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Nov. 18, 2016 — Delmar (Del.) 3, Wilmington Tower Hill (Del.) 0

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good night and good hockey

POSTGAME It is not only the first state tournament but win for the field hockey program, but the first for any girls’ sport at the school

POSTGAME Full marks to head coach Jodi Hollamon and her staff, who have been working so hard to get to this moment. For Hollamon, it’s her second state championship; she had won a title with Salisbury Parkside (Md.) in 2005, and I think she may be only the second coach in National Federation history to win state championships in more than one state; Daan Polders has won titles in Colorado and Pennsylvania

POSTGAME It is a great win for a small town, as is so often the case in American field hockey

FULL TIME At the final whistle, Delmar wins the game 3-0

59:30 Tower Hill has a chance at the goalmouth but Arter clears it; the sophomore has been money tonight

58:00 Two minutes to go and the Delmar fans are on their feet!

55:30 DHS PC Kemp’s shot is saved; rebound is sent wide!

55:00 DHS PC Kemp tackled; will reset

51:30 TH PC Shot is defensed; rebound wide of the cage! It has been that kind of night for the Hillers

49:20 Tower Hill puts the ball into the D; Delmar clears off a Hiller stick for a free out


46:09 TH PC Shot saved by Madison Blewett! What a diving stop to her left!

40:00 The fans at Rullo are waiting for a response from Tower Hill, but Delmar, to its credit, is pressing its advantage

37:51 DHS PC and GOAL Wink scores on the hi-lo from Kemp! That play has been there all day, and the Wildcats take advantage! It’s 3-0 Delmar!

37:10 DHS PC Option right is tackled; will re-rack for the foot

36:40 On the free-in, ball goes off the stick of a Tower Hill defender; officials wave it off because no Delmar attacker touched it in the  D

35:40 DHS PC Hi-lo is defensed and shepherded wide of the cage

35:00 DHS PC Kemp tries the elimination, will re-rack for the stick obstruction

33:45 Kemp shoots it just wide from an angle

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Delmar is playing some quick hockey; I thought, watching the pregame warmups, that Tower Hill would have the speed advantage, but Delmar has neutralized the Hillers’ pace

HALFTIME The whistle blows; Delmar is holding a 2-0 lead

27:29 DHS GOAL Kemp with a great run, slips a sumptuous pass to Madison Fletcher and she slides her stick along the ground to tip it in! It’s 2-0 Delmar!

25:00 I’m amazed that Tower Hill isn’t able to get anything going in midfield; defenders Hailey Bitters, Caitlyn Wink, and Angelina Arter have been superb and hard in the tackles thus far!

20:00 Kemp penetrates the circle and flips a bounding shot  her is saved; follow-up is wide! Delmar again on the front foot but cannot find the final shot; a second goal would change the game here tremendously


10:19 DHS PC The hi-lo from Kemp to inserter Caitlyn Wink is missed! Wow; that should have been 2-0

6:44 DHS GOAL Kemp latches onto a bouncing ball and laces a backhand it into the corner; the Delmar supporters go wild as their side takes a 1-0 lead

6:20 DHS Option-left is cleared!

2:20 DHS PC 1-Up from Peyton Kemp is tipped wide left; free-in for Delmar

1:35 How about that for a change in momentum?

1:30 Breakaway off the snowbird leads to a shot that dribbles past the goalie, but Tower Hill’s defense pounces on the rebound and clears!

1:15 TH PC Defensed and cleared for a snowbird!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Tower Hill is in the green tops with black kilts; Delmar is in the white with orange kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under clear skies, temperature around 52 degrees

PREGAME This is also a study of two contrasting schools; Tower Hill is a private school, Delmar is a public school located in a town of 1,600 that straddles the Delaware-Maryland state line

PREGAME The sidebar here is the fact that Tower Hill has won 18 state championships, although none since 2008; Delmar has been in five of the last six state finals, but has never won

PREGAME The teams’ lone defeats were to good teams; Delmar lost to defending state champion Lewes Cape Henlopen (Del.), while Tower Hill lost a 7-4 slugfest with Newtown Square Episcopal Academy (Pa.)

PREGAME Both teams are 17-1 on the season

PREGAME Welcome to Rullo Stadium for the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association final between Wilmington Tower Hill (Del.) and Delmar (Del.)


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