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Jan. 2, 2017 — We’re back (we think)

Last Friday, thanks in part to our release of the identity of the 2017 United States Coach of the Year, our site crashed.

At least, we thought so. I didn’t think it plausible that the populations of Mount Joy, Marietta, Mayfield, and Donegal Heights could have resulted in the dreaded 404 screen, symbolizing that too many people were trying to access the site at once. This site has handled thousands of visitors before, led by the quadrupleheaders of girls’ lacrosse games in the New York/Maryland challenge of a few years ago when it seemed half the population of Long Island was on the site.

But in looking into the situation, it seems our host company was transitioning everyone over from the usual disk-based hosting into a cloud-based service, and we spent a good amount of time over the last three days getting everything put together behind the scenes.

You might not have noticed much during the last few days, but there is a lot of work in getting a website to operate adequately, and to get the two parts of the site to talk to each other properly. There was a time last night when I could only upload as many as 19 text and data files at a time. It’s a lot of rote work, but we think it looks and works as good as new.

Well, at least until the next time 10,000 people need to read something at once.


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