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Oct. 9, 2016 — A different kind of YES

One of the side events of many NCAA events has been the Youth Education through Sports (YES) Clinics, where youngsters could learn some of the finer points of the game from coaches and players, some of whom might be in the championship event being held that weekend.

A regrettable aspect of collegiate sports in the 2010s is that clinics are no longer being held at championship events, meaning that it is harder to give young people the kinds of role modeling and skills demonstrations that could alter the development of players and teams, especially in non-traditional areas for the sport.

This year, USA Field Hockey is partnering with local sponsors to hold youth clinics in at least two scholastic state championship sites. And these states — Colorado and Illinois — have to be seen as somewhat of a priority when it comes to future expansion.

Colorado has added nearly a half-dozen field hockey teams the last five years, and Illinois has done about same, but it’s taken about 15 years. But when you look at the girls’ lacrosse programs in these two states, the numbers have mushroomed from 62 to 110 since 2006.

Sounds like these these clinics could help fill a need. Let’s hope they continue.


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