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Feb. 25, 2017 — Maryland 13, North Carolina 10

FULL TIME That’s all for now; have a good evening

FULL TIME And in a weekend which has already seen No. 3 in the polls fall yesterday, the fact that No. 1 also went down is a major motivational point

FULL TIME Maryland won a handful of hustle plays on the end line, and Megan Taylor had a fine game in the Terps’ cage

FULL TIME It was a taut game, but both coaches will tell you there is room for improvement, especially late-game ball security

FULL TIME That’s it; the horn signals the end of a 13-10 win

59:00 Carolina get into its set offense behind the cage and drops the ball; wow; a chance to pull level has gone away without a shot on net

58:39 UNC GOAL McCool runs the 1-6 from the office, leans on her defender and scores! That’s a skill that only a U.S. national team attacker has! Carolina to within three!
There’s time to catch them if possible!

57:51 UNC GOAL A big speed run by Bill; Carolina to within 13-9

57:40 Maryland with the ball again in the set offense but turns it over cheaply with nearly a minute on the possession clock

56:55 Shot clock violation; UNC ball

56:00 UMD FP Megan Whittle is just off the 8-meter fan but only five seconds on the shot clock; what can she do with the fan not cleared?

55:00 Terps cannot get a good-enough shot on goal, though, and it goes over to UNC

54:00 Maryland has the ball in the attack end and has a chance to chew up some clock

51:43 UNC YELLOW Tracy is off for two with a slash

51:03 UMD GOAL Stukenberg left wide open in the arc again! Maryland leads 13-8

50:12 UNC GOAL Don’t look now, but Carolina’s back in proximity, Heels to within 12-7

48:35 UNC GOAL Molly Hendricks scores while being dumped; Carolina trails 12-7

48:05 UMD FP and GOAL Jen Giles scores again! What a game she is having! UMD leads 12-6

46:32 UNC GOAL Marie McCool finishes for UNC, who trail 11-6

45:43 UMD GOAL Jen Giles avails herself of a Hensh feed and the Terrapins lead 11-5

45:30 UNC YELLOW Carly Davis off for the slash

43:03 UNC YELLOW Moore with the slash for UMC; it is her second yellow

40:34 Timeout, UNC

40:34 UMD GOAL Caroline Wannen with the curl and the Terps hold a 10-5 lead

33:08 UMD GOAL Caroline Wannen loops from behind and finds cage! Maryland is leading 9-5

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME If this was a “Hoosiers” exercise to prepare for the Final Four weekend in cavernous Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., Maryland was able to shake off any opening jitters

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Maryland leading 8-5

29:25 UNC And just like that, Carolina retaliates. Reed’s goal brings Carolina to within three

29:02 Stukenberg with an innocuous play in the circle that leads to her being dispossessed

27:53 Timeout, UMD

25:44 UNC YELLOW Molly Hendrick sits for two for the slash

22:39 UMD GOAL Giles curls left and finds the net; Maryland leads 8-4

21:41 UNC GOAL With the shot clock in the red, Ella Hazar finishes from a tidy angle on the right post; Maryland leads 7-4

15:05 UMD GOAL Whittle curls and bounces away from pressure, then launches a dart that goes in. Maryland leads 7-3

11:30 UNC GOAL Maggie Bill shakes free and gets to the spot; Carolina down 6-3

10:34 UMD GOAL Giles dishes to an open Hartschorn and she finishes! Maryland leads 6-2

9:29 UNC GOAL Caroline Wakefield rips a chance from the top of the fan and UNC gets one back

8:59 Timeout, UNC

8:59 UMD GOAL Interior pass from Giles finds Zoe Stukenberg and the Terrapins lead 5-1!

7:28 UMD FP and GOAL Jen Giles takes a lefty shot from the right hash and beats Caylee Waters; Maryland leads 4-1

4:53 UNC GOAL FP and GOAL Carly Reed bounces it in off a left-hash opportunity; UNC trails by two

3:22 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle with the forehand runner and it’s 3-0 Maryland

2:40 UMD FP and GOAL Taylor Hensh from the right hash, arrows it in; Terps now lead by two

2:38 UNC YELLOW Alex Moore is off for two; such an early foul!

0:31 UMD GOAL Kali Hartshorn, just seconds after a Zoe Stukenberg takeaway on the defensive end, scores from in close! Terps lead 1-0

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME North Carolina is in the navy with white numerals; Maryland is in the white trimmed in the Crossland and Calvert motifs that constitute the state flag

PREGAME The Maryland-Yale men’s game now having ended, the participants are now warming up under cloudy and breezy skies; game should start around 5 p.m.

PREGAME The sky is now clear, and the temperature has dropped about 25 degrees in the last hour. The teams will take the field once the men’s game between Yale and Maryland ends

PREGAME The start of the game has been delayed by lightning twice, and it’s estimated the game may not get underway until after 4 p.m. Torrential rain is pelting Capital One Field, but it is FieldTurf and should dry quickly

PREGAME I also think a secondary matchup will be the UNC attack against Maryland’s defense. UNC has two of the top goal-scorers in the history of the scholastic game (Alex Moore and Carly Reed), and Maryland has graduated close defender Alice Mercer, who was a Tewaaraton candidate last year. I think defender Nadine Hadnagy and goalie Megan Taylor are going to have to play well for the Terps to win

PREGAME One key matchup is in the draw circle, between UNC’s Sammy Jo Tracy and Maryland freshman Kali Hartshorn. Hartshorn, a freshman, takes over center from three-time Tewaaraton Trophy winner Taylor Cummings

PREGAME Today’s game should be no different. There are compelling matchups all over the field, but there are a couple that bear mentioning

PREGAME But what also makes this game a titanic matchup is the fact that the sides have played a number of memorable games the last five years, including a triple-OT classic in 2013

PREGAME This is a game featuring former conference rivals in the ACC, and these are also two of only five universities to have won the NCAA Division I title since 1990

PREGAME Carolina, the No. 1 team in the country, is 3-0 on the season. Maryland, the No. 2 team, is 2-0 on the campaign

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Maryland Stadium for this  interconference women’s lacrosse match between UNC and Maryland


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