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July 21, 2016 — Is the WNBA onto something?

The last couple of days, the WNBA has been finishing out the first half of its schedule heading into a month-long break for the Olympics.

One detail about a number of these games is that the tip-off time for many of them are during the daytime for local audiences.

There seems to be a lot more scheduled “camp days” for WNBA games than before, games which attract a horde of yellow school buses to downtown arenas, and where the seats fill with groups of pre-teens and teenagers wearing matching shirts of kaleidoscopic variety.

The crowds are loud, even more loud than the pre-produced music played over the public-address system.

I wonder if, in its 20th season, whether the WNBA is finally hitting on the marketing strategy that resulted in the wildly successful 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

Back then, the chief of the World Cup, Marla Messing, marketed towards youth soccer teams. Adult fans followed the kids, eventually filling stadiums from coast to coast.

The WNBA, with its camp days, is beginning to generate enthusiasm and a young audience for a good product. It is, I think, an enthusiasm which will pay dividends down the road.



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