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July 26, 2016 — USA 5, Canada 0

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good night, good hockey

POSTGAME The U.S. attack was workmanlike, but they were particularly good at jumping on Canadian errors; three of the goals came after Canadian cards and a fourth came after a defensive false start on a corner

POSTGAME Credit the American defense, even without Crandall, for holding Canada at bay, making it an easy day for Kintzer

FULL TIME It’s a result you might have expected; the national programs on either side of the border have gone in different directions the last quarter-century

FULL TIME The siren goes with the USA beating Canada 5-0

52:57 USA PC and GOAL The corner attack does a masterful job in eliminating the three defenders and Katie Bam is at Williams’ mercy on the doorstep; States lead 5-0

52:50 USA PC Canada is called for a false start and now must defend this corner with three outfielders

51:13 USA PC Gonzalez is defensed by Canada’s trailer

48:37 CANADA PC Danielle Hennig’s sweep is stopped by Kintzer

47:39 USA PC Kasold with a sweep that Williams keeps out

46:39 Norlander with a half-chance that Kintzer parries with her boot

END THIRD And with the siren, the States still lead 4-0

44:20 Kolojejchick with a steal and sizzles it through the goalmouth!

37:49 USA PC and GOAL An option-left is swept to goal by Melissa Gonzalez and tipped in by Kelsey Kolojejchick! It’s 4-0 U.S. as they look to take complete control of this game 

37:49 CANADA GREEN Not sure whether this is for dissent or causing the U.S. forward to collide

37:49 Rowan Harris, the backup goalie for Canada, is plowed into and is down in the turf

37:10 USA PC Rachel Dawson’s sweep finds a pile of players and stays out

37:00 The Americans are content to keep the ball and make Canada chase

30:00 The second half is under way 

HALFTIME As lopsided as this scoreline is, it could have been more. Selenski, the third alternate, was playing dominant hockey for portions of the half 

END HALF The Americans take a 3-0 lead over Canada into the break

29:51 USA GREEN Vittese is booked for the bad tackle

24:32 USA PC and GOAL Vittese’s sweep hits a Canada stick and evades a helpless Williams; 3-0 for the Applebees 

19:55 CANADA YELLOW Johansen is off for five minutes for a stick obstruction

19:11 Selenski nearly picks the pocket of the Canada defense but commits the foul 

15:00 Second quarter underway from The Nook

END FIRST One quarter in the books, and the States lead 2-0

13:07 CANADA GREEN It looks like Canada tried to get a player on before the Norlander penalty ended, so the Leafs are temporarily down two players

12:47 CANADA PC Johansen sweeps it wide!

12:23 USA GOAL Caitlin Van Sickle angles a sharp shot that is tipped in by Paige Selenski! States lead 2-0

11:10 CANADA GREEN Stephanie Norlander is off for a bad tackle on Vittese’s 

9:11 USA PC Michelle Vittese’s sweep is defensed by Karli Johansen

7:24 USA GOAL Jill Witmer picks the ball out of a mess of players in front and flips it coolly into the mesh; USA leads 1-0

3:05 But Bam was seemingly of two minds and she shoots right at Canada goalie Kaitlyn Willliams; the States cannot afford to waste chances like this in Rio

3:00 Katie Bam of the USA is able to chop the ball past the Canada sweeper, leading to a 60-yard breakaway!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Canada is in red with a white maple leaf on the front of the shirt; USA is in its navy kit

PREGAME This is a last opportunity to give the team a run-out before the trip to Rio. It is a delicate balance between wanting to work on tactics and new set plays, but not wanting to risk injury to a key player (see Abby Wambach in 2008)

PREGAME The United States remains without its captain, Lauren Crandall. She broke a bone in her foot opening the Champions’ Trophy, and was in a walking shoe 90 minutes before the start 

PREGAME The U.S. is 1-1 in this series, having split games with India

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim Township, Pa. for this send-off field hockey game between Canada and the United States


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