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Feb. 9, 2017 — A significant O-fer

This morning, I pressed the gray button on the remote control to turn on the TV.

Nothing happened.

I did a quick-and-dirty diagnosis based upon experience, and concluded that the logic board was out. Again.

The thing about today’s flat-panel color TVs is that they are not only relatively inexpensive, but they are also inexpensive to fix. You just need the right tools, the right number of plastic bowls in order to keep the screws straight, and patience. I’ve switched out the board on this particular one in under an hour.

The TV in question is my primary TV, hooked into the cable system for the apartment. However, I also have a second one which is connected to an Internet-based device called a Roku, which allows you to stream video on demand as well as scheduled feeds through certain TV services.

And a couple of months ago, I went and got a third flat screen specifically for my laptop computer. This third TV was being sold by the owner because the sound was not working, which was perfect for the purpose of streaming content through the laptop (and, therefore, the sound over the computer).

I’ve been known to have more than one TV on in the apartment. There was an afternoon I was watching lacrosse on the laptop TV, and two international soccer games on the others. It was like having your own sports bar.

I’m hoping, in future, to have a setup like this for watching several NCAA games all at once, and, perhaps, to keep track of that penultimate weekend in high school field hockey when a bunch of state finals take place simultaneously.

Oh, and memo to the folks at NCAA and Turner: there is a market out there for covering all 17 games of the championship. How about it?