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Nov. 7, 2016 — Parkton Hereford (Md.) 1, Glenelg (Md.) 0

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good night and good hockey

POSTGAME I have not seen this kind of team defense against a quality attack in a long time

POSTGAME Full marks to the back four of Peyton Martino, Gracie Sanders, Dana Meehling, and Brooke Overmier playing in front of goalie Camryn Kelbaugh

POSTGAME It was a defensive performance for the ages as the Bulls oust the undefeated Gladiators

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Hereford beating Glenelg 1-0

59:30 Glenelg with a last thrust but play a long ball over the sideline

59:07 Hereford with clear possession in the attack end, but take it to goal instead of the corner flag 


53:00 The Gladiators cannot afford to spurn too many more chances

50:00 Glenelg has turned up the wick here but has found the defense of Peyton Martino, Gracie Sanders, Dana Meehling, and Brooke Overmier extremely tough


48:14 GHS PC Grace Olson’s shot deflected over the end line 

47:40 GHS PC Treacy’s flick denied; will re-rack for the foul

47:00 GHS PC Treacy with two shots; Kelbaugh says no

45:20 Hereford rounds the corner but the cross is blocked!

45:00 HHS PC Defensed and cleared by Paige Reese, who starts a snowbird

40:36 HHS TIMEOUT Hereford’s defense is leading a charmed life thus far; the Bulls cannot afford to sit on the lead 

40:30 Glenelg attacks again; shot goes wide! 

40:00 Glenelg gets the ball deep in the circle, but a solid tackle and clear by Hereford!

34:30 GHS PC Laney Treacy’s 1-Up is saved by Kelbaugh! Wow!

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME I think the game is going to turn on which team is better conditioned, and whether Hereford can turn its chances into goals; the Bulls are controlling the midfield with sometimes six players between the 25-yard lines

HALFTIME Both teams executed their attacks with great pace but were lacking in the final third 

HALFTIME The horn sounds Hereford leading 1-0

25:09 GHS PC Kelbaugh with two stops!

24:30 The Bulls’ Taylor Hackett storms in on the right wing 2-on-1, but cannot get the ball past Kaylin Craine 

23:30 Anna Brandt of Hereford penetrates the circle and shoots just wide!

17:30 GHS PC Defensed by Meehling but not cleared; Kelbaugh saves the follow-up shot

14:00 A long Hereford shot finds net, but is waved off for being outside the 16; no appeal from Hereford, so the umpire was likely right


5:48 HHS GOAL Peyton Martino shovels it over the goal line and the Bulls lead 1-0

2:14 GHS PC Shot saved by goalie Camryn Kelbaugh and cleared by Dana Meehling

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Hereford is in the maroon with white numbers and gold trim; Glenelg is in the white tops with red numbers and gray kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under dark skies with the temperature at 44 degrees

PREGAME Glenelg, interestingly, beat River Hill 5-0 to get to this game 

PREGAME Meanwhile, Nicole Trunzo has done a remarkable job taking over from Ginger Kincaid, who retired from the Glenelg district as a teacher and coach, only to move over to Columbia River Hill (Md.)

PREGAME Glenelg and Hereford are two teams who have had to replace long-time head coaches in the recent past. Hereford’s Caitlin Duvall is carrying on the legacy of Tammy Mundie

PREGAME Glenelg is 16-0 this season; Hereford is 11-4

PREGAME Back at Paint Branch for the second MPSSAA 2A semifinal between Glenelg and Hereford

Nov. 7, 2016 –Stevensville Kent Island (Md.) 5, Manchester (Md.) Valley 1

FULL TIME Back in a couple of minutes with the other 2A semifinal between Hereford and Glenelg

FULL TIME For Kent Island, a 10-0 win over La Plata in the South final, the scoring form continued. Carpenter and Kaufman were unbelievable and, as good as Wood was, she couldn’t stop everything

FULL TIME And the whistle sounds to give Kent Island a 5-1 win

59:43 MV GREEN Mackenzie Poist is off for the balance of regulation 

57:15 KI YELLOW Keelyn Haarhoff goes to the sin bin for five 

56:45 KI PC The entry pass is spirited away by the Mustang defense

54:26 KI PC and GOAL The option right is flipped at goal by Carlie Domogauer, and it somehow finds its way in over Wood; Kent Island leads 5-1

52:00 MV PC Meghan Harmon’s 1-Up from the Brooklyn set is saved!

48:41 MV GREEN Kaylyn Eckrote is off for two minutes


45:20 MV PC Harmon’s 1-Up is saved!

45:00 MV PC Harmon tries the left and is tackled; will re-rack for the foul

44:10 KI PC and GOAL Wall pass to Carpenter, who flips it past Wood; Kent Island leads 4-1

42:00 MV PC Option-right to Harmon is tackled; free-in for the Mustangs at the 25

39:17 KI GREEN Carpenter is off for two minutes

32:32 KI GOAL Kaufman stakes the Buccaneers to a 3-1 lead and are beginning to exert control over the game 

30:00 The second half is under way 

HALFTIME Manchester Valley’s inspirational figure, Meghan Harmon, is hard to contain on corners

HALFTIME The Islanders have put together some impressive passing sequences in the first half, leading to scoring chances

HALFTIME This has been a tale of two midfielders thus far; Carpenter, who is headed to Wake Forest, has not only shown field generalship, but has apparently been a good mentor to her teammates 

HALFTIME The whistle blows to end the half with Kent Island holding a 2-1 lead

29:59+ KI PC Carpenter skies the flick over the net, ending the half

29:59+ KI PC Wood makes the saved; will rerack for the foul

29:05 KI PC Carpenter’s eye-high drag flick is saved by Wood

25:50 MV PC and GOAL Harmon’s blast goes off Carpenter and into the mesh! Kent Island’s lead is halved!

25:00 MV PC Insert to Meghan Harmon, who dribbled around a pair of players but is tackled; will re-rack for the foul

21:31 KI PC An option left to Carpenter is tipped in by Celina Kaufman and it’s 2-0 Kent Island!

21:00 KI PC An open shot is stopped by Wood; we’ll re-rack

19:00 KI PC Grace Boyer’s flick is sticked away

16:30 KI PC A wall pass to Carpenter leads to a flip shot which is saved by Wood

13:00 KI PC and GOAL Carpenter with the 1-Up from a 45-degree angle and the Buccaneers lead 1-0


9:00 First good scoring chance falls to Kent Island’s Abby Carpenter; her backhand is saved by Jackie Wood

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Kent Island is in the navy with silver numbers, while Manchester Valley is in the white with blue numbers and kilts

PREGAME The teams are teaming up under the gloaming of a sherbet-colored sky, with the temperature at 54 degrees

PREGAME Kent Island High is actually located on the largest island in the Chesapeake Bay and were state finalists a couple of years ago

PREGAME Instead, new stories will be told this year. Manchester Valley High School is only about a decade old but is making a mark in sports already, and could become even stronger with the closing of Hampstead North Carroll (Md.) and merger with Manchester Valley

PREGAME That backstory is the lack of the usual state powerhouses in this year’s tournament. Severna Park’s season is already over. Fallston is not here. Neither are perennials Bethesda-Chevy Chase or Pocomoke

PREGAME The backstory to this game is common to the other seven games that are being played over the next three days in the Maryland state semifinals

PREGAME Kent Island is 17-1 this season; Manchester Valley is 12-5

PREGAME Hello and welcome to Burtonsville Paint Branch (Md.) for this MPSSAA Class 2A semifinal between Manchester Valley and Kent Island

Nov. 7, 2016 — The most unexpected AQ

Over the last four days, the process for qualification for the NCAA Division I field hockey tournament took place with nine tournaments and 38 thrilling games, nine of which went into overtime.

There were a couple of unexpected outcomes in this carnival of games. Of course, one is that the Ivy League wound up with one of the At-Large slots rather than one of the fancied conferences.

But the other unexpected result yesterday was turned in by the University of Virginia, which won its first Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championship. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it on the TV broadcast, but had to look it up.

Virginia has always been a good field hockey team, always in the conversation about the elite teams in the country. But it has been 35 years since the team won a major trophy. Back in 1981, the team swept the Virginia Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (VAIAW) state tournament and the AIAW Region II tournament, the latter serving as a qualifier for the AIAW nationals.

Even in the years when they were around the .500 mark, you had to include the Cavaliers because of the tough ACC schedules they played. But despite all that, it’s amazing that Virginia had not won a major trophy since the sanctioning takeover by the NCAA.

Yep, even while Virginia was making Final Fours or winning the ACC regular-season four times with players such as Olympians such as Michelle Vizzuso, Michelle Vittese and Paige Selenski, or with two-sport stars such as Bonnie Rosen or Peggy Boutilier, or with well-trained players in the U.S. system such as Jessica Coleman, Lori Mastropietro, or Meredith Thorpe, the Hoos had not won a tournament trophy until yesterday.

How has Virginia managed to overcome its past history? One could look at a the team’s sizable foreign influence, including six players and an assistant coach.

I find it interesting, however, that four out of the five top point-scorers on this year’s Virginia field hockey team are American. Start with Tara Vittese, the eighth-leading goal-scorer in the history of scholastic field hockey (166), an absolute magician with a field hockey stick, and the talisman for the U.S. U-21 national team that will start play in Chile later this month at the Junior World Cup. Riley Tata is a player who scored 119 goals at Norfolk (Va.) Academy. Caleigh Foust (102 goals) and Erin Shanahan (94) have also had tremendous prep careers stateside.

But I think the No. 1 reason why Virginia won the ACC Tournament was their nine seniors, as well as a sense of belief within the team that they could win the title. And those kinds of intangibles are incredibly powerful, even in a tough conference such as the Atlantic Coast Conference.