkins, Alexandria St. Stephen’s/St. Agnes (Va.)
505 Deanna Knobloch, Moorestown (N.J.)

This isn’t a perfect system. If you see a statistic that is wrong, please send an email to Your email should include a bit of documentation (a website will do) or someone that can be called to double-check. Friday Statwatch is a living, breathing entity that can be changed at any time. Please let us know what we’ve missed, and we’ll try to make amends next week.


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