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Apr. 12, 2017 — Maryland 18, Princeton 12

POSTGAME That’s all for now; thanks for reading this evening

POSTGAME Give a call to close defender Julia Braig, who has, all season, been effective in the midfield transitioning on clears. She had a number of situations this evening and did well when called upon

POSTGAME That being said, Whittle and Stukenberg were their usual lethal selves, and Kali Hartshorn was all over the midfield and attack. Hartshorn was game-high with five draws controlled along with her five goals

POSTGAME Maryland is not going to be beaten by talent alone; a team looking to beat them will have to alter the Terps’ tactics and strategy

POSTGAME If there is one thing that other NCAA teams will be studying from this game, it’s the fact that the teams played to a 12-12 draw over the final 50 minutes

FULL TIME At the final horn, Maryland takes an 18-12 win

59:25 PRI YELLOW George is off for the challenge

59:02 PRI GOAL Hallett with a goal to bring the Tigers within six

58:49 UMD GOAL Jen Giles takes advantage of an acre of space in the fan and powers the Terps to an 18-11 lead

52:51 PRI GOAL Amanda Leavell with a nifty steal and coast-to-coast run; Terps lead 17-11

48:08 PRI FP and GOAL A good look by Hompe finds Pansini on the doorstep; Terps still lead by seven

47:31 PRI GOAL Anna Doherty spins and scores from long range; Tigers still trail by eight

44:07 UMD GOAL Jen Giles with a fallaway from the middle of the fan; Maryland up 17-8


42:39 PRI FP and GOAL Anna Doherty from the left hash, but the Tigers trail by eight

40:17 UMD GOAL Stukenberg is at the tail end of an eight-pass sequence that leaves the Tigers helpless; Terps lead 16-7

39:05 UMD GOAL A sprawling Stukenberg scores to give Maryland a 15-7 lead 

38:18 PRI GOAL Elizabeth George zings a forehand from the top of the arc; Tigers trail 14-7

37:17 UMD GOAL Some skip passes lead to a run by Hartshorn; she finishes to give Maryland a 14-6 lead

34:22 UMD FP and GOAL Whittle fires a shot that Ellie DeGarmo gets her stick on but cannot keep out; Maryland leads 13-7

31:48 PRI YELLOW Hompe off for a slash

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Kali Hartshorn once again dominated the draws and scored some amazing goals for Maryland; it’s as if she is playing a different game from everybody else

HALFTIME The Tigers chose to run a shutoff for part of the half, though the target was as curious as the concept

HALFTIME The lead is deserved for the Terps because they seem to be able to score in bunches

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Maryland leading 12-6

29:00 PRI GOAL Hallett scores again but the Tigers down six

28:29 PRI GOAL Olivia Hompe swerved and the ball gets through; Terps still up seven

26:56 UMD FP and GOAL Stukenberg from the right hash; Maryland leads 12-4

24:41 PRI GOAL Laura Pansini gets a pass from Chamenchuk and finishes; Tigers down 11-4


23:31 UMD GOAL Whittle scores from a thicket of Princeton defenders as Maryland goes up 11-3

23:10 UMD GOAL Hartshorn takes a subtle overhand pass from Giles and scores while being fouled; Maryland takes a 10-3 lead and will get the ball

22:33 PRI GOAL Tess D’Orsi finds the back of the net! Tigers within six

19:37 UMD YELLOW Whittle with a rash challenge

18:20 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele takes a pass from Hartshorn and buries it! Maryland up 9-2

15:08 PRI YELLOW Ellie McNulty is off for the hard foul

14:37 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle puts the ball where the Thin Mints are; Maryland leads 8-2

14:00 PRI YELLOW Halley is off for a slash

13:30 UMD GOAL Jen Giles weaves through three players and sticks it high! Maryland up 7-2

12:57 PRI GOAL Kathryn Halley scores and brings the score to 6-2

11:15 PRI GOAL Colby Chanenchuk finally solves the Maryland defense, but the deficit remains five 

10:15 Why is Princeton trying to shut off Caroline Wannen? The hot scorer is Hartshorn at the moment

9:52 UMD FP A passing play to Zoe Stukenberg at the top center is shot wide

7:24 Let’s remind you: this is against the No. 7 team in the latest poll

7:24 UMD FP and GOAL Jen Giles hits from the right hash; Terps lead 6-0

6:51 UMD GOAL Hartshorn gets the corner from nine yards; this is like child’s play to her. Terps lead 5-0


6:27 UMD GOAL While being checked by two players, Hartshorn muscles it into the cage; they all count no matter how they go in. Terps up 4-0 and are assuming complete control of the game

5:17 UMD FP and GOAL Megan Whittle pegs the post from the left hash and scores! 3-0 Maryland

3:34 UMD GOAL Zoe Stukenberg finds a wide-open Kali Hartshorn down the heart of the fan and the Terps lead 2-0

0:29 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle gets free on the crease and puts Maryland on top 1-0; a dream start!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Princeton is in the all-black uniforms with orange numbers and white trim; Maryland is in the yellow, trimmed in the Crossland and Calvert emblems reminiscent of the state flag

PREGAME The teams are warming up under clear skies, temperatures in the mid-70s

PREGAME Maryland is a favorite to win this contest, but if Sailer can find a way to match or neutralize the Terps’ strengths, anything can happen

PREGAME Princeton head coach Chris Sailer is one of the great minds of the game, and parts of her offense in the early 1990s are in everyone’s playbook

PREGAME But Maryland has not lost to Princeton in a decade and a half, and it’s something the Tigers want to change

PREGAME One of the things that has not changed with Maryland over the years is its friendly rivalry with the Tigers. They have traditionally met each other late in the season — sometimes in the week between the conference tournament and the start of the NCAAs

PREGAME Maryland is 13-0 this season; Princeton is 9-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to The Lacrosse and Field Hockey Complex (yep, we’re calling it that) for this interconference game between Princeton and Maryland