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Mar. 6, 2017 — The NBA-ization of women’s lacrosse

I’m sure that the people who call women’s lacrosse on cable networks and on streaming broadcasts already have a table similar to this on their call sheet:

5:59 ——— 4
4:29 ———3
2:59 ———2
1:29 ———1

This would be the rule of thumb to give the possession situation late in games, now that the 90-second possession clock is in play. If the game is under six minutes to go and more than 4:30, you talk about strategy in terms of a four-possession game.

You’re going to get teams thinking in terms of this sort of strategy, especially given the high number of incredibly close games thus far this season in Division I. The clock not only has a way of making games closer, but it also has a tendency to reel in a team which may have taken a significant lead.

As might be said about the NBA, “Everybody makes a run.”

Kind of like yesterday, when Syracuse pulled back a nine-goal deficit to win 16-15 in perhaps the defining game of the possession-clock era thus far.

But it wasn’t just Syracuse’s offense that came up big in the second term. How about the play of goalie Asa Goldstock? Despite being pulled from the game in the first half, she responded well in the second, making four stops in the last two minutes.

Oddly enough, it was 10 years ago this spring when Virginia scored 10 straight goals to defeat Duke in a national semifinal in Philadelphia.

Wonder what it would have been like if there was a possession clock in play?


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