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July 31, 2016 — Boston 10, Baltimore 3

FULL TIME Back in a few with the second semifinal between Philadelphia and Long Island

FULL TIME The 20-minute halves were not enough for the Ride to allow its bench strength to become a factor

FULL TIME A shorthanded Storm side took the early initiative and, importantly, took shots that were unsaveable

FULL TIME At the siren, the Storm take a 10-3 win

39:35 And in a microcosm of the day, a pass to the heart of the arc is put on goal by Erica Body, but Boston’s Liz Hogan is strong in the cage!

34:00 BOS GOAL Colleen Magarity sticks an Igor feed; it’s 10-3 Boston

32:32 Kerry Stootoff stops a riser! That is Baltimore’s first save of the match

30:40 BAL GOAL Courtney Swan quick-sticks a Dobbie feed that had every right to be picked off; Ride need to make up six more

29:04 Timeout, Baltimore. Thus far, the Ride defense has not managed to make a save

29:00 BOS GOAL Igoe scores and stakes the Storm to  9-2 lead

27:30 BOS GOAL Igoe with an open finish in front, but the genius of the goal was Kara Canizzaro’s existential pass from the office that left the Ride defenders chasing shadows; Storm lead 8-2

24:30 BOS GOAL Erin Silfer finishes the break down the middle; Storm lead 7-2

23:00 Jenn Russell is shutting off Dobbie and causing all sorts of problems in the Ride attack; no shot is easy 

20:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Meanwhile, Baltimore is having trouble in the areas you might expect them to excel in: shooting and controlling the draws

HALFTIME If there is one player who exemplified the half, give a call to Kristin Igoe. The Team USA standout is having a good game thus far, and are letting the ball do the work

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Boston leading Baltimore 6-2

19:30 Ride force a shot-clock violation, but turn the ball over with a lollipop pass into the attacking half. Not the best clock management 

18:00 Storm will look to take some air out of the ball here

16:00 BOS GOAL Kayla Treanor with a behind-the-back goal in traffic; how did that go in? Storm lead 6-2

14:00 BAL GOAL Alex Aust finishes a 2-man game with Dobbie; Ride trail 5-2

12:15 BOS GOAL Kahn is left along in the fan and makes no mistake; Storm lead 5-1

10:45 BAL GOAL Dana Dobbie rifles  in the skip pass and the Ride trail 4-1

9:56 Timeout, Baltimore. The Ride cannot afford to let the game get away from them

9:36 BOS GOAL Quick ball movement from Lauren Kahn to Kempney leads to a goal that stakes the Storm to a 4-0 lead

7:30 BOS GOAL Igoe catches a rhythm pass from Kailah Kempney and finishes; Storm lead 3-0 and look to assume complete control here 

5:37 BOS GOAL Kayla Treanor with the loop and goal; Storm ahead 2-0

2:03 BAL GREEN Ride are offside and will be down for a minute 

0:48 BOS GOAL Kristin Igor with the early goal for the Storm, who lead 1-9

0:00 The game is on 

PREGAME Boston will be in the red kilts with white tops, Baltimore in all-purple

PREGAME The teams are warming up on Homewood Field’s artificial grass, which was water-washed by last night’s monsoon rains. It is a little humid; temperatures around 81 degrees

PREGAME Many factors will come into play today: fitness, goaltending, offensive cohesion. But I think, in a day when you are looking to win two games to take a final, I would rather have good low-defenders rather than a hot goalie. Let us see what wins

PREGAME Boston, the No. 2 seed, is behind the proverbial 8-ball. The Storm not only had to get up early for this game, but only has three substitutes available 

PREGAME Baltimore, despite being the lower-seeded team, is the likely favorite not only because it is home, but because of all the Tewaaraton winners in the lineup

PREGAME An important wrinkle today: both semifinal contests will be 40-minute halves. A team that catches fire early could have an advantage

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Honewood Field for this UWLX semifinal match between the Boston Storm and the Baltimore Ride


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