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Aug. 11, 2016 — LIVEBLOGGING USA vs. India

USA 1 0 1 1 — 3
IND 0 0 0 0 — 0
USA: Bam (Falgowski), fg, 14th minute
USA: Bam, fg, 42nd
USA: Gonzalez (K. Reinprecht), fg, 52nd

FULL TIME That’s all for now; good night, good hockey

FULL TIME No matter what happens with Japan-Team GB this evening, the pool closer on Saturday is likely to feature the scenario of the winner of the game being seeded in the opposite side of the playoff bracket from where Holland is

FULL TIME Katie Bam was once again sensational with a brace; her current total of five goals is the most of any U.S. player at one Olympics since Beth Anders scored eight in 1984

FULL TIME At the horn, the United States takes a 3-0 win over India! The Americans are still undefeated headed into Saturday afternoon’s showdown against Team GB

58:45 Kolojejchick is content to hold the ball at the corner flag

57:22 Bam, for the United States, sizzles it across the circle

55:54 USA YELLOW Crandall is off for a cross-check; she is out for the rest of regulation

55:00 Bam has open space to the left wing, and is on a hat trick, but she can’t corral it

54:14 USA PC Crandall’s blast is defensed by Toppo

54:07 USA PC Crandall’s drive goes out of bounds, off an India foot

54:03 INDIA REFERRAL The question is whether the United States was not impeded by a stick tackle; the appeal is rejected and India is out of referrals

52:57 USA PC Vittese’s sweep hits a teammate and it is a free out for India

52:45 USA REFERRAL The video umpire will check to see if the ball went off a body on the goal line; it did, but it went across the face of goal, so it is a penalty corner

52:40 USA PC A swept ball is shot towards goal by inserter Kasold; certainly that went off a foot, no?

52:38 Kat Sharkey with the backhander off an India body; and a corner the result

51:37 USA GOAL Melissa Gonzalez pounds a pass from Katie Reinprecht into the back of the cage! Credit Jill Witmer with the hustle play to start the sequence; USA leads 3-0 and are dominating this match

50:17 INDIA GREEN Poonam Rani is off for two minutes

49:00 Free hit in a dangerous position, and the States are able to penetrate the circle, and force Savita into a save; the follow-up by Gonzalez cannot be handled by Bam

45:00 The fourth quarter is under way

THREE-QUARTER TIME Here’s why the “dos a cero” scoreline is important, and it goes far beyond the bitter men’s soccer rivalry between the United States and Mexico. In each of the four games in the Olympics, the Americans have taken a 2-0 lead at some point of the contest. In studying data from professional baseball and hockey, a team with a 2-0 lead wins somewhere between 81 and 87 percent of the time. In soccer, that percentage is 95 percent of the time

THREE-QUARTER TIME The horn sounds with the Americans leading “dos a cero,” again

43:51 USA PC Vittese sweeps the ball and Sharkey tips it high over the top

43:00 Michelle Vittese loses the ball to Deep Grace Ekka, and runs 80 yards back to back-check

41:30 An enormous goal that gives the Applebees some breathing room and allows them a chance to manage the match without burning too much energy

41:25 USA GOAL Bam! Katie Bam takes the ball up the left side, jukes the defender, and crushes the ball between Punia’s pads! States lead 2-0

38:30 Bam in the D, causes lots of trouble, but it takes five India players to cut it out from Katie Reinprecht

37:00 India works it into the circle, and Kolojejchick with the defensive play, and Bam with the clear. These are forwards, people

35:00 Kasold and Bam try to work the left again, but it is over the end line

33:30 Falgowski, from the center of the park, aims a diagonal to Bam who fumbles it over the end line

31:45 Bam is hauled down on the left side; Bam stepped on the India defender’s stick, which makes it looks worse than it was. We play on

30:53 USA PC Crandall with the low drive; Katie Reinprecht deflects it well wide

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME It is telling that when India got a player-advantage late in the first half, the Americans shut India down cold, not allowing them within 30 yards of goal

HALFTIME Bam has scored in her second straight match, and the U.S. defense has done well thus far in limiting India’s chances

HALFTIME The United States, playing its second game in 30 hours, is currently grinding down the India players, and are likely to find all sorts of chances in the second half

HALFTIME At the horn, the U.S. holds a 1-0 lead over India

29:30 India, with the ball deep in its own half, is walking and in no hurry to take a free hit; that shows me that the States are taking a lot of energy from them

26:57 USA GREEN Katie Reinprecht is off for two minutes for the stick tackle

22:20 India has a 2-on-2 in the circle, but the American defense takes and clears

22:08 USA PC Crandall slings it along the ground; defensed by Namita Toppo. The Eves take the ball and start a snowbird

22:08 INDIA REFERRAL The question is whether the raised ball is from a U.S. stick; there is no indisputable visual evidence to overturn the call, but India keeps its right to challenge

22:00 The American tactic seems to be trying to attack the left side, and it seems to be working

20:06 USA PC Same play with Rachel Dawson on a low dragflick, and it goes off an India stick, so a long hit the result

19:59 USA PC Rachel Dawson off an India body; will re-rack

19:37 India gets a bolo backhand shot that deflects into the net, but hits Dubey on the way in; no goal

17:59 Unselfish play by the U.S. sees Melissa Gonzalez feed a ball to Witmer, who shoots it right under Punia’s pad, and the Eves’ defense clears

16:15 Kolojejchick finds Witmer in the goalmouth, but she cannot put it on frame

15:00 The second quarter is under way

QUARTER TIME At the horn, the United States leads 1-0 over India

13:50 Was that the first shot on either goal frame this game? I think it might have been

13:49 USA GOAL Bam! Katie Bam takes a through ball from Katelyn Falgowski and, on the dead run, flips a backhander into the mesh as goalie Savita Punia is screened! USA leads 1-0

13:00 The U.S. tries it up the left side, but Bam cannot get the

11:00 The Americans with another free hit in a promising position, but Kasold is dispossessed

8:45 The U.S. with a free hit from a dangerous position, but Kolojejchick’s pass finds the end line

5:00 India is looking to flood the midfield and try to outnumber the States and apply pressure on the outlets

0:28 Once again, the United States is looking goalward early, fizzing a ball across the goalmouth of India, but it goes begging

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME The United States will be in their traditional red with blue numbers and trim, while India will be in their traditional powder blue kits with black numbers

PREGAME Full time at the other pitch at Deodoro Hockey Center, and Australia beats Argentina 1-0, which means that Argentina, the current holders of the Champions’ Trophy are holding on to the fourth slot in Pool B and may have to meet Holland in the quarterfinal round

PREGAME The teams are warming up under windy skies at Deodoro, temperature about 68 degrees with light overcast

PREGAME Meanwhile, in other action in Pool B, Australia holds a 1-0 lead over Argentina at three-quarter time, and the game should finish right at the moment the U.S.-India game has its opening hitback

PREGAME India was able to take one of two Tests from the Americans last month at Spooky Nook, meaning that the onus on the American team is to manage the game and themselves as best they can, since Team GB is waiting in the wings in what will be a top-of-the-table clash on Saturday

PREGAME Meanwhile, the Eves are just happy to be here, having qualified for the Olympics for the first time on the women’s side (the team played in 1980, but it was an invitation based on world ranking based on the 1979 IFWHA World Championship). Perhaps inspired by the 2007 Bollywood movie Chak de! India, the Indian Hockey Federation started putting more time, coaching, and money into the women’s side even after they won the 2002 Commonwealth Games

PREGAME The Americans are in rarefied air, having won their first three matches of an Olympics for the first time ever. Katie Bam scored the States’ first hat trick in an Olympic match in 32 years, and the U.S. has shown both tactical and technical brilliance throughout this tournament

PREGAME The key matchups today are Preeti Dubey (IND, f) against Stephanie Fee (USA, d), Katie Bam (USA, f) against Savita Punia (IND, g), and Michelle Vittese (USA, m) against Sushila Chanu (IND, d)

PREGAME The Applebees lead Pool B with a 3-0 record; India are bottom of the table with a draw from three matches. The Indian Eves need three points here in order to have any chance of a quarterfinal berth

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to the Olympic Hockey Center at Deodoro for this fourth-round pool match between India and the United States


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