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Feb. 8, 2017 — The degree of difficulty

Today, I read a story from the University of Michigan’s athletic website, spotlighting different people from different sports on campus.

The story, featuring women’s lacrosse senior Sophie duPhily, made an important point: this year marks the fourth since the Wolverine program went varsity.

And for all of the preparation, all of the equipment, and a fantastic portion of the athletic budget, Michigan’s overall record in its first three seasons is 15 wins and 37 defeats. And the Wolverines have zero conference victories in three years.

The last couple of decades has seen teams attaining amazing success in a short period of time. It took four years for Northwestern to win a national title. It took just three for Florida to make the Final Four, and Southern California could very well make the national semifinals this season. Colorado, with three straight strong seasons, was also just one goal worse than USC a year ago.

But there are other programs, such as Michigan’s, which have, for whatever reason, not had that meteoric rise to prominence.

Give them time, though. I have a feeling the Wolverines’ fortunes will change once the program’s new stadium is ready next year at the Ross Athletic Complex.


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