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Aug. 10, 2016 — USA 6, Japan 1

USA 1 2 1 2 — 6
JPN 0 0 0 1 — 1
USA: Gonzalez (Falgowski, Bam), pc, 1st minute
USA: Bam (Vittese), fg, 5th
USA: K.Reinprecht (Crandall, Falgowski), pc, 28th
USA: Witmer (Sharkey), fg, 37th
JPN: Nakashima, pc, 47th
USA: Bam, fg, 53rd
USA: Bam (Sharkey), fg, 56th

FULL TIME So, that’s all for now; good day and good hockey

FULL TIME As big as this win is, there are still two pool matches left; as Bill Belichick might say, “It’s on to India.” Good way to think about it

FULL TIME 3. Katie Bam’s hat trick is the first that an American women’s player has had at an Olympics since the legendary Beth Anders had three against Canada in her debut in 1984

FULL TIME 2.This is the first time that the United States has won three consecutive games at the Olympics; this is also the high-water mark for wins at any Olympics. The most any U.S. Olympic field hockey team — male or female — had won at a single Games before has been two (not including the penalty-stroke shootout needed to determine the women’s bronze medalist after pool play of the 1984 Games)

FULL TIME 1. The United States women’s national team has never scored as many as six goals in an Olympic contest before; the previous high was four, which occurred against Canada in 1984 and New Zealand in 2008

FULL TIME Here’s how massive this result is in Olympic history:

FULL TIME The United States, a team which finished 12th and last at London 2012, is into the quarterfinals of the Rio 2016 Olympics with its third straight win, a 6-1 win over Japan

55:40 USA GOAL Bam! A hat trick for the Maryland graduate! The 5-foot-1 powerhouse takes a pass from Sharkey and pounds a turnaround shot into the goal cage! The United States leads 6-1!

53:20 Bam goes for a hat trick but the attempt is blocked wide!

52:29 JPN PC Nagai with the drive; Kolojejchick defenses it

52:20 JPN PC Aishi shoots it under Briggs; will re-rack

52:01 USA GOAL Bam! She slaloms through three players and shoots a backhander past two more and a goalkeeper! What a scintillating effort! The States lead 5-1

51:30 Katie Bam speeds through two Japanese defenders and gets off a shot which is blocked over the end line

46:36 JPN PC and GOAL The low drag-flick is deflected to Nakashima, the inserter, and she makes no mistake; The United States leads Japan 4-1

46:18 JPN PC Long drive is deflected but the bounce is way short of goal; we will rerack because of a stick obstruction

45:55 Nakashima with the run in the D, but it goes off her foot

45:00 The fourth quarter is under way

THREE QUARTER TIME The Americans now have the result as well as the lead in Pool B; how will they see this game out?

THREE QUARTER TIME The horn goes with the States leading 4-0

43:00 Japan with an angled pass into the circle but Briggs clears it; it actually wasn’t necessary to play it since it would not have counted, but she’s not taking any chances here

38:52 USA PC Vittese’s sweep is blocked; Bam with a follow-up but Asano with a good save

38:15 USA PC Crandall sweeps it to Kolojejchick at the penalty spot, but she deflects it high

38:00 USA PC Vittese sweeps it right into the foot of the Japanese flyer, who is now breaking down at the penalty spot instead of going all the way out to the 16

37:59 JPN REFERRAL The question is whether the Japanese save is a dangerous ball off of Witmer’s head. The appeal is denied, so Japan loses the right to referral

37:40 USA PC Crandall hits the backboard, but the goal is called back for being dangerous; the U.S. does not use its video challenge

37:28 USA PC Crandall’s shot is stopped by the leg of the trailer; will re-rack

36:01 USA GOAL Kat Sharkey penetrates the circle and beats five Japanese backs to get a pass to Jill Witmer, who buries a forehander from the spot! It’s 4-0 United States!

34:00 Japan is now flooding the midfield with players, trying to outnumber the States in the center of the park

32:40 Katie Bam shakes and bakes, trying to get into the second-goal area

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME I think the States want to have at least one more goal so that they will be at the top of the Pool B table; right now, they are tied on goal differential

HALFTIME The approach that the coaching staff takes here is going to be interesting. They know that they have back-to-back games in 30 hours, and they also have the data from the GPS transponders which are strapped to every player

HALFTIME I think the 23-meter attacking restart is also a talking point. How Japan allowed that much space when the original hit was taken is beyond me

HALFTIME The Cherry Blossoms don’t know what have hit them; the Americans have taken their “first foul, first tackle, first shot, first goal” attitude and have turned their shots into goals

HALFTIME The horn goes with the United States leading 3-0

29:59 Ohno finds her way into a wedge near the second-goal area, but her shot is wide and late

27:54 USA PC and GOAL Katie Reinprecht is at the penalty spot to deflect in Crandall’s low-slung pass! The Applebees lead 3-0 and are totally in control here

27:30 Mistrap for Japan allows the States to flood the attack zone

25:00 Witmer and Bam streak into an open space at the penalty spot, but the ball somehow eludes both of them

20:18 JPN PC Briggs with the strong stop on Hazuki Nagai; Dawson clears

20:09 JPN PC Ohno pegs it off Dawson’s foot, but luckily it is in front of goalie Briggs; we’ll rerack

17:45 Crandall, running towards goal, rescues the ball between two Japanese pressers and gets it upfield; what a tournament she is having thus far!

16:51 JPN PC Hazaki Nagai with the option-right; Kolojejchick defenses it!

15:20 The States are back this time, and clear their lines

15:18 USA PC Crandall pegs a drive off Asano, and Japan runs a snowbird

15:00 The second half is under way; Witmer rounds the corner as if Japan were traffic cones

QUARTER TIME The hooter goes with the United States “dos a cero” over Japan

14:30 Kelsey Kolojejchick with the open shot; Asano with the save

10:00 The States have applied a high line of pressure and the Cherry Blossoms appear flummoxed

7:32 Hard whistle from the umpire, but nobody receives a card from this clash of sticks

4:15 This had to have come from video analysis; the 23-meter free hit is a relatively new rule, and teams cannot have had a lot of time to develop a portfolio of new long-corner plays

4:10 USA GOAL Katie Bam finishes off a well-worked long-corner play from the 23, as the ball was sent way wide to Michelle Vittese, who crushed a diagonal that Bam put in top shelf; USA leads 2-0

3:00 Yuri Nagai for Japan streaks up the left and shoots wide of Briggs’ cage

0:22 This might have been the fastest goal in the history of the U.S. field hockey program; given the fact that the clock stops after the awarding of a penalty corner, the time that elapsed only reflects the time Falgowski took to earn the corner and the time Gonzalez needed to execute it

0:16 USA PC and GOAL What a dream start for the States as Gonzalez takes the left option from Katelyn Falgowski and buries it! USA leads 1-0

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME The United States is going to be in its traditional red uniforms with blue numbers and trim; Japan is in the royal blue with white trim and stenciled cherry blossoms on the jersey

PREGAME The teams are warming up under cool skies at the Olympic Hockey Center, temperatures around 72 degrees; black clouds are on the horizon

PREGAME Japan, despite never finishing above fifth place in any Olympics or World Cup, is not a side to trifle with. The team has plenty of experience, and six have played in a previous Olympics; this is captain Miyuki Nagakawa’s fourth Olympics

PREGAME The United States has gotten off to a good start in this Olympics, scraping by Australia and Argentina by 2-1 scorelines; the only danger as the team plays its next two matches in 30 hours is playing down to their competition

PREGAME The key matchups today are Michelle Vittese (USA, m) against Miyuki Nagakawa (Japan, m), Michelle Kasold (USA, f) against Sakiyo Asano (Japan, gk), and Katie Bam (USA, f) against Mayumi Ono (Japan, d)

PREGAME Here are the current Pool B standings:
GBR 3-0-0, 9 points, +5 differential
USA 2-0-0, 6, +2
AUS 1-2-0, 3, +3
ARG 1-2-0, 3, +2
JPN 0-1-1, 1, -4
IND 0-2-1, 1, -8

PREGAME Should the United States get three points today, they would qualify for the quarterfinal round alongside Team GB

PREGAME Earlier today, Australia beat India 6-1 and Team GB edged Argentina 2-1; the Leonas could have done the Americans a favor had they been able to take advantage of an 11-0n-9 EWO in the early stages of the fourth quarter. Argentina’s coaching staff did not press the advantage by replacing goalie Belen Succi with a kicking back, and when they did, it was with only 27 seconds left; too late to pull level

PREGAME The Americans, ranked fifth in the world, are 2-0 in Rio and began the day at the top of Pool B; Japan, ranked 10th in the world, are 0-1-1 and currently at the bottom of Pool B

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Deodoro’s hockey stadium where the United States are to take on Japan in the third pool match of the Rio Olympics


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