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UPDATE: Bracketology 2016, Nov. 5, 2016, 11 p.m.

So, after today’s tournament games, we now have three automatic qualifiers into the NCAA Division I Tournament, as Kent State won the Mid-American Conference and Massachusetts beat St. Joseph’s in the Atlantic-10. They join Harvard in the NCAA Tournament and both are listed in green in the table below.

But look at what has happened to Princeton, which beat Penn to close its regular season today. Because of the RPI formula, which is a compilation of winning percentage, the winning percentage of opponents, and the winning percentage of opponents’ opponents, the Tigers are up to 12th.

Team RPI
10 Boston College 0.609
11 Michigan 0.597
12 Princeton 0.596
13 Boston University 0.595
13 Stanford 0.595
15 Harvard 0.590
16 Northwestern 0.587
17 St. Joseph’s 0.567
18 Massachusetts 0.566
18 Iowa 0.566

Tomorrow, the last seven AQs are determined. If UConn takes care of Liberty and Delaware beats William & Mary, I believe that the cutoff for the At-Large bids will lie between 12th and 13th. Also, there’s the case of the two teams now tied in RPI at No. 13. I think Stanford needs to win the America East against Pacific to get in, and Boston University needs to win the Patriot against American.

Note: we are listing only the 10th through the 19th in RPI because we think the NCAA Tournament Committee will select only the top eight in RPI for the at-large bids, given what it has done in the past. We could be wrong, especially if the RPI points are close or even.

Nov. 5, 2015 —  Palmyra (Pa.) 3, Millersville Penn Manor (Pa.) 2, OT

POSTGAME That’s all for now. Good night and good hockey

POSTGAME There will also be regrets at Penn Manor regarding corner execution. If the Comets had been able to score on a couple more during their dominating first 20 minutes of the first half, the game likely would have had a different ending

POSTGAME Palmyra, after being outplayed for most of regulation, rescues a win by scoring two goals in five minutes. Palmyra is known to do this, making the late comeback against the odds, but that’s what a goalkeeper like Sprecher can do for you

POSTGAME Just when you think you have this ostensibly simple stick-and-ball game figured out, you see something new

FULL TIME Incredible scenes on the pitch put a cap on an amazing day of hockey at Milton Hershey School

63:48 PHS PC and GOAL The ball is taken around the right again; Mark with the initial shot, and Lauren Wadas puts it in! Palmyra wins a 3-2 thriller! Wow!

63:00 PHS PC The Cougars go around the right elbow through Katelyn Mark; she is denied, but we will re-rack for the foul. During the corner, Brooke DeBerdine returns to action

62:39 PHS PC Dembrowski weaves, is fouled; will re-rack

60:40 Palmyra almost ends it with a backhander but the shot goes off the goalie boots

60:00 And we are on with extra time; two 15-minute periods, golden goal rule applies. Palmyra has a player advantage because of the Brooke DeBerdine yellow card

FULL TIME The horn sounds with the sides level at 2-2

59:33 PHS PC and GOAL And after a couple of saved shots, the ball is sent in by Alexis Smith! We’re tied 2-2 in the dying seconds!

57:58 PM YELLOW Brooke DeBerdine is off for five minutes; that evens up the sides for the moment

56:07 PHS GREEN A two-minute card has been assessed for playing the ball after the whistle; not what you want at this point

54:21 PM PC Defensed and cleared by Dembrowski

54:21 PM TIMEOUT Is this next corner going to be from the training ground?

54:21 PM PC


41:30 PM PC An option right is sent  across the face of goal and skids wide; free-in for Comets

40:50 PM PC DeBerdine is saved by Sprecher

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Credit Palmyra for coming back to tie the game. And even more credit to the Comets for finding a way to respond

HALFTIME Penn Manor dominated play in the first half and was unlucky to get only one goal out of its opening flurry

HALFTIME The horn sounds to end the first half with Penn Manor leading 2-1

28:43 PM PC and GOAL Emma DeBerdine receives a pass in the circle from sister Brooke and, presto, Penn Manor leads 2-1

27:47 PHS PC and GOAL Puts in a 1-up from the Brooklyn insert; game tied 1-1

27:00 PHS PC Defensed by Brooke DeBerdine

22:30 PM PC Brooke DeBerdine fires; Sprecher says no

19:50 PM PC A three-way pass play misfires without a shot on goal

18:10 PM PC And as has happened so often today, The insert is muffed by the stick-stopper

14:30 PM PC Sprecher saves and the Cougars clear their lines

13:50 PM PC Sprecher saves; she raises her glove trying to alert the umpire to a foul which is not given; that could have been costly

7:50 PM PC is cleared

6:00 PM PC is defensed

2:25 PM GOAL A sprawling Anna May Barbusca leverages the ball past Sprecher! Comets lead 1-0

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Palmyra is in the orange with white numbers and black trim; Penn Manor is in the white with navy numbers and kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under the setting sun; temps around 60, but it will get cooler as the sun sets

PREGAME These teams are familiar with the state championship spotlight, having made multiple appearances in the state final the last decade. They tied for the 3A crown in 2014, but this year are playing to be the strongest rival to Emmaus (Pa.) for the 3A crown

PREGAME Palmyra is led by goalie Cheyenne Sprecher and attackers Alexis Smith and Jess Dembrowski; Penn Manor is paced by Emma and Brooke DeBerdine

PREGAME Palmyra is 19-2 on the season; Penn Manor is 22-1, and ranked No. 6 in the Top 10

PREGAME Back with you at Hershey Field for this District 3-AAA final between Penn Manor and Palmyra

Nov.  5, 2016 —  Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.) 4, Elverson Twin Valley (Pa.) 0

POSTGAME We’ll be back in a couple of minutes with the 3-AAA final

POSTGAME Allessie with the brace, giving her 64 on the season, just three from the state record

POSTGAME This is the third straight district title for the Indians, and they did it with gusto

FULL TIME At the horn, Donegal takes a 4-0 win

55:00 DHS PC Grace Miller’s shot sends the goalie’s blocker flying, but Twin Valley clears without further damage

53:00 DHS PC Defensed and cleared!


50:30 TV PC Katie Jean makes two saves!

47:30 DHS PC An Allessie diagonal finds an open teammate in front of a yawning cage, but the ball goes off a foot

46:46 DHS YELLOW Kodee Bair is booked; these umpires are handing out yellow cards like speeding tickets at the Indy 500

45:00 DHS YELLOW Grace Miller is off for five minutes


39:30 DHS PC A well-worked pass play finds Donegal with an open shot from eight yards, but the cage is missed

38:16 DHS GOAL Allessie dipsy-doodles and fires a backhander; the goalie gets a touch but can’t keep it out and Donegal leads 4-0

35:15 Allessie with an exquisite 70-yard diagonal pass which is received by a teammate, but can’t get a good shot on the goal cage on the front end. That gives you the idea of this sophomore’s physical gifts as well as her game sense

35:00 TV PC Jean with the save and Allessie counters

34:20 TV PC Jean with a couple of saves

33:40 TV PC Defensive clear by Rachel Robinson!

33:00 TV PC Cleared by Lydia Miller!

30:0o The second half is under way

HALFTIME The Mackenzie Allessie Show is in full effect here; the Raiders had no answer for her skills

HALFTIME Twin Valley has had its chances but they are going against a youth national team in Katie Jean

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Donegal in control with a 3-0 lead

28:15 Donegal’s Allessie is on the move again and the ball clatters wide

27:05 DHS GOAL Allessie moves in stealthily and uncorks a backhand finish; it’s 3-0 Donegal and it’s domination by the Indians

26:00 Allessie with a spin and room in the circle, but a good save!

23:00 DHS PC Allessie gets the ball on the right wing for a cross, but a good tackle by the Raiders!

22:00 TV PC Shot tipped wide!

19:00 DHS PC and GOAL Rachel Overlander tips in Allessie’s hi-lo and it’s 2-0 Donegal

18:30 DHS PC Shotgun to Robinson, passes to Allessie and it’s saved; will re-rack for the foul


15:00 TV PC And in turn, the Raiders flub their insert

12:10 DHC PC Once again, Allessie has trouble receiving the ball

11:30 TV PC The Hi-Lo pass play goes across the face of goal; a chance wasted

11:15 TV PC An encroachment by Donegal; will rerack with just three outfielders in the cage for the Indians

7:00 DHS PC Allessie has it go off her foot

4:46 DHS GOAL Cassy Stauffer pumps in a rebound and Donegal leads 1-0

3:00 Rachel Robinson builds the attack and backhands it wide!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Twin Valley is in the all-green; Donegal in the white with green kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under bright skies with temperatures around 65

PREGAME For Twin Valley, keep an eye on Riley Knapp, Hannah Mende, and Erica Wolfgang

PREGAME The key players to watch for Donegal are sophomore Mackenzie Allessie, goalie Katie Jean, defender Rachel Robinson, and right-sided midfielder Grace Miller

PREGAME Donegal, on the other hand, has been building towards this time of the season. Two Thursdays ago, the Indians won the Lancaster-Lebanon League. Today would be the second trophy; a third could come in two weeks

PREGAME This is a matchup of once and future state champions. Twin Valley, located in a tiny village of about 1,225, stunned everyone but themselves in winning the PIAA Class AA title last fall

PREGAME Twin Valley is 19-6 on the season; Donegal, the No. 2 team in the Top 10, is 24-0

PREGAME Back at Hershey Field for the District 3-AA title game between defending PIAA champion Elverson Twin Valley (Pa.) and Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.)

Nov. 5, 2016 — Oley (Pa.) Valley 2, Boiling Springs (Pa.) 0

POSTGAME Back in a couple minutes with the 3-AA final

POSTGAME Simple game; if you don’t let the other team have the ball, then they can’t score

POSTGAME  Oley Valley did the smart thing: they did not take too many chances tactically and executed effective high pressure on Boiling Springs

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Oley Valley taking the win 2-0

59:45 Gladieux tries another backhander in open play; stick save and a beauty by Boiling Springs

58:45 OV PC Shotgun feed to Gladieux, who pops it high and wide on the backhand

56:00 OV PC Angled shot skims wide!

48:00 Oley Valley has contained Boiling Springs with crushing high pressure and is not allowing any outlets

40:45 OV PC Heffner’s shot is saved from a Brooklyn setup

39:11 OV PC Kline fiddles, looks for an opening, and chops it wide!

31:00 OV PC Option-left is flubbed

HALFTIME The second half is under way

HALFTIME Oley Valley has done pretty much what it wants with the ball; Boiling Springs has barely had any circle penetrations in the first half

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Oley Valley holding a 2-0 lead

27:06 OV GREEN Andrea Hinkle is off for the tackle


18:55 OV PC Kline is whistled for a dangerous shot

16:55 OV PC Option-left is saved; rebound goes in from Becca Heffner! Lynx lead 2-0

16:30 OV PC The hi-lo from the option-left is almost flubbed but rescued from going out; will re-rack on the foul

15:50 OV PC Re-racked because of a foul by the flyer

11:29 OV PC and GOAL Samantha Buzalewski pounds a 1-Up off the goal board and the Lynx lead 1-0

9:40 Madison Kline with a backhander for Oley and it goes begging

7:00 Gladieux tries to chop a backhander but is called for a dangerous shot

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Boiling Springs is in the dark purple with white letters; Oley Valley is wearing white with blue numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up in bright sunshine with a breeze; temperatures around 61

PREGAME The pressure is on Oley, and especially on freshman sensation Sophia Gladieux, who has not only scored 29 goals, but has assisted on 18 others. Teammate Madison Kline has 23 goals and 11 assists for the Lynx

PREGAME Boiling Springs is just happy to be here, having beaten the 2 seed, Fleetwood Greenwood (Pa.) in the semifinals

PREGAME The backstory of this game, and of this tripleheader, is the expectations heaped on the participants. It is possible that four or five of today’s teams could be playing two weeks hence at the PIAA finals at Allentown Whitehall (Pa.)

PREGAME The top-seeded Lynx are 22-0 and the No. 7 team in the Top 10; the Bubblers are 15-6

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Henry Hershey Field for the PIAA District 3 Class A final between Oley (Pa.) Valley and Bermudian Springs Boiling Springs