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May 15, 2016 — Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.) 15, Baltimore Roland Park (Md.) 7

POSTGAME We’ll have more thoughts on the role of McDonogh’s current domination this week. That’s all for now

POSTGAME Their 155-game win streak is, far and away, the most in the history of the sport as far as we know. But if you want a gauge as to how amazing this streak is, try to figure out which team has the second-longest current win streak in the nation. As far as this site can tell, the second-longest current streak is just 35 by Upper Arlington (Ohio)

POSTGAME Well, the Eagles were able to get what they wanted out of the season: a Class A state title and wins over every team that they met along the way

FULL TIME The horn sounds with McDonogh winning 15-7

49:56 RCPS GOAL Meghan Quinn finishes the long through pass; the deficit is eight

49:45 RPCS GOAL Sophie Furlong scores to stop the clock; McDonogh still leads by nine

49:00 Final minute of play and the McDonogh fans sense victory

47:00 And with that, McDonogh goes into a stall

46:55 RPCS YELLOW Cockerille is off; her second, team fourth. Roland Park will play short for the rest of the game

43:33 MCD GOAL Julia Dorsey from straight on; the clock runs with the score 15-5

42:30 McDonogh running a stall-to-score, looking to burn clock and find space

39:22 RPCS GOAL Hauser answers and stops the clock; McDonogh leads 14-5

38:43 That’s four straight goals for McDonogh after Kovinsky was sent off; the Eagles at their most lethal

38:43 MCD GOAL May with another goal and the clock runs as McDonogh leads 14-4

38:03 MCD GOAL Aldave with the finish; McDonogh leads 13-4

37:01 MCD GOAL Catie May with the finish and the lead is 12-4

36:23 MCD GOAL Griffin on the EWO; Eagles lead 11-4

35:59 RCPS YELLOW Sierra Cockerille is booked; her first and the team’s third; McDonogh is up two players now for the next minute and 53 seconds

35:51 RCPS YELLOW Chelsea Kovinsky is off; her second and the Reds’ second

34:51 RPCS GOAL Kiki Shaw rips it into the top shelf; the deficit is six

33:30 Timeout, McDonogh

32:09 MCD GOAL Catie May from goal-line extended, draws and beats the double! McDonogh leads 10-3

31:17 MCD GOAL Brindi Griffin pulls one back for the Eagles, who lead 9-3

30:43 RPCS GOAL Hauser with the speed move and the deficit is five

30:02 McDonogh awarded the draw on an empty crosse call

29:58 RPCS GOAL Cameron McGee with a rise-and-fire; Reds are down six

27:30 Andie Aldave somehow wins the ball through that scrum off the next draw

27:28 MCD GOAL Buchanan weaves through the center of the fan and gives the Eagles an 8-1 lead

25:00 The second half is under as Kovinsky picks off the draw in mid-air for Roland Park

HALFTIME Give a call to close defenders Sarah Dohler, Marge Donovan, Nicole Alecce, and Julia Dorsey in front of goalie Gabbe Cadoux. The Eagles held Roland Park scoreless for 21 minutes to start this match

HALFTIME McDonogh has not been winning this game with the draws; instead, it is with the defense

HALFTIME The horn goes with McDonogh leading 7-1

21:42 MCD GOAL Aldave scores on the break that Buchanan generated with a long pass; the Eagles lead 7-1

21:30 Savanna Buchanan awarded the ball on a foul for McDonogh

21:24 RPCS FP and GOAL Kiki Shaw from the extreme left hash; the Reds’ deficit is five 

19:25 Jenner draws it over everyone’s head and Hailey Morris gets the ground ball for Roland Park

19:21 MCD GOAL And Brindi Griffin finishes the chance off a Dorsey feed; it’s 6-0 Eagles

19:00 RCPS FP Hauser is stopped from the left hash; the Reds cannot waste these chances

15:37 RPCS YELLOW Chelsea Kovinsky is off for the challenge on the goalie; her first card and the team’s first

15:30 Marsie Salvatori with the best Roland Park opportunity thus far and goalie Gabbe Cadoux stuffs it!

14:35 False start on Jenner and the Reds have the ball and some work to do

14:32 Timeout, Roland Park. Dream start for the Eagles thus far despite a twinge of nerves early on

14:32 MCD GOAL Dorsey from the doorstep and it’s five without reply

13:50 Catie May comes up with the draw win for McDonogh

13:43 MCD GOAL And Hannah Rothe makes Roland Park pay for that mistake; 4-0 McDonogh

13:03 Roland Park makes a late shift in its draw-control team and McDonogh is awarded the ball on the substitution infraction; not what you want with Jenner as your opposing center

13:03 MCD GOAL Griffin with the bolo shot past Bustard’s feet and it’s 3-0 McDonogh

10:06 Savannah Buchanan wins the ball off the draw for McDonogh

10:00 MCD GOAL Andie Aldave with a lane to goal from up top and it’s 2-0 McDonogh

8:00 Anna Hauser wins the ball for Roland Park off the next draw

7:54 MCD GOAL Julia Dorsey on the iso and the Eagles lead 1-0

7:00 Roland Park pulls it out and draws the double

5:05 Brindi Griffin twists inside her marker but hits RP freshman goalie Amber Bustard with the shot

3:50 McDonogh has committed two turnovers in the attack end and has not attempted a shot at goal

0:10 McDonogh, stunningly, loses the first draw on an empty-crosse call

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Roland Park are in the all-red with white numerals; McDonogh is in the white with black numbers and orange trim

PREGAME But the last few years, McDonogh has barely escaped Roland Park twice; last year rallying from four goals down to win at the death

PREGAME I believe the key to this game will be the first 10 minutes; if McDonogh and Maddie Jenner are able to win draws like they did last time out, it could be all over by the interval

PREGAMB Both teams had an extra day to prepare because of the postponement yesterday, but whose rhythm might have been thrown off by the delay?

PREGAME These two teams met on April 21st with McDonogh winning 15-5

PREGAME McDonogh is the seven-time defending IAAM titlist and is on a 154-game winning streak, far and away the longest in recorded U.S. scholastic history

PREGAME McDonogh is 20-0 this season; Roland Park is 14-3

PREGAME Back at Whittles Field for the IAAM Class “A” final between Baltimore Roland Park (Md.) and Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.)


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