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Aug. 6, 2016 — USA 2, Argentina 1

USA 0 0 1 1 — 2
ARG 0 0 0 1 — 1
USA: K. Reinprecht (Bam), fg, 34th
USA: Kasold (Dawson, Gonzalez), pc, 49th
ARG: Merino (Cavallero), fg, 56th

POST GAME That’s all for now; good night, good hockey

POST GAME It doesn’t get easier for the States as they play next against Australia on Monday morning

POST GAME The Applebees also took full advantage of a number of Argentine mental errors. These were the same kinds of plays that plagued the Leonas at Guadalajara 2011

POST GAME This allowed the United States to get a Katie Reinprecht field goal, a Michelle Kasold penalty corner, and a very fortunate reversal on an umpire referral in the 32nd minute

POST GAME Lauren Crandall, Alyssa Manley, Stephanie Fee, Rachel Dawson, Melissa Gonzalez, and Julia Reinprecht were magnificent in front of Jackie Briggs

POST GAME Full marks to the United States defense, which is beginning to resemble, oddly enough, the caliber of the women’s national soccer team

FULL TIME For the third straight Olympics, they have gotten a result from a team which is seen as a gold-medal favorite

FULL TIME The Applebees have done it again!

58:48 ARG REFERRAL The question is whether there is a USA foot, but the Argentina player has the foul first; the Leonas lose their referral, but gained about a one-minute breather. A bit of gamesmanship in the absence of timeouts

58:00 Melissa Gonzalez takes it to the corner flag and starts to milk the time

56:33 ARG GOAL Delfina Merino with the seeing-eye backhander after the pass from Martina Cavallero in the second-goal area; USA still leads 2-1

55:15 Raised ball into the circle is called dangerous on Argentina; nothing is going right for the de facto home team

55:00 Let’s refocus you on what is going on. The United States is two goals up against the current World League and Champions Trophy winners, deep into regulation

51:49 Witmer almost makes it three for the States; wow, they are really doing well in terms of seeing this out. They aren’t playing a prevent defense, they are keeping the ball and continuing to create chances

51:00 Argentina with a free hit in a dangerous position, but they try to self-start while the ball is still rolling; yet another mental error for Argentina

49:28 USA PC and GOAL Kasold, the inserter, tips in Rachel Dawson’s low sling! It’s “dos a cero” for the Americans!

49:00 Only time I’ve seen the loss of a shoe before was Kat Sharkey in overtime of a 2007 game between Wyoming Seminary and Eastern

48:45 It seems the hockey gods are against Argentina today; that shoe incident is the latest in a series of uncharacteristic miscues

48:30 A nice pass from Von Der Heyde to a cutting Rebecchi, but she loses her shoe! And Rebecchi loses the ball

46:50 Through ball to Grannatto is blocked down by Manley

45:00 The fourth quarter is under way

THREE-QUARTER TIME Fifteen minutes to go; who is going to win it?

THREE-QUARTER TIME The Americans have broken through for the first goal of the match, but Argentina will have felt hard-done by because of the umpire referral that ruled out a goal only a few minutes earlier

THREE-QUARTER TIME The horn sounds with the States leading 1-0

44:50 Camboy with the shot for Argentina but Gonzalez picks it out of the air and clears her lines

42:29 That was easily the worst-executed corner I have ever seen  by Argentina; the Leonas made a mental error compounded by a couple of physical ones

42:28 ARG PC The corner play goes absolutely nowhere and it takes some good fortitude for Argentina to get off an angled shot that is saved by Briggs

42:00 Argentina gets open space in the final third and appeals for a corner, but the umpire blows a 23-meter free hit, which, in this situation, is a 23-meter penalty in terms of position; your Founder is not a fan of this particular version of the long hit

38:49 ARG REFERRAL Argentina is looking to overturn a penalty corner against, which was earned when Kolojejchick finished off a well-worked sequence. But before the trip, the ball went off Kolojejchick’s shinguard; free hit for Argentina

34:52 USA GOAL Against the run of play, Katie Reinprecht puts the ball in off Succi! USA leads 1-0 on a goal you would not expect a goalkeeper of Succi’s experience to concede

31:39 UMPIRE REFERRAL The umpire radios the video referee, looking to see if the goal is good; the original backhand ball to Albertario was judged to not be on the goal frame; the goal is wiped off the board because, by rule, that pass is a dangerous ball. Wow; enormous break for the States!

31:39 Argentina backhand shot deflected into the goal cage by Agustina Albertario; by all rights, it is the first goal of the match

30:50 Grannatto in the D, but Dawson dispossesses her

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME The States will need some better endeavor in the midfield in order to win this game; let’s see what happens

HALFTIME Katie Bam had the single best chance of the half when she had Succi down and scrambling, but whiffed on one shot and pinged a second off the iron

HALFTIME After 15 minutes of nervousness, the United States is back in this game primarily because of defense. Jackie Briggs has been strong, and the backs have risen to the occasion. Give a call to Alyssa Manley and Strphanie Fee, the rookies who have not put a foot wrong yet

HALFTIME The horn sounds with the sides level 0-0

29:55 Long diagonal wrong-foots an open Witmer at the goalmouth; that had danger written all over it!

28:31 Who the heck was that to? There wasn’t a striped shirt anywhere near that

28:30 Rebecchi with a curling run past three Americans, but passes the ball to nobody in particular

26:28 USA REFERRAL This is is a bit of a risky referral; does the ball go off an Argentina wrist? It does not, so the States cannot challenge the rest of the game

26:17 USA PC Crandall’s shot is saved! A bit of a clash of sticks, and the call on the field is a 16-yard free hit out after the pileup in front of Succi

25:30 An Argentina through ball is flat-out fumbled by the Argentina attack

25:00 Argentina banks a shot off a USA stick over the endline for a 23-meter free hit

23:00 Bam finds the ball and an open space in front of goal but chuffs it wide!

21:00 Katie Bam on a breakaway! Chops a ball into space, But she fans on the first shot and hits the post with the follow-up! Oh, my, that’s the same kind of chance she missed against Canada a few days ago!

18:20 Argentina runs a snowbird with Crandall and Dawson caught upfield, but Merino is stopped by Briggs! Huge stop!

17:50 USA PC Rachel Dawson’s flip is tipped on goal by Kat Sharkey, and the Crandall follow is just off target!

17:30 Vittese nips in and shoots high into Habif’s chest; shouldn’t that be a dangerous ball? A corner is called, but Argentina won’t use the referral

16:30 The Leonas with a free hit in a dangerous position, but they commit a mental error by not playing the ball more than five yards to a teammate

16:00 Rebecchi with an open run but she played the ball with her backstick; not something you would expect from a player of her caliber

15:00 The second quarter is under way

QUARTER TIME Argentina has had by far the better of play, making goalie Jackie Briggs work hard. But Crandall, as is her wont, has been strong in defense

QUARTER TIME The siren goes with the sides level at 0-0

14:50 Rebecchi slams it wide!

12:30 Rebecchi on the doorstep again, but Briggs is strong in the boots

11:45 ARG PC Barrionuevo with a low flick that is easily saved by Briggs. The follow-up squirts over the sideline; a shocking effort

11:45 ARG REFERRAL Argentina is asking for a video review of a Leona turnover; the video shows Lauren Crandall playing the ball with her hand while it is off the shaft of the stick; a corner is the result

10:15 Merino gets a pass on the goal side of the U.S. defense but cannot slip it past goalie Jackie Briggs; this is not the best sign that the Leonas have had so much possession in the final third

8:30 Merino gets a long pass from the back but Crandall dispossesses her with a bit of help from her hip

6:15 Julia Reinprecht attempts an entry pass into the attack zone, but is stuffed by Argentina’s pressure

4:30 Rebecchi gets a backhand shot but Lauren Crandall is so stout and snuffs the opportunity cold

2:45 ARG GREEN The States get a two-minute power play because Lucina Von Der Heyde played the ball after the whistle

1:40 Rebecchi with some 3-D skill but is eyed up by Julia Reinprecht

0:50 Maria Grannatto with a backhander that is inches wide!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME The United States is wearing its traditional red with blue numbers; Argentina is in its traditional white (albino) and light blue (celeste) uniforms, hence the nickname “Albicelestes”

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the turf at the Olympic Hockey Center, temperatures around 84 degrees with clear skies; the dusk is just coming into play here and it will cool off soon

PREGAME The United States, however, has gotten a win and a draw against Argentina the last two Olympics, and, just as important, are the two-time defending Pan American Games champions

PREGAME Argentina is the in-form team in recent world competitions. The Leonas hold the Champions Trophy, which they won only about a month ago, plus they are the defending FIH World League champions

PREGAME The last time these two sides met was June 19th in the Champions’ Trophy, which saw Argentina take a 4-1 win

PREGAME There are a number of key matchups today: Julia Reinprecht (USA flyer) vs. Noel Barrionuevo (Argentina drag-flicker), Lauren Crandall (USA back) vs. Carla Rebecchi (Argentina forward), and Kat Sharkey (USA forward) vs. Belen Succi (Argentina goalkeeper)

PREGAME This is the first pool match for both sides in this competition, but it might be the most important in order to get off to a good start. The size of the loss here may wind up being more than the determinant as to how the teams will fare later on; if one of these two sides is given the chance to step on the other’s neck, they’ll do it

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to the turf pitch at Deodoro, for the opening match of the women’s competition at the Rio Olympics as the United States takes on Pan American Hockey Federation rival Argentina



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