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Nov. 19, 2016 — Emmaus (Pa.) 5, Palmyra (Pa.) 1

POSTGAME That’s all for now. Good night, good hockey

POSTGAME Meredith Sholder has surely secured a place amongst the all-time greats in American scholastic field hockey. She is top-two in both goals (217) and assists (135), and she has willed Emmaus to two state championship rings

POSTGAME Palmyra’s goalkeeper, Cheyenne Sprecher, is going to be wearing USA colors sometime in her adult life, yet, on this day, Emmaus scored five goals, an enormous achievement

POSTGAME This was a Palmyra team that had given Emmaus fits over the last two years, but when you listened to the comments on local TV previewing this game, you got the feeling that the Hornets would be arriving at the game in ill humor

POSTGAME In a day of wild games here in Allentown, this win by Emmaus had to be the most satisfying and most comprehensive

FULL TIME Emmaus wins the game AAA championship!

59:59+ PHS PC Cleared by Madalyn Dorn! Corner criteria is off and the horn sounds!

59:11 EHS GOAL Koehler scores off Kacie Payton’s feed off the snowbird! Emmaus leads 5-1

58:50 PHS PC Option left is cleared by Sholder; a snowbird is on!


58:50 PHS PC

57:00 Emmaus, to its credit, is continuing the pressure; Sprecher has to sprawl to make another save

56:00 EHS PC Ball bundled over the goal line, but a foot is the call

48:45 EHS PC and GOAL Sholder passes left, and a diagonal is shoveled over the line by Kayla Kisthardt; it’s 4-1 Emmaus and it is the 20th goal scored today at the  PIAA finals

47:40 PHS PC Option-left is wide

44:30 EHS PC Option-left is defensed

43:30 EHS PC Sholder shoots; Sprecher says no

42:00 PHS PC Mark’s shot is judged to be dangerous

37:00 PHS PC and GOAL Shot tipped in by Lauren Wadas! Palmyra is behind by two, though

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME This far in 2 1/2 state championship games, 18 goals have been scored. This is just more evidence of how much the balance of the game has shifted to the offense

HALFTIME The Hornets take a 3-0 lead into the interval

29:59+ EHS PC Sholder tries again; Sprecher says no

25:40 PHS PC Option left is fumbled


23:46 EHS GOAL Meredith Sholder puts in a Madison Orobono pass; it’s 3-0 Emmaus and they are looking to dominate this game!

22:11 EHS GOAL Kacie Patton thunders up the pitch, draws the defense, and Leah Zellner picks up the goodies; Emmaus leads 2-0 on a well-run snowbird!

21:25 PHS PC Angled shot is defensed; ball sent in the other direction

20:55 PHS PC Katelyn Mark pounds it off Sholder’s foot; will re-rack

20:00 A Palmyra backhand causes some anxious moments; sophomore goalie Claire Nielsen makes the save!

18:30 EHS PC Angled shot is defensed and cleared

18:00 EHS PC Sholder’s backhand saved by Sprecher

14:30 EHS PC Sholder’s 1-Up is wide!

10:00 EHS PC Option left from a Brooklyn setup is tipped wide!

3:30 EHS PC Shot is defensed and cleared

2:40 EHS PC Sholder, just like that, fires the ball to it the cage and Emily Ingalls tips it in! The Hornets lead 1-0! 

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Donegal (er, Emmaus) is in the white with green kilts and numbers, Palmyra is in the orange with white numerals

PREGAME The teams are warming up under a light breeze, temps at an unseasonably warm 69 degrees

PREGAME These teams met last year with Emmaus winning in overtime; it should be equally close this year

PREGAME Emmaus is led by U.S. Indoor national teamer Meredith Sholder, the second-leading goal-scorer in National Federation history

PREGAME Both teams have players who will be in the high-performance system for years to come; Palmyra’s Cheyenne Sprecher is headed to UConn, and may be the finest goalie in the country

PREGAME Emmaus, the District 11 champion and No. 1 team in the Top 10, is 27-0 this season; Palmyra, the District 3 champions, are 22-2, and are the No. 7 team in the Top 10

PREGAME And we’re back at the Zephyr Complex for the final game in this PIAA tripleheader featuring Emmaus and Palmyra, in a rematch of last year’s overtime thriller


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