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Nov. 7, 2016 — Parkton Hereford (Md.) 1, Glenelg (Md.) 0

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good night and good hockey

POSTGAME I have not seen this kind of team defense against a quality attack in a long time

POSTGAME Full marks to the back four of Peyton Martino, Gracie Sanders, Dana Meehling, and Brooke Overmier playing in front of goalie Camryn Kelbaugh

POSTGAME It was a defensive performance for the ages as the Bulls oust the undefeated Gladiators

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Hereford beating Glenelg 1-0

59:30 Glenelg with a last thrust but play a long ball over the sideline

59:07 Hereford with clear possession in the attack end, but take it to goal instead of the corner flag 


53:00 The Gladiators cannot afford to spurn too many more chances

50:00 Glenelg has turned up the wick here but has found the defense of Peyton Martino, Gracie Sanders, Dana Meehling, and Brooke Overmier extremely tough


48:14 GHS PC Grace Olson’s shot deflected over the end line 

47:40 GHS PC Treacy’s flick denied; will re-rack for the foul

47:00 GHS PC Treacy with two shots; Kelbaugh says no

45:20 Hereford rounds the corner but the cross is blocked!

45:00 HHS PC Defensed and cleared by Paige Reese, who starts a snowbird

40:36 HHS TIMEOUT Hereford’s defense is leading a charmed life thus far; the Bulls cannot afford to sit on the lead 

40:30 Glenelg attacks again; shot goes wide! 

40:00 Glenelg gets the ball deep in the circle, but a solid tackle and clear by Hereford!

34:30 GHS PC Laney Treacy’s 1-Up is saved by Kelbaugh! Wow!

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME I think the game is going to turn on which team is better conditioned, and whether Hereford can turn its chances into goals; the Bulls are controlling the midfield with sometimes six players between the 25-yard lines

HALFTIME Both teams executed their attacks with great pace but were lacking in the final third 

HALFTIME The horn sounds Hereford leading 1-0

25:09 GHS PC Kelbaugh with two stops!

24:30 The Bulls’ Taylor Hackett storms in on the right wing 2-on-1, but cannot get the ball past Kaylin Craine 

23:30 Anna Brandt of Hereford penetrates the circle and shoots just wide!

17:30 GHS PC Defensed by Meehling but not cleared; Kelbaugh saves the follow-up shot

14:00 A long Hereford shot finds net, but is waved off for being outside the 16; no appeal from Hereford, so the umpire was likely right


5:48 HHS GOAL Peyton Martino shovels it over the goal line and the Bulls lead 1-0

2:14 GHS PC Shot saved by goalie Camryn Kelbaugh and cleared by Dana Meehling

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Hereford is in the maroon with white numbers and gold trim; Glenelg is in the white tops with red numbers and gray kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under dark skies with the temperature at 44 degrees

PREGAME Glenelg, interestingly, beat River Hill 5-0 to get to this game 

PREGAME Meanwhile, Nicole Trunzo has done a remarkable job taking over from Ginger Kincaid, who retired from the Glenelg district as a teacher and coach, only to move over to Columbia River Hill (Md.)

PREGAME Glenelg and Hereford are two teams who have had to replace long-time head coaches in the recent past. Hereford’s Caitlin Duvall is carrying on the legacy of Tammy Mundie

PREGAME Glenelg is 16-0 this season; Hereford is 11-4

PREGAME Back at Paint Branch for the second MPSSAA 2A semifinal between Glenelg and Hereford


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