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Aug. 28, 2016 — Syracuse 4, Maryland 1

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good day and good hockey

POSTGAME You get the feeling, however, that these two sides will see each other again

POSTGAME The ACC came through today against a Big Ten foe, and it was a pretty prominent one after yesterday’s results in Winston-Salem

POSTGAME But as the game wore on, the Syracuse backfield of Webb, Weers, and Lagerweij proved to be too much for whatever the Terps threw at them

POSTGAME Maryland played even for a while with Syracuse, matching their tactics and turning the midfield into a pretty tough place to play

FULL TIME At the final horn, Syracuse wins the game 4-1

66:20 Linnea Gonzales attacks the right baseline and sends a pass to Lepage, who sends it high

64:00 UMD PC Shot is defensed! Clear by Claire Webb

60:00 Syracuse with a free hit in a promising position, but the Orange turn it over for not moving five yards before a circle penetration

59:00 Syracuse tries the right baseline again; Bates says no

56:00 SYR PC and GOAL Nijsje Venrooy finishes the hi-lo from Roos Weers; the Maryland defense got a touch on it but could not keep it out; Syracuse leads 4-1 

53:44 A change in goal for the Terps; Sarah Bates is now in the cage


50:00 That was a bit unfortunate for Holliday, the sophomore

49:22 SYR GOAL Jennifer Bleakney  with a backhand chip that gets through Holliday; Syracuse leads 3-1 

43:00 UMD GREEN Balsdon is off for dissent

43:00 UMD PC Balsdon drag flicks; Spencer says no. Rebound to Balsdon but she is called for stick obstruction, and she is furious

41:00 UMD PC Lepagr’s drag flick stopped by Holliday

39:56 UMD GREEN Anouk van Asbeck is off for two minutes

37:00 And that shot, like so many other chances this game, was generated from the open right wing

36:45 SYR GOAL Elaine Carey pumps in an open shot past a diving Holliday; Syracuse leads 2-1

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME The exchange of goals masked a very defensive half on both sides; some wing play was possible with quicker through passes

HALFTIME The horn goes with the sides level at 1

29:15 SYR PC and GOAL Serra Degnan beats a logged Holliday after taking an option-right from Lagerweij; game tied 1-1

18:30 Liz Sack is on a breakaway for Syracuse and has time to fake the goalie, but takes the ball right to her

25:35 SYR GREEN Lise Lagerweij is off for dissent

20:30 UMD PC Balsdon is defensed by Laura Hurff!

18:30 UMD PC Balsdon’s drag flick is tipped over the top of the net

17:30 And just as that happens, the ball falls to an open Welma Luus, who scuffs it wide

16:00 As you might expect, both teams are flooding the midfield and preventing either team from generating much in the attack end

13:40 UMD GREEN Rissinger is off for two minutes

11:30 Syracuse tests the right baseline; Maryland goalie Sarah Holliday says no

6:30 Emma Rissinger with a sling shot; Regan Spencer gloves it aside for Syracuse

2:58 UMD PS Grace Walsdon calmly shoots low in the corner and the Terrapins have a 1-0 lead

2:00 UMD PC Roos Weerts with a defensive save, then takes one off the face mask while on the goal line; a stroke is called!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Syracuse is in the white with orange numbers and blue kilts; Maryland is in the red with trim reminiscent of the Lord Baltimore and Lord Calvert patterns on the state flag

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the turf, temperature around 88 degrees

PREGAME I believe the key to this game is going to be how well the foreign contingent executes on the pitch. Maryland has three foreign newcomers to go along with star Welma Luus, while Syracuse has three newcomers as well

PREGAME Both teams are 1-0 this season; Maryland is ranked at No. 6 coming in, Syracuse, your defending national champions, are No. 2

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Ellen Ryan Field at the McGuire Campus of St. Joseph’s University for this Conference Cup match between Syracuse and Maryland


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  Djb wrote @

The 3rd Syracuse goal was scored by Syracuse player, Jennifer Bleakney….not Umd player Carrie Thanks as listed in the 49:22 minutes.

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