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Nov. 24, 2016 — Giving thanks

During this season, a story emerged about a member of the field hockey family whose life was saved, thanks to an organ donor.

Here’s the story and a video about how the heart of a Towson University student wound up in Pennsylvania, giving the father of wunderkind Mackenzie Allessie a second life.

Organ donation is easy; sometimes it is as easy as renewing your driver’s license. And you never know the impact you might have on someone else’s life. Indeed, when your Founder was an intern with New Jersey state government, he met a woman who had received the corneas of the late Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Pelle Lindbergh, giving her the gift of sight.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


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  Gordon wrote @

I’m a fire fighter and EMT here in Texas, and I actively encourage all of your readers to consider expressing their desire to be an organ donor with other family members. The team I coach plays on Finnegan Field, named after a student I coached who died of injuries he received in a car accident. In a moment of horrible grief and loss, his parents found a way to help others avoid that pain, by donating his organs. Thank you for posting this story or bravery and compassion.

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