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Jan. 22, 2017 — Two years later, and what have we done?

Two years ago, we wrote this.

In the past week, a second scandal within the same subculture has reared itself. The accused in this situation is a person I first met in 2001. Since then, however, he is reputed to have leveraged his status in order to obtain the attention of young women, sometimes belittling them to an uncomfortable degree, according to an essay written by the former partner of the accused.

The two years since the original scandal has seen the beginning of what is called the “safe spaces” movement. It’s kind of an extralegal policing of people within the social dance community where administrators pledge to watch out for potential and actual predatory behavior, and where participants watch out for each other.

Which is great.

But, like youth sports coaches who get found out when it comes to sexual assault of players, they can simply disappear, go to the next town, and the whole mess starts again.

One example? There is a man who has exhibited predatory behavior towards young Caucasian women for parts of three decades. He has been banned from two different types of dance promotions at a Federally-owned property in the mid-Atlantic region.

Because those bans do not apply to every single social dance event, he was allowed to dance last night at this same property

And so it goes.


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