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Aug. 13, 2016 — Team GB 2, USA 1

USA 0 0 1 0 — 1
GBR 0 0 0 2 — 2

USA: Vittese (Witmer), fg, 39th
GBR: Bray (McLeod, Ansley), pc, 53rd
GBR: Danson (Quek), fg, 56th

UPDATE That’s all for now. Good night, good hockey

UPDATE The semifinals are on Wednesday, the final on Friday

UPDATE In the other half of the bracket is the Oceania Derby, New Zealand-Australia. The winner of that game (at 9 a.m.) plays against the winner of the Team GB-Spain game (at 5 p.m.)

UPDATE The winner plays the winner of the USA-Germany fixture, which is at 11:30 a.m. Monday

UPDATE With the end of pool play here in Rio, the brackets are set for Monday. Holland plays Argentina at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time in a delicious fixture putting the current World Cup and Olympic champions against the current World League and Champions Trophy winners

FULL TIME Give credit to Team GB, which looked awful in the Champions Trophy, but are now the second nation in Olympic history to run the table in pool play

FULL TIME The US was made to pay for some of its lack of tactical awareness late; the game-tying goal came on a card given for an offensive foul, and the States could not convert a gift-wrapped 11-on-9 situation late

FULL TIME The horn goes with Team GB winning the game 2-1 and copping the top seed in Pool B

59:08 GB YELLOW Townsend with a 5-minute penalty; might the US staff opt to press the issue and pull Briggs to make it 11 outfielders against 8 for GB?

58:20 USA PC The sweep by Crandall finds Hinch’s pad, not the most difficult save for her to make

58:09 USA PC Dawson’s drag flick finds a GB foot; we’ll re-rack

56:00 GB YELLOW Sophie Twigg with a five-minute yellow; what will the US do?

55:30 That’s two quick goals for Team GB and it has taken just three minutes for it to happen; that’s how quick the fates can change in international field hockey

55:25 GB GOAL Alex Danson with a tip-in with the tip of a long angular through pass and Team GB is on the lead 2-1

52:28 GB PC and GOAL The British run the hi-lo to inserter Hannah McLeod, and it is redirected into the cage by Sophie Bray; game tied 1-1

50:10 USA YELLOW Michelle Vittese runs into the circle, is dispossessed, and flattens her opponent. The umpire suspends her for the crosscheck; a very inopportune time for this infraction

46:09 The States swarm and force Hinch into another save!

45:00 Fifteen minutes to go; fifteen minutes to destiny?

THREE-QUARTER TIME The United States lead is 1-0 at the horn; this will force a response from GB because they now need two goals to take tops in Pool B

42:00 To the Americans’ credit, they are still attacking; Witmer almost finds an open Kasold but the pass goes begging

40:40 USA YELLOW Could this be a game changer? Katie Reinprecht to the sin bin for five minutes

38:25 USA GOAL Michelle Vittese takes a Jill Witmer deflection, roars in and takes an acre of space in the GB defense, and aims a blast that catches Hinch in the goal unawares! ¡Golazo! USA leads 1-0

35:30 Kat Sharkey with a backhander from angle left: Hinch saves it!

32:00 Team GB tries the left side again; Rachel Dawson clears the nervous situation in front of Briggs

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Team GB is outshooting the US 6-1 and Briggs has been standing on her head; the US is not playing off the front foot and is seemingly trying to shorten the game

HALFTIME Not much in it here as the sides remain goalless

24:00 USA GREEN Now, it’s Bam being suspended for her stick tackle; the umpire is handing out cards like speeding tickets at the Indy 500

21:00 GB GREEN Now, it’s Owsley with a two-minute penalty for Great Britain

20:20 GB GREEN Nicola White is off for the stick tackle

16:18 GB PC The Brits move in from the left and Briggs stands tall again! Wow!

QUARTER TIME This Great Britain team is almost the identical England side that finished a lowly fifth at the Champions Trophy two months ago; no players are from Wales or Scotland

QUARTER TIME We are goalless after 15 minutes

13:27 GB PC Briggs comes up enormous again off a Cullen shot

12:55 GB GREEN Samantha Quek is off for two minutes

12:15 GB PC Kate Richardson-Walsh with the drag flick and Jackie Briggs with an enormous save while being logged!

10:00 A lot of midfield play here as neither team seems to want to create the opening for the other team

5:00 The teams are keeping a lot of players behind the ball

2:42 Katie Bam finds open room in the attack end and fires it, but the half-chance goes begging

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME The US is in the navy with white trim, Team GB is in the red with the white outline of the fancy crest that is on the front of almost every Great Britain uniform at these Olympics. But FIH rules mandate a solid-color top

PREGAME These two teams are aiming for a unique niche in Olympic history. Since the Olympics were opened to women’s field hockey in 1980, only one country has ever run the table in pool play unbeaten and untied. Holland has done it three times — in 1988, 2008, and 2012. The winner of this game joins a unique sorority

PREGAME The history between the United States and Great Britain have intersected many times in the last 96 years, whether it was the early tours, friendlies at Wembley Stadium in front of enormous crowds in 1962 and 1978, participation in the inaugural Women’s World Championship in 1975, or winning the States’ first major trophy in 94 years with a win at the 2014 Champions Challenge in Scotland

PREGAME The United States and England/Great Britain are the oldest of rivals, with international matches dating back to 1920. The international matches were of a different nature back then, with the U.S. team, under the guidance of Constance Applebee, traveling to the British Isles to play select sides from England, Scotland, and Wales, and eat dinner with King George

PREGAME Which again begs the question: why aren’t these final-round pool matches being held simultaneously, like they do in soccer? We don’t want another situation, like in 1982, when Algeria was cheated out of a second-round berth because of collusion between opponents

PREGAME And that would mean that China, your 2008 silver medalists, would be sent home. But, if China beats New Zealand, they would vault all the way up to second

PREGAME In the other pool, The Netherlands bested Germany 3-0, which sealed the Oranje as top seed in Pool A. But the rest of the slots are in flux; if Spain beats Korea and if New Zealand beats China, that makes Spain the fourth seed from Pool B and Germany the third

PREGAME Earlier today, Argentina booked its place in the quarterfinal round, routing India 5-0. After this game, Japan plays Australia. The Hockeyroos only need a draw to take third in the pool in order to avoid having to play two-time defending Olympic champion Holland in the quarterfinals on Monday

PREGAME Now, this match is not being played in a vacuum. There are five other women’s matches today, and each can affect the format of the quarterfinals in different ways

PREGAME Matchups will be crucial today, and I think the major ones will be Katie Bam (USA, f) against Maddie Hinch (GB, gk), Sophie Bray (GB, f) against Stephanie Fee (USA, d), and Kate Richardson-Walsh (GB, d) against Kelsey Kolojejchick (USA, f/m)

PREGAME Both teams are 4-0 and at the top of Pool B at the Rio Olympics. The United States leads Team GB in goal differential (the first tiebreaker), so the Americans can either win or draw to take the top seed in Pool B and take on the fourth-place team in Pool A, which could be either China or Spain

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to the Deodora Hockey Stadium for this final Pool B preliminary match between Team GB and the United States


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