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Aug, 15, 2016 — Germany 2, USA 1

GER 2 0 0 0 — 2
USA 0 0 0 1 — 1
GER: Mavers, fg, 8th minute
GER: Altenberg, fg, 14th
USA: Falgowski (Witmer), fg, 57th

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good day, good hockey

POSTGAME Such is the nature of international competition, and it’s my hope that not only the U.S. can take advantage of the new FIH competitive schedule fitting in between Olympic and World Cup years, but that meaningful club play experiences can be added to the high-quality training at Spooky Nook

POSTGAME I also think we’re going to hear from 200-goal scorers Austyn Cuneo and Haley Schleicher, as well as young talents such as Meredith Sholder, Erin Matson, Margot Lawn, Charlotte de Vries, Kelsey Bing, and Sophia Gladieux, but some of those may be for 2024 or later

POSTGAME I think the team for Tokyo is also going to have some potential game-changers in Virginia’s stick-wizard Tara Vittese, North Carolina’s Gabrielle Major, and Maryland’s Linnea Gonzales

POSTGAME Parker is going to be leading a group of American players into the high-performance program who have put up extraordinary numbers. Parker; for example, is one of only three players in the history of scholastic field hockey who recorded 100 goals and 100 assists in their careers

POSTGAME As upsetting as this may be to U.S. fans of the game, the high-performance program has been able to develop competitive players with world-level skills on both offense and defense. The next group of players coming in, including goalie Jess Jecko and forwards Anna Dessoye and Alyssa Parker, are extremely promising, along with alternate Emily Wold, who did play superbly the last couple of years internationally for the Applebees

FULL TIME That being said, the United States didn’t have imagination or deception on the attack end, and had to rely on a Katelyn Falgowshi bank shot off a German stick in order to have a chance to level the match before the end

FULL TIME At the same time, Germany benefitted from an umpiring crew that did not have command of the game when it came to physical play; a bad play on the part of Germany simply took out Katie Bam, who did not return to the match after being fouled with a clear path to goal

FULL TIME In the final analysis, Germany took a page from its men’s soccer team in not only fashion, but tactics. They scored early and parked the bus

FULL TIME At the horn, Germany takes a 2-1 win

59:30 Free hit in a dangerous position for the U.S., but the States cannot get off a good shot

58:55 Germany with a shot and Briggs waffles it; I guess that’s why you keep her in the ballgame

57:43 GER YELLOW Franzisca Haust is off for delay of game; how big could this be?

57:15 Bam is leveled in the circle; it’s a body bump with a clear lane to goal. No penalty stroke?

56:06 USA GOAL Katelyn Falgowski pumps the ball off Anna Schroder and it goes in! Germany still leads 2-1

56:00 Free hit in a dangerous position; what do the Americans do here?

54:30 Vittese scrambles into the circle and aims a forehander that misses Kasold and Sharkey at the penalty spot; that could have been an important proximity goal

52:16 GERMANY REFERRAL They are looking to see if there was an advancing call before Germany’s foot; and the appeal is upheld because of the Bam foot several seconds before the Kolojejchick hit into the circle. Had that been rejected, that would have been a penalty corner for the States

50:00 Ten minutes to go; will the Americans bring in a kicking back to try to add an 11th outfielder to change this game?

49:19 GER PC Drag flick is saved by Briggs’ waffle pad

49:11 GER PC Sweep shot is deflected by Falgowski

49:11 GERMANY REFERRAL The question is whether the ball hitting Falgowski in the circle was from her own stick; it was, so it is a penalty corner, and Germany keeps the challenge

47:33 GERMANY GREEN Stapenhorst is also off; two minutes for dissent

47:33 USA GREEN Gonzales is off for a bad tackle for two minutes

46:15 Bam working in the tight spaces of the German defense, but can’t shoot

45:00 The fourth quarter is under way; the States have only 15 minutes to make a difference

THREE-QUARTER TIME I think the tone of the game thus far was set when Katie Reinprecht was scissored down in the game’s first two minutes and there was no call. The umpires have kept their cards in their pockets thus far

THREE-QUARTER TIME The horn goes with Germany still leading 2-0

44:48 Katie Reinprecht is at the doorstep as a pass comes in, but cannot get it on goal

42:59 USA PC The option-left goes to an open Vittese, who feeds to Sharkey for a tip-in, but that tip goes wide

37:51 GER PC Briggs with an enormous stop on Kruger’s low drag flick!

37:00 Muller with a diagonal for Germany and it is tipped over the end line

35:00 Gonzalez with a backhander that Reynolds boots away

34:47 The United States has a 3-on-1 in the German defense, but Katie Reinprecht can’t get a shot off with Bam and Witmer roaming in the circle

32:10 Melissa Gonzalez almost makes a steal in the circle; this is a defensive midfielder, taking the initiative in the attack end

30:30 Stapenhorst with a shot that hits the outside of the goal cage for Germany with Briggs down; that could have been three

30:00 The second half is under way; the temperature is up to 84 now, and the heat is certainly on the Americans, who are playing from behind

HALFTIME A number of U.S. veteran players are looking at the end of their careers if they cannot pull out of this tailspin, and questions may abound as to whether the strategy of residential training with little or no outside club play was worth the effort

HALFTIME Meanwhile, the United States attack seems to have lost cohesion. The interpassing that has led to goal chances has been lacking, and the Germans have been able to double-team Bam. The one penalty corner the States have had was against a German defense which is blocking everything with a box defense with no fly or trail

HALFTIME Germany has taken the lead through initiative as well as their tactics; they are able to flood either end of the pitch with players, either to attack the goal with six or sometimes seven players, or to park the bus behind the 50 and create that picket fence

HALFTIME At the horn, Germany leads 2-0

28:15 The umpire is warning Germany about delay of game in taking their free hits; watch for this later. I have seen an umpire call a change of possession during the Olympics for taking too much time

27:00 Stephanie Fee aims a 70-yard ball but it goes over the end line; it almost looks like the United States is running out of ideas on how to break down the Germany midfield

26:00 Kat Sharkey gets the ball to Witmer in the goalmouth, but Reynolds makes the save for Germany

24:00 Germany is parking the bus again, daring the U.S. to try to break them down from the 50 in

22:00 Germany runs a break the opposite way, but the States, to their credit, have numbers back

21:30 USA PC Dawson’s drag flick is cut out by the German defense, which isn’t attacking the shooters at all

21:00 Rachel Dawson attacks up the left side and knocks a diagonal into the circle, but misses everybody

18:50 The United States with a careless turnover on the free out; Germany with a quick shot, and Briggs had to flash the pad to keep it out

17:01 USA REFERRAL The official is looking to see whether an obstruction call at the top of the circle should have been a foot on Germany; it is not, so the Americans lose their referral privileges the rest of the game

16:35 UMPIRE REFERRAL The official is looking to see whether Katie Reinprecht put the ball into the goal with her stick; it went off her knee into the goal cage, so the ruling is no goal

QUARTER TIME The United States is not doing well against the German attack, which is pushing numbers forward; as many as six players have been jumping in and finding spaces behind the U.S. backline, which is what has happened on both goals

QUARTER TIME At the horn, Germany leads the United States 2-0

14:45 Michelle Vittese aims an open shot on the German goal, but Michelle Reynolds is equal

13:20 The States have dug themselves a big hole here; usually, a 2-0 lead means that you win a game anywhere from 81 to 95 percent of the time

13:18 GER GOAL Germany floods the circle and Lisa Altenberg chops a backhand high past Briggs; Germany leads 2-0

12:40 Hard whistle by the umpire; looking for a card, but she’s warning both teams about stick obstruction

12:00 Sharkey solves the bus and takes it baseline, but the ball doesn’t find a willing stick

11:00 Is Germany parking the bus already? Nobody from Germany is within the U.S. half as the side-in is taken

9:12 Janna Teschke with a cross; Jackie Briggs responds and clears

7:47 GER GOAL The Germans work the ball in the circle and it is Marie Mavers with an easy putaway; Germany leads 1-0

6:00 Witmer tests the area between the hashmarks and the striking circle on the left wing

5:24 Free hit in a dangerous position for the U.S., but Germany cuts it out

5:00 Long diagonal by Dawson goes wide of the cage

3:05 USA REFERRAL The States are looking or a video referral on the ball hit captain Lauren’s Crandall’s foot in the circle. The video umpire reverses the corner call; free out for the States

2:00 Katie Reinprecht is scythed down from behind at the 23-meter line; no call? I guess this is the way this game is going to go

0:14 Bam with an incisive through pass to the second-goal area; the States are on the front foot here

0:00 The game is on

FULL TIME The United States is going with its traditional red jerseys with blue numbers and trim, while Germany is going with white tops and black kilts and socks, the iconic look of the country’s soccer team

FULL TIME The teams are warming up under sunny skies at the Deodoro Hockey Center, with temperatures hovering around 81 degrees; the air should get rapidly warmer as the game goes on

FULL TIME This is a “tipping point” match; win, and you’re guaranteed two  more Olympic matches, and you have a 75 percent chance of coming home with a medal. If you lose, you have four years to think about any small mistake you might have made

FULL TIME For the United States, this is new territory; a knockout game at an Olympics rather than a classification round after pool play. The States won four matches in a row at these Olympics, only to lose on Saturday to Team GB. A further loss to Germany today would see the U.S. out of the tournament

FULL TIME Germany is capable of world-beating form; they won gold at Athens 2004 and won the 2006 Champions Trophy. They have, however, fallen off of that level, as exemplified by the 4-1 win the United States engineered two years ago at the FIH World Cup

FULL TIME Matchups are, of course, the determinant of performance. Key 1-on-1 matchups today are going to be Katie Bam (USA, f) vs. Janne Muller-Wieland (GER, d), Michelle Vittese (USA, m) vs. Kristina Reynolds (GER, d), and Jill Witmer (USA, f) vs. Kristina Reynolds (USA, gk)

FULL TIME This is the second of four quarterfinal matches on offer today. In earlier action today, New Zealand won the Oceania Derby with a 4-2 win over Australia

FULL TIME Hello, and welcome to the Deodoro Hockey Center for this Olympic quarterfinal match between Germany and the United States


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