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Nov. 19, 2016 — Bethlehem Moravian Academy (Pa.) 4, Oley (Pa.) Valley 3

POSTGAME Back in a few minutes wirh the 2A final

POSTGAME That being said, Moravian Academy is a worthy winner of this championship, its first since 1984

POSTGAME That’s the kind of team the Lynx are, and with Gladieux at the helm, they’ll be a threat the next three years 

POSTGAME It takes a special team to win any state final, but it takes an even more special team to even think of coming back from a four-goal second-half deficit

FULL TIME At the siren, Moravian wins 4-3 in an absolute thriller!

58:58 Gladieux frees her stick and chops a shot inches wide! Was that the chance?

57:00 OV PC Buzalewski’s shot is defensed and cleared!

54:00 MA PC Defensed by Becca Heffner!


48:30 I don’t believe what I’m witnessing here; Oley was all but beaten just 15 minutes ago, but have rallied

48:27 OV PC and GOAL Sophia Gladieux scores on the 1-Up! The Lions cling to a 4-3 lead!

47:00 A diagonal just misses Hannah Beers’ stick and goes in; free-in for Oley

46:00 Oley’s not thinking about getting back into this, are they?

45:50 OV PC Gladieux rescues the ball but golfs it dangerously


39:20 OV PV and GOAL The Lynx hammer at the dam and get one over the goal line! Sarah Beers pulls the score to within 4-2

38:10 OV PC Shot goes wide!

37:35 OC PC Option-left to Gladieux; will re-rack for a stick obstruction

36:59 OV PV Option-right is tackled; will re-rack

35:56 OV PC A slow-developing play is defensed and cleared

34:30 OV PC Madison Kline’s 1-up is a bit high on the way in, but hits the goalboard; Moravian still leads 4-1


33:00 MA PC and GOAL Clune’s shot is saved and the rebound pops high; Ashley Pearce bats it in over her head, but, as she all by her lonesome with nobody between herself and the goal line, the goal stands; it’s 4-0 Moravian

30:00 The second half is under way 

HALFTIME Oley has had its chances but has not covered on defense; it seems like every time Moravian has exposed the Oley defense, it has resulted in a goal

HALFTIME It’s been The Mayv Clune Show thus far, as the daughter of former Olympian Diane Molinaro has come up trumps 

HALFTIME The siren goes with Moravian Academy leading by three

27:50 MA PC and GOAL Clune with the 1-Up! Moravian leads 3-0

26:55 OV PC Defensed and cleared by Brittany Romanczuk!

23:00 OV PC Andrea Hinkle chops a shot that Gladieux almost redirects into the cage!

20:00 Gladieux tries to respond for Oley but the save is made!

18:55 MA GOAL Clune settles a bouncy ball and pings it off the crossbar and in! Lions lead 2-0

16:00 MA PC The bouncy turf at Whitehall claims another corner chance; the Lions unable to control the ball

14:00 OV PC  Defensed and cleared by Nikki Pierce 

13:30 OV PC Wall pass to Gladieux is tackled; re-rack for the obstruction 

12:26 MA GOAL A shambles at the back as Clune makes a steal and feeds Ashley Pearce for the tap-in; Moravian Academy leads 1-0


11:30 MA PC Ball goes off Nikki Pearce’s foot

8:39 OV PC Andrea Hinkle beats the goalie, but Moravian clears their lines!

7:00 MA PC Clune fakes left, goes right, but the shot is blocked

3:30 MA PC Mayv Clune belts her 1-Up wide right

1:24 OV PC Buzalewski is tackled, but obstructs the flyer

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Moravian is in the red with yellow numbers, Oley Valley is in the white with blue numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the Whitehall turf, temperatures an unseasonable 55 degrees

PREGAME Moravian Academy is led by Mayv Clune, the Maryland-bound senior. It was recently announced that she would be entering college early as a gray-shirt 

PREGAME Oley is led by Sophia Gladieux, the precocious freshman who had a pair of goals in her first varsity game. Madison Kline and Samantha Buzalewski provide scoring as well

PREGAME Oley Valley, the champions of District 3, are 26-0 on the season and the No. 5 team in the Top 10. Moravian Academy, the champions of District 11, are 24-1 on the season

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to the Zephyr Complex at Allentown Whitehall (Pa.) for the PIAA Class A championship game between Oley Valley and Moravian Academy


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