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UPDATE: Bracketology 2016, Nov. 3, 2016, 8 p.m.

Only nine games were played today, but there were some implications at or near the very top. Wake Forest has vaulted itself into the Ratings Percentage Index conversation with its upset of Syracuse, jumping into a tie for 18th for this formula (which, for those of you just tuning in, takes into account win percentage, win percentage of opponents, and the win percentage of opponents’ opponents). If Wake can make the final by beating Virginia this afternoon, anything is possible.

In the Big Ten, with Michigan and Northwestern winning and Iowa losing, the implications are obvious. Iowa has slid to 20th in RPI and is not likely to make the tournament as an at-large. Here’s the critical area, where we think the cutoff will occur, as calculated by

Team RPI
10 Boston College 0.610
11 Michigan 0.598
12 Boston University 0.595
13 Stanford 0.592
14 Harvard 0.590
14 Princeton 0.590
16 Northwestern 0.587
17 St. Joseph’s 0.571
18 Albany 0.569
18 Wake Forest 0.569

Of course, we’ve listed Harvard in green because it has qualified for the NCAA Tournament, as Ivy League champions. But we’ll also have nine other AQs crowned this weekend, meaning that there are eight at-large bids on offer.

Tomorrow, with 18 games from Massachusetts to California, the RPI ratings are likely to be scrambled beyond recognition.


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