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Nov. 13, 2016 — North Carolina 3, Maryland 0

POSTGAME That’s all for now. Good night and good hockey

POSTGAME The Heels head to an unpredictable Final Four along with Princeton, Delaware, and Connecticut. Think about this: no Big Ten teams, only one ACC team, and the only other team with multiple bids (the Ivy League) sends its at-large team. Go figure

POSTGAME In the end, it was too much Ashley Hoffman, and when Maryland was able to hammer some shots UNC’s way, Shannon Johnson said “no.”

FULL TIME At the full-time horn, Carolina wins 3-0

68:20 UNC PC Shot is saved and cleared

64:24 UNC GOAL Lauren Moyer receives the ball in an open space in the midfield, goes 2-on-2, fakes down the kicking back, and finishes with ease; Heels lead 3-0

63:18 The Terps’ Kelee Lepage is now in as an 11th outfielder; Maryland’s coaching staff is throwing the dice like they did yesterday, but a two-goal margin may be a bridge too far

60:20 UMD PC Defensed by Hoffman out of mid-air; the Terrapins aren’t getting any luck today

59:00 UMD PC Linnea Gonzales hits the post!


52:00 UMD GREEN Madison Maguire is off for two minutes on a challenge that was much more physical than the late shot from Night. Where’s the consistency?

48:30 UMD PC Option-right is saved again by Johnson! What a sequence for the senior goalie!

47:45 UMD PC 1-Up is saved by Johnson; we’ll re-rack

47:00 UMD PC Flick saved by Carolina goalkeeper Shannon Johnson; will re-rack

43:17 UNC YELLOW Sam Night is yellow-carded after shooting the ball at goal after the whistle; a harsh penalty, surely

40:38 Sarah Bates is now in goal for Maryland; the Penn State transfer has started nine games this season and had pretty much split time with Holliday this season

40:00 UNC PC Defensed by Emma Rissinger

38:50 UNC GREEN Kelee Lepage is off for two minutes

37:43 UNC PC and GOAL Another drag flick from Hoffman goes in! These are very low shots that Maryland goalie Sarah Holliday can’t reach, and Carolina leads 2-0

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Not much in it here; just three shots in goal total. but that is what to expect from tactical sides who can play good collective defense. Very surprised that Maryland has not been able to build up attacks with their skills

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Maryland leading 1-0

33:30 Is this the incident? A rainbow-colored soccer ball is on the pitch and the players maneuver skillfully around it. A steward recovers the ball and play continues

24:06 UNC PC and GOAL Ashley Hoffman with the low drag flick and the Tar Heels lead 1-0

23:00 Close calls at both ends as the offenses are just beginning to solve their respective defenses

15:00 Game remains primarily in the midfield with not much room to build attacks

7:00 The Heels with a sniff at the circle but are turned aside by a strong Maryland defense

3:00 Game is in UNC’s defensive backfield but the Terps can’t manufacture a corner

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Maryland is in the black with yellow numbers, North Carolina is in the white with light-blue numbers and kilts

PREGAME These two sides are two old ACC rivals, and as such, this game is likely to have the pace and intensity of an ACC match from the 2000s. This means that there is likely to be some sort of incident during today’s game that is not covered in the rule book

PREGAME Neither team won their respective conference tournament last weekend; Maryland lost last week to Penn State in the Big Ten final, while UNC lost to Virginia in the ACC final

PREGAME For a number of years, one or the other of these two sides made the national title game. But this game is in the quarterfinals

PREGAME Maryland is led by Welma Luus and Grace Balsdon; UNC is led by Lauren Moyer and Gab Major

PREGAME Maryland and UNC have 18-5 records this season; UNC got here by beating Stanford 3-0; Maryland won a penalty shootout 3-0 after playing a 1-1 draw with UMass

PREGAME Welcome to the Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex in College Park, Md. for this NCAA quarterfinal between North Carolina and Maryland