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Nov. 27, 2016 — USA 3, Korea 2

POSTGAME So that’s all for now. Good day and good hockey

POSTGAME Does that mean the U.S. would play the Pool D winner? All four teams in that pool — China, Belgium, Spain, and New Zealand — are still in the hunt for the quarterfinals, and those matches are later today if you are livestreaming them

POSTGAME However, the competitors in Pool A and Pool D are playing their second round games today, with the Pool B and C teams finishing off tomorrow; having the survivors of Pool A and B, and pool C and D meeting each other would mean that the Pool A and D teams have 24 hours more rest than those coming from C and B

POSTGAME The opponent is yet to be determined, but, as in many FIH competitions, not all is clear about the regulations. Logically, the opponent for the Pool A second-place team in a crossover competition should be the first-place team in Pool B, which would be a likely showdown with Argentina

POSTGAME The win gives the United States second place in Pool A and a berth in one of the four quarterfinal matches to take place in Santiago on Wednesday

FULL TIME And the final horn sounds with the United States taking a 3-2 win over a two-time Junior World Cup Championship side in Korea!

69:00 Korea with the ball in the U.S. end, but the American team is parking the bus and won’t allow them through to the scoring circle

67:10 KOR GOAL And only seconds after the U.S. defense survives that situation, they give up the goal to Cho Hyejin; USA still leads 3-2

66:45 KOR PC Hi-lo to the inserter who flicks the ball at Bing, who is logged; did she get that one with her blocker? Wow!

63:30 Interesting at how these things work out, no?

63:24 USA YELLOW And somehow, as if to even it up, Ashley Hoffman sits for five

63:19 KOR YELLOW Hong Huigyeong is now off for five minutes; not what you want at this juncture if you’re chasing the game

62:15 All hands to pumps now as Korea gets a cross to an open area, but Cho Hyejin scuffs it wide on a diving attempt

61:45 Korea slots a backhand across the goalmouth but there’s nobody to pop it in

58:40 USA PC and GOAL The initial corner drag from Carrie Hanks is popped into the air, whereupon Lauren Moyer knocks in the rebound! The Applebees lead 3-1 and surely are through to the quarterfinal round!

56:00 The States have some room to break in, but Korean center back Suyong Kim makes a pair of key interceptions

54:10 Korea has a free hit in a promising position, but cannot get the ball through the defense; not the easiest free hit because of the five-yard rule and the curvature of the circle where the foul was given

52:50 Korea is able to get the ball to the left goalpost, but commits an infraction; free out for the Applebees

52:00 KOR PC Korea dragflick is defensed by Laura Hurff

51:00 Korea dipsy-doos on the right wing, but misses the cage on the shot

48:00 KOR PC Driven shot is saved by a logged Bing; cleared by Julia Young, the captain

46:00 The States with their own wasted chance on a free in; you need to cause some reaction in the back if you want to punish the opposition

44:30 I guess the umpires are letting them have at it; a couple of obvious infractions are left unpunished

42:45 A chance wasted; the States cut it out and are heading up the other end of the pitch

42:30 A tackle around the hashmarks results in a hard whistle; the umpire changes her decision from a penalty corner to a free hit for Korea in a promising position

38:30 USA PC Dragflick just past the post! That couldn’t have been more than two inches

37:30 USA PC Driven ball is saved by Lim; will re-rack

37:00 Where’s the urgency from Korea? Not only are they walking when trying to execute a free out, but they turn it over and concede a needless penalty corner

35:30 Free hit in a promising position for Korea, but a confident clear from the States

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Matson, a junior in high school, leads the United States in goals thus far. She and a number of her colleagues in the high-performance pool — such as Sammy Popper, Sophia Gladieux, Charlotte DeVries, Mackenzie Allessie, and Meredith Sholder — have taken the low backhand to a Picasso-esque art form as an attack weapon

HALFTIME A couple of things to note on the American goals: Paolino, late of Duke University, was a magician in indoor play as well as for Newtown Square Episcopal Academy (Pa.). She’s the kind of player who can find her own shots and has done extremely well her freshman year at Duke University

HALFTIME Still some work, I think, to do on defense, since Kim and Moon are being afforded too much room in the back. Bing, however, seems to be able to come up with the timely save when she needs to

HALFTIME The United States now has a goal to the good for the result it needs to make the knockout stage of the Women’s Junior World Cup

HALFTIME The United States takes a 2-1 lead into the interval

34:43 KOR PC Dragflick from the top of the circle is well-saved by Bing!

32:46 USA GOAL Erin Matson frees herself for a backhander that beats Lim and it’s now 2-1 for the Applebees!

30:48 USA GREEN Bad tackle from behind leads to the suspension for Brooke DeBerdine

28:10 KOR PC Korea tries its own hi-lo to the inserter, but it misses the cutter

27:10 USA PC The States run a hi-lo to Matson, but is it cut out and sent away

26:00 USA PC Dragflick hits a body on the goal line; the clock is stopped as the umpires confer through their earpieces, and it is a free out for Korea as it is determined that it was an American body that impeded the ball

26:00 KOR GREEN Hong Huigyeong with a push inside the 25; she sits for two, and a corner the result

21:45 Kim, for Korea, gets a step on the defense and is through on Bing again! She then defies the laws of physics by missing both Bing and the goal cage from five yards

20:40 Korea tries an aerial ball to Kim, who chops her shot wide of the cage; that pass play is there all day and the States need to deal with it better

16:40 USA GOAL Margaux Paolino, she of the slick stickwork, manages to beat a couple of Korean defenders and delivers a shot that gets through Lim! We are level 1-1!

14:50 Moon gets the ball deep in the circle; Bing says no

12:35 Korea attempts a low cross to an open player, but Bing stacks the pads and denies her

11:45 USA PC Hoffman’s dragflick is saved by Lim

8:00 Julianna Tornetta tries to chop a shot at Lim from just inside the circle; the save is made

5:40 Matson gets the ball in front of the goal with keeper Eunlee Lim on the ground and chuffs it wide! Unlucky!

1:40 KOR GOAL A long pass finds Kim in the circle wide open again, and she nails a backhander past a helpless Kelsey Bing; Korea on the front foot, leading 1-0

0:30 Korea through pass to Seoyeong Kim goes over the end line for a free out

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME The United States is in its traditional red; Korea is in the white with navy kilts and socks

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the turf in Santiago, temperatures around 73 degrees

PREGAME Interesting to note: the United States has been together as a team only about a week. Most of the players, however, are in mid-season form because the U.S. domestic season ended a week ago. Interesting to note: there are no players on the U.S. team from the NCAA Division I champions, the University of Delaware

PREGAME Korea is led by Soyun Moon, who has had three goals for the Reds thus far. The United States has been led by Ashley Hoffman, Lauren Moyer and Gab Major, late of the University of North Carolina, and has gotten two goals thus far from high-school phenom Erin Matson

PREGAME The States, after completely being outplayed and outpossessed in the second half against Holland, have now had a day’s rest and know their situation. Their personality has yet to be defined, especially seeing as the side’s inspirational figure, Tara Vittese, was out through injury before this competition even began

PREGAME A draw also sees the United States through to the quarterfinals, because they have a more favorable goal differential (+6) than Korea (-2)

PREGAME This is a tipping-point match for both sides. The winner of this match goes into the quarterfinal knockout stage of this competition; the loser goes into the consolation stage and can finish no higher than ninth

PREGAME The U.S. and Korea are both 1-1 coming into this final pool match

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Estadio Manaquehue in Santiago, Chile for this third-round Junior World Cup Pool A match between the United States and Korea


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