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Sept. 2, 2016 — Oley (Pa.) Valley 6, Exeter (Pa.) Township 0

EXETER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — For the record, in this afternoon’s Berks County Field Hockey League interdivisional match against Exeter (Pa.) Township, Oley Valley got goals from four different players in a 6-0 win, including braces from Madison Kline and Sophia Gladieux.

The Lynx shared the ball, covered for each other, and varied the pace and rhythm of their buildups towards goal.

“That’s something that we’ve always been noted for, and something that Donna Long (the Lynx legendary head coach) implanted in my brain,” said Oley Valley head coach Tiffany Cappellano. “And when I took over here, it’s something that I knew we wanted to maintain.”

All that being said, yesterday’s action was punctuated by perhaps the most exciting ninth-grade infusion of talent in some time. Both Gladieux and teammate Sophia Mackrella are well-skilled players from the X-Calibur club team, and both started. Mackrella helped organize and execute the game plan on defense, keeping Exeter, the hosts, off the board.

Gladieux, who was one of the leading scorers in last winter’s Junior Premier Indoor League, continued that promise this afternoon, figuring in half the goals. Aside from her two scores, she showed a number of textbook (and non-textbook) passes which almost went for goals for teammates. But perhaps her highlight was in the final five minutes on the first half.

On the play, the freshman received the ball as a high forward just outside the striking circle, and was approached by two opposing Exeter defenders. She made an elimination move and a subtle pass that beat both opponents, leading Kline into the circle for a long blast, which went in.

“I would definitely say that our returning players possess those abilities, but we had problems last year displaying them at the right time,” Cappellano said. “This year, they have worked so hard in the offseason, that knew that this coming year, we wanted to grow as a team. They compete with each other, and that level of competition is vital for us to be successful.”

Oley Valley, a two-time PIAA state champion out of District 3, was thought to be a definite contender for a state championship, but with the infusion of new talent in the lineup, is a definite contender for the new Class A championship.

“It’s not like where we’re thinking three or four years down the line,” Cappellano said. “We’re only focusing on the next game. That’s helped to ground us, and we just want to compete every day, and put in the work.”

OLEY VALLEY (1-0) 5 – 1 — 6
EXETER TWP (0-1) 0 – 0 — 0
OV: Shannon Lackey (Samantha Buzalewski), pc, 1st
OV: Madison Kline (Lackey), fg, 8th
OV: Sophia Gladieux, fg, 18th
OV: Kline (So.Gladieux), fg, 26th
OV: So.Gladieux, fg, 30th
OV: Becca Heffner, pc, 36th
Shots — OV: 15; ET: 5. Saves — OV: Caitlin Drabek 2, Rachel Levan 3; ET: Aubrey Lengel 9.

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good day, good hockey

POSTGAME Some aspects of their game are going to be worked on, but this is going to be a side that will threaten for the state title for years to come

POSTGAME Gladieux showed a vast array of skills, but it also seems as though this team is willing to learn and expand on their advanced concepts

POSTGAME Oley struck early and often, and also were able to try out different players in different positions

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Oley winning the game 6-0

58:20 Sophia Mackrella, the other OV freshman, makes a clear for Oley!

55:55 Gladieux, on a hat trick, pings it off Lengel’s pad

55:00 ET PC Halsey’s shot repelled by Levan

52:00 Halsey with a powerful shot on the OV goal; Rachel Levan with the stop for the Lynx

43:40 OV PC Trace with a couple of good opportunities, but Karstien is strong for Exeter

41:00 Bolo shot by Buzalewski is wide!

40:20 OV PC Olivia Trace waits and holds against two fliers and puts a hi-lo pass to a teammate at the doorstep; that was a gilt-edged chance!

36:15 OV PC Option-right tackled by Bella Karstien

35:30 OV PC and GOAL The Oley attack forces Lengel into two saves, but Becca Heffner puts in the third chance; Lynx lead 6-0

31:00 Oley gives it away again; Exeter has a cavern of open space inside the final third, but Olivia Trace fills the space and makes the steal

30:00 Rachel Levan is now in goal for Oley Valley

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME But there was quality play from up and down the Oley Valley lineup. Exeter almost punished the Lynx for a couple of turnovers, but the defense and goalkeeper responded well

HALFTIME OK, so it is tempting to start the hype machine, given the fact that freshman Sophia Gladieux has figured in on three goals in the first half of her first varsity match

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Oley Valley leading Exeter Township 5-0

29:49 OV GOAL Sophia Gladieux with a brace! Lynx lead 5-0

28:00 OV PC Defensed and cleared!

27:14 OV PC Oley with three shots; Lengel with three stops

25:55 OV GOAL Kline blasts a shot from the top of the circle, set up by some neat elimination skills by Sophia Gladieux; Oley Valley leads 4-0

25:15 ET PC Buzalewski cuts out the option-left and gets it upfield

23:00 Exeter gets off a flip shot that is gloved away by Caitlin Drabek

21:00 An Oley giveaway leads to a chance for Rachel Richards, but she cannot get off a good shot

17:20 Timeout, Exeter Township

17:20 OV GOAL Sophia Gladieux from an angle left; Lynx lead 3-0

16:20 ET PC A three-way pass play is block-tackled by Hannah Beers

15:00 Lengel attempts a clear but the ball gets through her; ball eludes two Lynx sticks, and it is a free out for Exeter

11:30 Sophia Gladieux, playing full-forward, finds Sydney Engler with a one-touch pass that is backhanded wide

9:45 ET PC Peyton Halsey blasts a 1-up just wide!

7:35 OV GOAL Madison Kline golfs a 12-yard turnaround shot into the goal from a Lackey feed; that’s 2-0 for Oley

3:00 Oley pressure forces Exeter goalie Aubrey Lengel into a good save and a clear

0:59 OV PC and GOAL Shannon Lackey pounds in an option right from Samantha Buzalewski! Dream start from the Lynx! Oley Valley leads 1-0!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Exeter is wearing the white uniforms with blue numbers, while Oley Valley is in the royal blue with white numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up under partly cloudy skies with temperatures about 79 degrees

PREGAME Mind you, the majority of ninth-graders for the Lynx are on the junior varsity. But Sophia Gladieux and Sophia Mackrella are starting

PREGAME For one side especially, the future is the promise. Oley Valley has an incoming freshman class that could be as good as that of Kingston Wyoming Seminary, who, in the fall of 2003, had four freshman players who would eventually play Division I field hockey, including Olympian Kat Sharkey

PREGAME It is the opening game for both teams; both teams won 16 games a year ago, but the Oley Valley Lynx got into the state tournament, while Exeter was one game short

PREGAME Welcome to Don Thomas Stadium for today’s Berks County Field Hockey League interdivisional game between Oley Valley and Exeter


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