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Sept. 1, 2016 — An anniversary remembrance

It was 18 years ago this week when the first words of this website were broadcast on the Internet. Since then, has been your source for information, breaking news, statistics, and the occasional liveblogged match.

Your Founder took a risk in beginning this site, leaving home to start a new chapter in life. There have been times when the fear of failure has been the main drive for my decisions. I did not want to be defeated by my circumstances, pack up everything, and go home a failure.

Colleen is a friend of mine who works as an artist and as a teacher. She moved in nearby from a small town in Rhode Island and wanted to make a name for herself.

Only thing is, she has worked for a number of companies which have formed very quick opinions about her. About a year and a half ago, she began a social media post with the words, “Aaaaand fired.” This was after a protracted move from a law firm to a design shop.

She’s been able to pick up small contracts here and there, but about a month ago, she let people around her know that she was moving back home.

Colleen is the last person I would think of as having to go home a failure. Yet, it’s getting harder and harder for people to find the work they want in a stable environment. What used to be a single 30-year career in the same place is now a career in which you might change jobs six to 10 times before retirement. It’s almost like you’re preparing for the next job transition as soon as you get the present job.

For someone like me, who values stability, the multiple transitions are alien to me.

I guess it’s why writing this site isn’t just a service to increasingly under-served sports communities, but it’s a source of stability when everything is collapsing around you.


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  Donald Smith wrote @

Well Said,
keep up the good work!

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