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Nov. 30, 2016 — ADVISORY: Liveblogging USA vs. Argentina

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good night and good hockey

POSTGAME You could hang your hat on the fact that Argentina’s first goal came on a missed obstruction call, but given the injuries that have hit this team, and the margin of victory between these two teams in April, this is about the result you could have expected

POSTGAME The States now drop to what is now a star-studded consolation round which includes the nations who hold the current bronze from the Champions Trophy (United States), the current Olympic gold medal (England/Team GB), and the Rio bronze medal (Germany)

FULL TIME That’s the end of the game; Argentina wins 2-0 and advance to the semifinals

67:20 USA PC Dragflick is blocked down; follow-up is blasted wide! Was that the chance to get back into it?

63:00 Argentina is content to keep the ball in the attack end and to whittle down the clock

61:50 Argentina is keeping the ball in the attack end here; you wouldn’t know the States are up a player

59:52 ARG GREEN Barbara Gentili is off for the stick tackle

58:05 USA PC Low dragflick goes wide; not sure whether it was intended for the right-post player, but there was nobody between her and a yawning cage

57:35 USA PC Dragflick is defensed; will re-rack for the foot

57:00 Sophia Tornetta goes down hard in the midfield; she’s been the Energizer Bunny out there

53:00 The States have pulled back into a shell and don’t seem to have an answer of how to even get out of its own end of the pitch

52:10 Argentina golfs a backhander that Bing saves

48:10 von der Heyde may be familiar to you as a member of Argentina’s 2016 Olympic team as well as gold-medal winner in the 2016 Champions’ Trophy

48:00 ARG GOAL Lucina von der Heyde gets time and room on the right elbow and sneaks a near-post shot past Bing, and it’s 2-0 Argentina

47:00 ARG PC Shot goes high and wide of the goal cage

44:00 ARG PC A couple of shots are blocked down in front of Bing before they get to her; Albicelestes lose possession on a backsticks call and it’s a free out for the States

42:30 Argentina is content to keep the ball and make the Americans chase

39:35 A Sophia Tornetta backhand causes a few anxious moments in the Argentina circle, but the Albicelestes clear their lines

36:45 Woods telegraphs a free-in pass that Argentina almost takes for a snowbird; they can’t do that if they want to remain in this game

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Oddly enough, there is no video referral system for the Junior World Cup

HALFTIME As the halftime horn sounded, U.S. coach Janneke Schopman confronted the umpire on the end of the field where the U.S. conceded the goal; the question is whether an Argentina forward impeded the U.S. flyer trying to change course in following the option-left. Have a look:arg

HALFTIME The goal was a penalty corner, not a bit of magic from field play, which is somewhat surprising. The Argentina team that beat the U.S. in the Pan American qualifier had skills to burn

HALFTIME And that’s the horn to end the first term; Argentina leads the United States 1-0

32:20 Argentina with another near miss in open play; is this where the floodgates open?

31:20 ARG PC and GOAL An option left goes to Bianca Donati, who puts it into the cage as Argentina takes a 1-0 lead

29:00 ARG PC Defensed by Hurff again!

24:30 Argentina with an open backhander on Bing, but Julieta Jankunas sends it high

23:30 The Americans have a free hit in a dangerous position, and choose to go around the outside, but the Argentina defense forces them over the end line

20:00 The States are now in a hit-and-hope mode, as Argentina is starting to play the incisive ball in the attacking third

17:30 Argentina with a free hit in a promising position, but spurn the chance on a bad cross towards the spot

15:00 ARG PC Shot is defensed by USA flyer Laura Hurff

12:45 ARG PC Low shot is saved by a logged Bing; the rebound lays tantalizing at her feet but nobody is around for Argentina to flip it in

12:00 High shot is saved by the USA goalie, Kelsey Bing; the rebound is called dangerous — odd, because the shot itself created the danger

11:15 The Americans get a free hit deep in their own end and lift the free hit into an Argentine forward; a mental error that goes unpunished

9:50 Argentina looking dangerous in the circle but Carrie Hanks with a smart tackle and takeaway for the States

6:00 Teams are testing the other’s defenses; neither attack can maintain possession in the circle

0:41 Argentina with an early circle penetration, but the angled shot goes wide of the cage

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME The United States is in its traditional red; Argentina in its iconic white and blue striped tops and black kilts and socks

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the turf under sunny skies, temperature around 85 degrees

PREGAME There is history between these two sides, and not just on the senior level; on April 9, the teams met in Trinidad & Tobago in the final of the Pan American Hockey Federation Junior Championship, where Argentina scored five in the second half — the last four in 12 minutes — to run out 6-0 winners

PREGAME There have already been a couple of interesting results today; the day started off with Holland thrashing Germany 5-0, and Spain beating England 5-3. The Australia-Belgium game is later today

PREGAME The winner of this game goes to the Junior World Cup semifinals; the loser falls into the 5-through-8 bracket and have two more games remaining against the losers of the other three games today

PREGAME The States have been led thus far by Erin Matson and Ashley Hoffman, as well by the defensive acumen of Nicole Woods on the back line

PREGAME The Junior Albicelestes are led by Maria Granatto and Julieta Jankunas, who have four goals each in this tournament. Granatto has been tapped as the next great Argentina player

PREGAME Argentina comes into this game as the champions of Pool B, with a 3-0 record. The United States was the second-place team in Pool A, and is 2-1 thus far this tournament

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Estadio Manaquehue in Santiago, Chile for this Junior World Cup quarterfinal match between the United States and Argentina


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