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May 1, 2017 — Illustrative of a philosophy

If you were on the site early this morning, around 6:30 a.m., you might have noticed something a little strange with the header at the top.

A few minutes after one version of the header went up, another would be uploaded, all depending on how much white space there was around the illustration on the right or how much of the illustration bled over into the column to its left.

Following on from the time about five years ago when we used differently-colored illustrations of our logo, we’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with the logo. You’ll have noticed, for example, that the “TopOfTheCircle” logo has actually appeared within a circle of some kind the last few months.

A lot of this is to keep the concept fresh after 20 years, but it is also to experiment with many of the fine free photo applications that are available for your mobile phone. I have a couple of favorites, one of which I have used to make the opening and closing credits for “Inside The Circle,” our long-form interview show.

Yep, a mobile phone app.

Yesterday, I got to making a handful more logo treatments starting with some clean photos of the logo printed on nine different sheets of colored paper. More of this to come.