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May 18, 2016 — UWLX roster moves leave open an intriguing possibility

A few days ago, United Women’s Lacrosse released the names of 28 players who came through a weekend combine at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and were assigned to the four teams that will begin play in about a week and a half.

Most of them you may know, such as Tatum Coffey (Penn State/Long Island), Danielle Spencer (Northwestern/Boston), and Hilary Bowen (Northwestern/Philadelphia). But what I find interesting is that the 28 players are not distributed equally amongst the four franchises; Boston and Philadelphia received eight players each, Long Island seven, and Baltimore five.

Added to the 10 players each franchise drafted, this means that three of the four franchises have the minimum 17 players needed to form gameday rosters (the franchises are supposed to have 20 players, with three to be deactivated before each game). There are certain to be more additions because of the collegiate draft, which will take place after the Final Four, but also after the first match weekend in Bethlehem, Pa.

Until then, there is one team that is in an interesting situation. The Baltimore Ride currently has 15 players. The player allocation was able to address one gaping need: that of goaltender. Stony Brook’s Frankie Caridi and Loyola’s Kerry Stoothoff will fulfill netminding duties for the Ride, which does make one wonder what Baltimore can do with its remaining roster slots.

Part of me has wondered whether the greatest women’s lacrosse player of all time, Baltimore coach Jen Adams, will lace up the cleats one more time. Then again, a week ago, she posted this entry on the IWLCA site regarding the knee injury she suffered three years ago in World Cup camp. In it, she doesn’t mention the possibility of rejoining the field of play any time soon.

Still, it’s an intriguing possibility.

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