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Sept. 22, 2016 — Emmaus (Pa.) 5, Stroudsburg (Pa.) 0

EMMAUS, Pa. — The recent history of Emmaus (Pa.) field hockey can be broken up into eras. The years 2004-07 may rightly be called The Jennings Era, because triplets Rachel, Erin, and Tara Jennings aided a wonderful class of players to three state championships in four years, a feat as yet unmatched in PIAA field hockey history.

But as Emmaus senior forward Meredith Sholder is advancing up the all-time national scoring leader lists in both goals and assists, do not forget her teammates if you’re considering naming 2013-16 after her.

While the boxscore at the end of this story will say that Sholder figured in all five goals in a comprehensive 5-0 win over East Penn Conference rival Stroudsburg (Pa.), let it be said that the defense, led by Madalyn Dorn, Madison Orobono, Kacie Patton, Melanie Ingalls, Kayla Kisthardt, and a rotating cast of others, did not allow Stroudsburg even a few seconds of possession in the final third in the second half.

“We have so many young kids back on defense, and they all did so well,” said legendary Emmaus coach Susan Butz-Stavin. “We just try to work on patience and poise. We’re just trying to take one baby step at a time throughout the season.”

But for a team which is the No. 1 team in the Top 10, the step taken against Stroudsburg was enormous. The Mountaineers gave Emmaus fits last year, taking the Hornets to overtime twice. Stroudsburg also handed Emmaus a defeat in the 2014 East Penn Conference championship game.

“It was a matter of us being able to know what was going to happen, and sometimes give them a different look,” said Butz-Stavin, who has more wins than any coach in National Federation history. “Maddy (Dorn) played a great defensive game for us. She covered a lot of ground.”

And let it be said that Sholder contributed to the defensive effort, knifing in from her center forward position on more than one occasion to steal the ball from unaware Mountaineer ball-carriers.

Sholder’s world-class quickness showed itself time and again, especially in the final third. Perhaps her defining moment in the evening came in the 49th minute. On the play, she sprinted up the left side of the field and cut into the circle. She found teammate Leah Zellner for a nifty shot that was saved by Stroudsburg goalie Morgan Dempsey. Sholder picked up the rebound and fired it at the goal cage, a longer shot than Zellner’s first attempt and from a tighter angle. Somehow, as if by remote control, the ball made it over the goal line.

“It’s a nice feeling to score, but I look for the best way to get the ball into the goal,” Sholder said. “If I can’t get a shot, or if I can’t get a pass, I’ll try to get (an opposing) foot.”

Sholder had three goals and two assists in the game, adding to lofty career totals of 187 goals and 104 assists. Earlier this week, she became the fourth known field hockey player in the recorded history of American scholastic field hockey to have more than 100 goals and 100 assists in a career.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Sholder said. “It’s a good feeling to be up there, but I couldn’t have done it without my teammates.”

STROUDSBURG (8-1) 0 – 0 — 0
EMMAUS (9-0) 2 -3 — 5
E: Kira Koehler (Meredith Sholder), fg, 12th minute
E: Sholder (Kacie Patton), pc, 14th
E: Riley Baughman (Sholder), pc, 38th
E: Sholder, fg, 49th
E: Sholder (Brittany Morgan), fg, 51st
Shots — S: 3; E: 12. Saves — S: Morgan Dempsey 7; E: Claire Neilsen 3.

FULL TIME Thanks for reading; good night and good hockey

FULL TIME Give a lot of credit to senior Madalyn Dorn, who quarterbacked a defense which allowed zero shots on goal in the second half, and barely allowed the Mountaineers 10 seconds’ worth of possession inside the 23-meter line

FULL TIME It is facile, and incorrect, to say that Stroudsburg was “outclassed” on the night. Heck, with much the same cast of characters, the Mountaineers engineered a win and two overtime losses in the four previous meetings against Emmaus, but it wasn’t their night

FULL TIME The result was a surprising as it was comprehensive. Stroudsburg is a good team with good players, but Emmaus clicked from the goal out. And the Mountaineers had few answers for Meredith Sholder

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Emmaus beating Stroudsburg 5-0

57:00 Stroudsburg has been utterly shut down this half; what a job by the Hornet back seven

50:09 I do not believe what I am witnessing here

50:09 Timeout, Stroudsburg

50:05 EHS GOAL Brittany Morgan finds Sholder for her third of the match! Emmaus leads 5-0

48:35 EHS GOAL Sholder thunders majestically up the left side of the pitch, feeding it to Zellner; Zellner’s shot rebounds to Sholder, who makes no mistake. Hornets lead 4-0

44:30 Sholder’s backhand repelled by Dempsey

41:00 EHS PC Orobono, on the option-right, smashes it wide

40:30 EHS PC Hi-lo to Kacie Patton is saves; will re-rack

37:32 EHS PC and GOAL Riley Baughman tips in Sholder’s blast and the Hornets lead 3-0

34:00 Sholder bolts in and lays a gorgeous diagonal pass that somehow evades her teammates cutting in from the left; unlucky not to have gotten a third!

31:30 EHS PC Sholder is defensed by Sydney Cramer

30:90 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Let’s see whay the Mountaineers change to get back into it

HALFTIME Thus far, the stars of the game are the Emmaus midfield of Madalyn Dorn, Melanie Ingalls, and Kayla Kisthardt, who have kept Stroudsburg at bay

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Emmaus leading 2-0

28:45 SPC PC Bridget Cunningham’s initial shot is defensed by Sholder; rebound saved by Nielsen

25:20 Madison Orobono with some outstanding Irish camogie skills that wow the crowd at Memorial Field

23:30 SPC PC Stroudsburg runs the shotgun; Sholder breaks it up! Wow!

18:00 Stroudsburg tests the left side; Emmaus goalie Claire Nielsen says no

13:50 TIMEOUT STROUDSBURG Jen Lobasso and the coaching staff are going to have to coach them up for the Mounties to get back into this

13:50 EHS PC and GOAL Sholder with the 1-Up from Kacie Patton! It’s 2-0 Emmaus!

11:59 EHS GOAL Meredith Sholder storms the left side and, after withstanding a tackle, flips it to the right wing where Kira Koehler banks it in! Emmaus leads 1-0

10:00 The teams are poking and prodding in the midfield, but there is room on the Emmaus right wing that could be exploited

2:30 Leah Zellner is on the doorstep for a tip-in, but Mounties goalie Morgan Dempsey repels the shot

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Stroudsburg is in the maroon with white numbers and trim; Emmaus is in the white tops with green kilts and numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up under blue and breezy skies, temperatures around 82

PREGAME Stroudsburg has been a tough opponent for the Hornets over the years; last year, both of the games between these two sides went into overtime. Will the same happen here today?

PREGAME Stroudsburg is led by senior Sydney Cramer (12 goals) and sisters Josie and Julianna Sweeney and Bridget and Lizzy Cunningham

PREGAME Emmaus is led by senior Meredith Sholder (25 goals), and junior Kira Koehler and Leah Zellner

PREGAME Emmaus, the No. 1 team in the Top 10, is 8-0 on the season, and so is Stroudsburg

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Memorial Field in Emmaus, Pa. for this East Penn Conference field hockey game between Stroudsburg (Pa.) and Emmaus (Pa.)


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