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Jan. 30, 2017 — The borderless life

Last weekend, I said good-bye to Cassie, a dance friend of mine who has made her life which is one less-traveled, but more-traveled at the same time.

Let me explain. For the last several years, Cassie has traveled around with one change of clothes, one jacket, one passport, and one very powerful notebook computer. She uses available WiFi to connect with a sizable clientele to teach English as a second language. She also is a traveling dance teacher, and makes enough money to get by.

In the last year or so, however, she was plying the notion of setting down roots somewhere to live permanently. She has made her decision now, and has moved halfway across the globe to start the next chapter in her life.

I’ve known a number of people who have taken advantage of technology and the relatively easy flow of people across the globe, traveling and taking in the sights, and living their lives.

This free flow, however, is under threat from politicians looking to control the free movement of people from place to place. From Great Britain’s “Brexit” to the closing of borders through legislation or executive orders, there are governments and government actors who are seemingly trying to get a handle on people wanting to move from place to place.

And, I think, are doing a ham-fisted job of it. It’s like early city governments trying to figure out what to do when cars started outselling horse-drawn carriages.

I think more and more people around the world — no matter one’s religion, social status, or national origin — have a different concept of “home” than in previous generations. Young people today, for example, think nothing of moving from place to place every couple of years with a minimal amount of possessions.

And I think, with the proliferation of digital devices to connect people in faraway places, the world’s wanderlust is not going to be able to be controlled — not by laws, and certainly not by walls.


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