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Nov. 16, 2016 — Voorhees Eastern (N.J.) 5, Ocean City (N.J.) 1

POSTGAME Back in a few minutes for the other T of C semifinal featuring top-seeded West Essex and Bishop Eustace

POSTGAME Credit Ocean City for not quitting, though. They are a good side and are state champions for a reason

POSTGAME Alexis Pettisani is the engine that drives this team in the midfield and she was immense tonight

POSTGAME The story of the game was the four-goal first half, which set the tone for the entire game

FULL TIME The siren goes with Eastern taking a 5-1 win

59:35 OC PC Shot defensed by Eastern, and that ought to do it

59:00 OC PC Shot whiffed; will re-rack for the stick obstruction

56:48 OC PC Rialee Allen with a turnaround shot that goes in; Eastern still leads 5-1

55:00 OC PC Blocked by Pettisani

43:00 EHS GOAL Alexis Pettisani with the goal to make the margin five; the clock runs


39:00 OC PC Ends on a raised ball

31:52 OC PC Save by Kincaid!

31:49 OC PC Shot hits an Eastern player on the goal line; a stroke is called!

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Since the missed chances, Eastern has had four goals, including a pair of quick ones around the 20-minute mark, and the dagger was Pettisani’s goal in the final five minutes.

HALFTIME Ocean City had a pair of chances in the first two minutes and have paid for not being able to put it in the cage

HALFTIME The siren goes with Eastern holding a 4-0 lead

28:50 EHS PC and GOAL Alexis Pettisani with the deflection in front and it’s 4-0 Eastern

27:40 OC PC Shot is saved by Kincaid and pops in the air! A scramble for the ball and a free out is the call

26:39 EHS PC Shot is defensed

25:30 EHS PC A flick goes over the top

20:27 EHS GOAL Jessica Maute with a simple redirect of an Elise Pettisani diagonal and it’s 3-0 Eastern

19:39 OC TIMEOUT Head coach Cory Terry is trying to get City to focus before the game gets away

19:39 EHS GOAL Alexis Pettisani from in front and the Vikings lead 2-0

17:50 OC PC Shot is cleared by Kincaid!

15:00 EHS PC Shot saved by the OC keeper

13:00 EHS PC Long shot is blocked

9:00 EHS PC Heck eliminates the flyer and, on the run, puts a delicate flick over the cage! That is an adult skill in a ninth-grader!

6:21 EHS GOAL Kara Heck puts it in from the doorstep; she is now tied for the state scoring lead with 53. Eastern leads 1-0

4:53 Kasey Quicksill’s backhand shot finds the mesh high, but after an umpire’s conference, the goal is waved off

2:00 For the second time today, Ocean City’s high line dispossesses Eastern and a through ball leads to a dangerous chance for the Raiders

1:25 OC PC Ends on a raised ball

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Ocean City is in the white with black kilts and red numbers; Eastern is in the maroon with the navy numbers

PREGAME The overcast is dropping the temperature noticeably; gametime temp is about 59, but chilly winds are coming in from the west

PREGAME The teams met earlier this year, with Eastern winning 5-0. I think this game is going to be a lot closer

PREGAME Ocean City is led by Rialee Allen, Shannon O’Reilly, and Britney Stein, who had a hat trick in the state final win over Haddonfield (N.J.) Memorial

PREGAME Eastern is led by freshman Kara Heck, seniors Mackenzie Keegan and Kasey Quicksill, and goalie Cassie Kincaid

PREGAME Eastern, the Group IV champion, is 22-2 this season; Ocean City, the Group III champs, are 22-3

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Plainsboro West Windsor-Plainsboro North (N.J.) for this NJSIAA Tournament of Champions semifinal between Eastern and Ocean City


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