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BULLETIN: June 21, 2016 — United States is pushed to the edge of their Champions’ Trophy cliff

The U.S. women’s field hockey team is almost surely out of contention for the gold medal at the FIH Champions’ Trophy, thanks to this afternoon’s 4-1 loss to Holland.

After three matchdays, the States have just one point from three games, and in order to make the title match, would need to win its final two fixtures against New Zealand and Great Britain, while Argentina would have to lose its final two contests against Holland and New Zealand, with the margin of all four of the games totaling 10 or more.

The United States is still very much in the running for the bronze-medal match, a win in which could qualify the Stars and Stripes to the 2018 Champions Trophy through placement or world ranking, the Olympics notwithstanding.

(after Matchday Three)

Holland 3-0-0, 9 pts, +9 GD
Argentina 2-0-1, 7, +4
Australia 1-1-1, 4, +1
New Zealand 1-2-0, 3, -5
Team GB 0-2-1, 1, -3
USA 0-2-1, 1, -6


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