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Jan. 17, 2017 — Hopefully, not a trend

The world of field hockey coaching is full of experienced masters of motivation and tactics who become institutions in their respective schools or universities.

But the open question is, who is going to step in to be the next generation of Missy Mehargs, or Nancy Williamses, or Char Moretts, or Sue Butz-Stavins?

Field hockey is a difficult-enough job already without having the perception that you’re having to replace a legend. As such, Cory (Picketts) Terry did a remarkable job as head field hockey coach at Ocean City (N.J.). Taking over from the team’s founder, Trish LeFever, Terry created her own story, her own narrative. She was unafraid of taking on the very best in the sport, even coming to Voorhees Eastern (N.J.) to provide competition for visiting Louisville Sacred Heart (Ky.).

Terry won three state championships as a coach at Ocean City, and developed a team which came into every game ready to compete, no matter what the circumstances. Indeed, there was a game this year which involved two hours of travel and a cold, wet rain. But the Raiders came out on top 3-1 against a good Pennsauken Bishop Eustace (N.J.) team.

I think it would have been awesome to see what Terry would have done with the players left over on the team this fall after the graduation of the seniors. But, I guess, we’ll never know, as Terry resigned from the coaching position.


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