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Oct. 23, 2016 — Maryland 2, Connecticut 1

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good day and good hockey

POSTGAME With only a couple of weeks until Selection Sunday, this game reignites speculation as to the top four host seeds in the NCAA Division I tournament. Maryland is likely back in play as a possible top-four if they can win the Big Ten Tournament at home. Connecticut needs to win the Big East in order to claim a host seed. I believe the ACC champion will also get a top-four seed, plus the next highest-ranked ACC team in the RPI rankings

POSTGAME Maryland was opportunistic with its four shots on cage and got the goals they needed, especially the Luus tally shortly before the interval

POSTGAME Connecticut dominated the game in many phases, but fell short in the ultimate stat: goals scored. UConn managed to fire 12 shots at goal, but only seven went on frame

FULL TIME The horn sounds as Maryland beats Connecticut 2-1

69:40 Veitner with the ball, advances towards goal; Courtney Deena with the last-second tackle to thwart the Connecticut talisman!

68:45 UMD GREEN Brooke Adler sits for two minutes; the outfield advantage is now 11-on-9 for Connecticut

68:30 Once again, UConn gets the ball inside the dotted hashmark and fails to advance the ball five yards before circle penetration; a third mental error on a restart in five minutes

67:52 UConn pulls goalkeeper Klein for an 11th outfield player, Amanda Collins. She is not outfitted with a distinctive shirt, and Klein doesn’t leave her helmet behind, so the Huskies are all-in on trying to level the score

63:45 These are not the kinds of mental errors you want coming out of a timeout in the final 10 minutes

63:39 UConn has had two free-hit opportunities in promising positions, but commit both a five-yard encroachment foul and a turnover for not carrying the ball five yards before a circle penetration


59:00 Mittendorf has to cut out a neat passing play; Maryland, to its credit; is attacking instead of parking the bus

56:34 UCONN PC A low-slung ball by Mittendorf is tipped just over the top by Dakota Fleming!

55:00 Fifteen minutes to go; can the Terps hold onto the lead — and their nerve — against the top-ranked Huskies?

54:30 UMD PC Balsdon air-mails her drag flick past the post! That goes in if it’s on frame

53:00 UCONN GREEN A card goes to the UConn bench for dissent; does not affect numerical advantage on the pitch

48:00 Sophie Pelzer gets time and room in the attack end, but Umstead cuts it out for UConn

46:07 REFERRAL UConn is asking for a review of a play in which a UConn player dragged down a Maryland back in the scoring circle; the genesis of the incident was a rotation of the backfield that put Balsdon in the center of the park. The call on the field stands, so Maryland gets a free-out from the 16

40:30 Veitner has the ball deep in the circle, but Bates makes a sprawling save and clear!

38:38 UMD GREEN Gonzales is off for the stick tackle

38:00 Linnea Gonzales and Melissa Cutry try the left side but Mittendorf is solid in the tackle!

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Credit Balsdon, Anouk van Asbeck, Carrie Hanks, and Courtney Deena for their defense thus far on Veitner

HALFTIME The territory has been pretty even thus far; however, UConn has had many more of the possessions in the circle and in the area from the 40 towards the cage

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Maryland holding a 2-1 lead

31:00 Goodness me, that was as baffling a goal as I have ever seen at this level; nobody was within five yards of Luus as she shot the ball

30:51 UMD GOAL Welma Luus is on the loose; she cuts into the circle and the UConn defense parts like the Red Sea; she takes her own rebound off the post and finds net! Maryland takes a 2-1 lead

25:00 UCONN PC Mittendorf tries the 1-Up again; Bates says no

22:31 UMD PC and GOAL Grace Balsdon with a spectacular drag flick into the upper corner! Game tied 1-1

22:21 REFERRAL The call at the east end of the pitch is being reviewed; this could make the difference in whether Maryland gets a corner. A foot is called; and a corner the result; Maryland keeps its referral

20:00 UConn has had more possession in the final third; Maryland has not gotten the ball much to Welma Luus

11:15 UMD PC Defensed by Amanda Collins

8:55 Casey Umstead’s diagonal finds Veitner at full forward, but the ball squirts wide!

6:30 UCONN PC Huskies run the same 1-Up play, but Maryland goalie Sarah Bates gets her blocker to it on a dive to her right

4:59 UCONN PC and GOAL Anna Mittendorf with the 1-Up from Vietner’s insert; UConn leads 1-0

4:53 UMPIRE REFERRAL The question is whether the tackle by Maryland on a UConn cross was a stick obstruction; it was, with a corner the result

2:00 After some fits and adjustments, a cherry-picker with three cameras is extended over the west end of the pitch. Video referrals are available, but I think there won’t be much in terms of goal-line decisions on the east goal, which doesn’t seem right

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Maryland is in the all black with gold numbers; UConn is in the all-white with navy numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up under breezy skies, temperatures around 60

PREGAME The Terrapins are led by Welma Luis, a fluid all-rounder who is a forward in name only. Grace Balsdon is the pace on penalty corners

PREGAME UConn is led by attacker Charlotte Veitner and fullback Anna Mittendorf

PREGAME UConn is 16-0 and the top-ranked team in the country. No. 5 Maryland is 12-3

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to The Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex for this interconference match between Connecticut and Maryland


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