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Nov. 19, 2016 —  Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.) 6, Merion (Pa.) Mercy Academy 2

POSTGAME Back in a few minutes with the AAA final

POSTGAME Merion Mercy tried its best, but Donegal was too good and skilled; the Golden Bears did not help themselves with five second-half cards

FULL TIME At the horn, Donegal wins its first state title with a 6-2 victory 

58:07 MMA PS Carlin denied by a sprawling Jean!

57:59 MMA PC Shot is saved and cleared by Robinson, but it hit her foot on the line, and a stroke is duly called

56:52 DHS PS Kodee Bair, another senior, makes the stroke and the Indian lead is 6-2

56:52 MMA RED Issued to the bench for dissent; a stroke to ensue 

55:17 DHS PS Robinson is being afforded the chance as a senior captain and she puts it off Bedrossian’s stick to give Donegal a 5-2 lead

54:55 DHS PC Allessie can’t corral the insert 

54:14 MMA YELLOW Kyle off for five minutes; not what you want at this juncture if you’re behind 


52:24 MMA PS Margo Carlin sends it high and cuts Donegal’s lead to 4-2

50:13 DHS GOAL Robinson rescues and feathers it to Lily Saunders for a telling goal; Indians up 4-1

49:55 DHS PC Robinson’s shot Defensed and partially cleared by Emily Hauck, but onto Robinson’s stick 

48:30 DHS PC Cleared by Cammy Toddy

45:14 MMA YELLOW Allie Scannapieco off for five; the umpires are handing out cards like speeding tickets at the Indy 500

45:14 DHS YELLOW Grace Miller off for five

44:45 MMA PC The 1-Up goes in, but it is a raised ball


41:30 DHS PC Allessie eliminates three Bear defenders, but not the left post

40:29 MMA GREEN Natale is off for the stick obstruction

36:45 DHS PC Insert gets past everyone and is rescued by Cayla Homsher; her diagonal is dealt with

32:19 DHS PS Allessie puts it to Bedrossian’s right! Donegal leads 3-1

30:16 DHS GREEN Amanda Beck of Donegal also sits for two

30:16 MMA GREEN Kaley Kyle of Merion Mercy is booked

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Merion’s task is going to be a lot harder without Back Kelsey Farkas, who is out with a hand injury

HALFTIME The game is definitely being played at Donegal’s pace, but you have to like how Merion Mercy is flooding the midfield and creating chances

HALFTIME At the whistle, Donegal takes a 2-1 lead 

29:59+ DHS PC and GOAL After two tries, Overlander with the flick! Wow! Donegal retakes the lead 2-1!

29:24 MMS GOAL Scannapieco goes through the Donegal defense like a slalom and we are level at 1-1!

27:10 MMA GREEN Margo Carlie is off for a push

26:00 MMA PC Defensed and cleared by Allaura Bohan 

20:10 DHS PC and GOAL Allessie eliminates two players and slips it into the cage! That’s 1-0 Donegal on Allessie’s 75th goal of the season

19:40 DHS PC Allessie tripped; no stroke? It was a bit of a cynical challenge

18:00 Jamie Natalie of Merion Mercy finds room along the right wing and smacks a ball to Allie Scannapieco, who puts it inches wide!

16:45 MMA PC Defensed by Robinson; cleared by Allessie

15:15 MMA PC Kelsey Farkas shoots well wide

12:15 DHS PC Through pass pops up on Bedrossian; Grace Overlander bats at it but it is a dangerous shot

10:15 MMA PC Option-left to Kelsey Farkas is saved by Jean

8:45 DHS PC Robinson’s through ball is picked off 

3:30 MMA PC Kolbe Keating with an angled shot, Jean with the save!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Donegal is in the all-green with white numbers, Merion Mercy is in the white with navy numerals and gold trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up under clear skies with the temperature at 63 degrees

PREGAME Merion Mercy came through a tough District 1 bracket, and are here for a reason: defense. Goalie Shannon Bedrossian has not conceded a goal in this Tournament 

PREGAME Donegal has Mackenzie Allessie, who has 74 goals and 40 assists this season. It also has Katie Jean and Rachel Robinson from youth national teams. But I think the players to watch today are Grace Miller and Rachel Overlander

PREGAME Donegal, the champions of District 3 and the No. 2 team in the Top 10, are 28-0. Merion Mercy, the champions of District 1, are 19-4-2 on the season

PREGAME We’re back at Whitehall for the PIAA Class AA final between Donegal and Merion Mercy


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