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Mar. 18, 2017 — Owings Mills McDonogh (Md.) 17, Vaughan Hill Academy (Ont.) 3

FULL TIME That’s all for now; thanks for tuning in

FULL TIME Though the McDonogh win streak has now hit 158 games, it doesn’t get any easier for the Eagles. They have five IAAM Class “A” league games in nine days, including playing both ends of the Northern Parkway derby on the road

FULL TIME After all, it bears reminding that the game of girls/women’s lacrosse came to America through Canada. How? Rosabelle Sinclair of Scotland learned the game from Louise Lumsden at St. Leonard’s School of St. Andrew’s. Lumsden had brought lacrosse to Scotland after watching a men’s game between Montreal L.C. and the Canghuwaya First Nations team

FULL TIME Long term, however, I think this game is a marker. Hill Academy, and, I’m sure, the forthcoming Bradenton IMG Academy (Fla.) team are likely to keep improving over time, and with financial backing and a commitment

FULL TIME Hill was definitely hobbled by its short bench, but I think the team also ran out of ideas how to deal with Maddie Jenner on the draw controls, often having to create a foul to allow the rest of the team to set up for the inevitable entry into their defensive end

FULL TIME Over the course of the last eight years, McDonogh has put together a number of victories which once can file under the dual categories of “unexpected” and “comprehensive.” Only this time, there was an international dimension to this contest

FULL TIME The final whistle sounds with McDonogh winning the game by a 17-3 score

49:47 There was an officials timeout to re-synchronize the clocks

48:00 McD GOAL Rachel Ward, on second attack, gives McDonogh a 17-3 lead

46:10 McD GOAL Lila Huddles takes them on and beats them all; what an effort! McDonogh now leads 16-3

45:45 HS FP Peyton Curtis with a good open shot, but it goes wide and backed up by McDonogh; nothing has gone right for Hill today

42:30 McDonogh, still attacking, finds pipe with their second attack line

37:00 HILL GOAL Cordingly puts the ball in for the Pride, but at 15-3, you can’t help but think the Pride won’t be able to get back into this, especially since there’s no possession clock in the National Federation

31:55 McD GOAL May with the EWO goal; wow, is she something? The lead is 15-2 and there is still penalty time to serve

31:03 HILL YELLOW A rash challenge on the draw control; this isn’t what you want with such a short bench

29:59 McD FP and GOAL Jenner finishes off the possession she helped to start and McDonogh leads 14-2

27:01 Jenner wins the next draw to herself; she is having a field day in this skill

26:59 McD GOAL Hoffman, who is having a fine match, slings one past the past and the lead is 13-2 for the Eagles

25:03 Oddly enough, the Eagles don’t win this draw control

25:00 The second half is under way; Kameron Hallsell is being pressed into service in the Hill goal cage

HALFTIME I credit McDonogh for their usual relentlessness. They turned a 1-0 lead into a 4-0 lead in about 30 seconds, then finished off the half with an 8-0 run

HALFTIME I was expecting a bit more fight from Hill this morning, especially seeing how well they came together in the overtime loss to Vero Beach. However. if you have a game-changing midfielder like Maddie Jenner in the draw circle with only two wing players allowed to charge the ball, the odds are definitely with the physically imposing junior

HALFTIME The whistle sounds with McDonogh leading 12-2

23:35 McD GOAL Rachel Anderson scores off a Dorsey feed; McDonogh leads 12-2 and the clock runs

23:20 McD FP A well-worked passing play is sent wide of the goal cage

22:55 Dorsey, the McDonogh sophomore held out of last game because of illness, gets the ground-ball pickup on the next draw


22:51 McD GOAL Hoffman with the goal to give the Eagles an 11-2 advantage

21:10 Cordingly with the ground ball pickup after the initial draw win for Jenner

21:07 McD FP and GOAL Blair Pierre with the goal from the center hash and McDonogh leads 10-2

19:46 Jenner wins the ball to Aldave, who gives her teammate the return pass

19:44 McD GOAL Schettig with her second for McDonogh and the lead is 9-2 for the Eagles

13:56 TIMEOUT The Florida State High School Athletic Association mandates a water break during each half, no matter what the temperature is (it’s barely 60 degrees in Vero Beach today) and no matter how many timeouts are afforded each team during the game

13:56 McD GOAL Maddie Jenner scores and the McDonogh lead is 8-2

13:30 Hill is able to get possession for the first time in a while on a crease violation, but immediately coughs it up in the midfield

12:30 McDonogh is maintaining possession in the attack end against a very aggressive Hill defense that is not afraid to throw checks on the edge of legality

9:18 McD GOAL Blair Pierre with the goal that brings the Eagles to a 7-2 lead

8:18 McD GOAL Catie May scores from a Hoffman assist; the McDonogh lead is 6-2

7:56 Jenner wins the next draw; she is getting hammered in the midfield on the catch; that seems to be the only way that the Pride think they can stop her

7:54 McD GOAL Blair Parre responds for the Eagles; McDonogh leads 5-2

6:58 HS GOAL Cordingly scores for Hill to bring the lead within two

5:40 HS FP and GOAL The chase is joined; Hill puts the ball into the goal for the Pride and the McDonogh lead is compress to 4-1

4:51 McD GOAL Hoffman with the ground ball again, but hits the pipe; Schettig manages to get the ball into the cage, and that’s three goals in less than a minute for McDonogh; the lead is 4-0

4:38 McD GOAL Hoffman wins the ground ball off Jenner’s draw and takes it right in on the goal cage and scores; McDonogh leads 3-0

4:24 McD GOAL Maddie Jenner takes the entry pass and finishes over Van Kessel; McDonogh leads 2-0

3:30 Cordingly wins the draw this time for Hill

3:28 McD GOAL Rachel Anderson puts the ball into the cage; the Eagles lead 1-0

2:00 Van Kessel has made a couple more saves for the Pride; she had a fine game in an OT loss to Vero Beach, and head coach Chris Robinson has said that he fears a hot goalie in a close game

1:10 McD FP Emily Van Kessel makes the save for Hill

0:02 Maddie Jenner wins first draw for McDonogh

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME McDonogh is going to be wearing their gray uniforms with orange and black trim, and Hill is in the red with white and black numbers and trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up with temperatures around 60 degrees

PREGAME All that being said, McDonogh should win this game; the Eagles are a very deep team and should be able to keep fresh while Hill, which only brought a squad of 15 players (including two goalies) is just two yellow cards away from having a one-player bench. This happened in their game a couple of days ago against Vero Beach, when Cordingley got her second yellow of the game in just 20 minutes

PREGAME But Hill’s young women are made of sterner stuff. They have the same aspirations as their boys’ lacrosse team, which graded out as the No. 1 team in several polls of the best U.S. lacrosse teams — despite the fact that they are from Canada

PREGAME For McDonogh, this is the third of a three-game road trip in Florida, having beaten Milton (Ga.) and Vero Beach (Fla.) by a combined score of 39-6. If you’re a team later on McDonogh’s schedule, this has to leave you quaking in your boots

PREGAME A little buildup here: this is not the first time Hill Academy has crossed the border looking for good varsity competition, but the Pride came up empty on last year’s spring tour. They’re looking for a change in fortunes today

PREGAME Hill Academy is a superprep team, founded by Canadian all-time great Brodie Merrill, which has started to attract boarding students for the girls’ lacrosse team. This includes Briana Stroup from British Columbia, the younger sister of Northwestern star Danita Stroup. Hill also has a brilliant attacking midfielder, Aurora Cordingley, who is committed to Johns Hopkins

PREGAME McDonogh, which has won its last 157 games, is led by forwards Catie May and Andie Aldave, and center Maddie Jenner. Jenner is going to be the straw that stirs the drink in this game, I think, because of her ability in in the draw circle and the new NFHS rule allowing only two midfielders in the middle third of the field to go after the draw along with the two centers

PREGAME McDonogh is 2-0 this season, Hill is 0-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to South County Park in Vero Beach, Fla. for this international girls’ lacrosse game between The Hill Academy and The McDonogh School


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