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Apr. 15, 2017 — An avalanche of intersectionals

Since Spring Fling a couple of weeks ago, and continuing through today’s South River Spring Break Showcase, next weekend’s Gains for Brains fundraiser, and the Katie Samson Invitational the final week of April, there are an enormous number of intersectional matches on offer for girls’ scholastic lacrosse this season.

I remain befuddled, however, at why this doesn’t happen more often in field hockey. Aside from the Gateway Invitational, some four-team invitationals in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and a couple of tournaments in Virginia, there is precious little intersectional play in field hockey.

Question is, why?

It’s not as though the games are administered under different rules, albeit when you’re talking about girls’ lacrosse, you are also factoring in states which don’t have scholastic field hockey such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Minnesota.

The numerical, objective reason why you can have so many intersectional games to begin with in girls’ lacrosse is that there are now more than 3,300 programs across the country — a good 60 percent more than in field hockey.

In addition, many of these programs are in warm-weather areas, and teams in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and California are becoming destination opponents for cold-weather teams.

But I think there are reasons beyond those that are measurable for the blossoming of girls’ high school showcase events. I believe that, given the number of programs that are younger than 25 years, that there is a certain “all for one” ethic amongst lacrosse coaches, who are more willing to share information to grow the game.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?