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May 28, 2017 — Maryland 16, Boston College 13

POSTGAME That’s all for now; thanks for reading

POSTGAME Maryland got great performances today from Caroline Steele and freshman Kali Hartshorn and took advantage of a couple of breaks in order to win the game. Hartshorn has three more years, and it will be extremely interesting to see how she is able to add to her all-around game in the next three years

POSTGAME Boston College, with Kenzie Kent in the lineup, is scary good. They are as good as the Northwestern attack when it features both Selena Lasota and Danita Stroup. The box skills in the small spaces as well as the rapid-fire passing wreaked havoc with the Maryland close defense. Kent just won the Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA Tournament, as she should

POSTGAME Full marks to Boston College, who fed off Kenzie Kent’s abilities in tight spaces in order to keep competitive even after Maryland’s four-minute spurt in the first minutes of the second half

FULL TIME It is Maryland’s 13th national title but it is the first time since 2001 since Maryland finished off an undefeated season with a win in the title game; the Terps have not had the best luck in championship games when coming in unbeaten, having lost four times in finals when presumably the overwhelming favorite

FULL TIME And the final horn goes with Maryland winning the game 16-13

59:56 BC YELLOW Kent is off for dissent

59:14 BC YELLOW Elizabeth Miller is off for two minutes for the check to the head

59:00 But the Eagles throw it away in turn; not what you want at this point of the match, either

58:34 Eagles win the draw but turn it over to Whittle, who goes to goal and misses the cage! Eagles back it up and get possession off that 10-man ride

58:28 BC GOAL Apuzzo with her own rebound and the Eagles are down just 16-13

57:56 Whittle holds the ball on the end line but the umpire calls her out of bounds; with the goalie out of the cage, this isn’t what you want at this stage of the game


57:09 It’s a four-goal game but it could be just a two-possession game here with the time on the clock

57:09 BC GOAL Kent with a trail check and finds Apuzzo on the left side for the low finish; Maryland leads 16-12

55:53 Lauren Daly is back in the goal cage for Boston College


55:53 UMD GOAL Hensh storms up the right wing and scores! Wow! Terps lead 16-11

54:01 UMD GOAL Nadine Hadnagy gets the ground ball in the defensive end and passes up the easy dumpoff to Whittle and chooses Caroline Steele on the right wing; Steele rewards Hadnagy with the goal and the Terrapins lead 15-11

52:50 Ochoa saves Giles’ shot on the man-up! Key stop in this situation

52:02 BC YELLOW Arsenault is off for the check to the head; her first, team’s second

51:20 UMD GOAL Hartshorn, the freshman, is left wide open on the crease and Giles finds her! Terps lead 14-11

50:30 BC GOAL Kent runs in, cradles with one hand, and bounces it under Taylor while falling on the goal crease line; is that legal? The umpires let it stand and Maryland leads 13-11

50:04 The next few minutes is where this game is going to be won or lost


50:04 UMD FP and GOAL Hensh, from the right hash, makes B.C. pay for the mental error and the Terps lead 13-10

50:00 Taylor Hensh takes it into the arc, loses it, but a B.C. defender crosse-checks her even as the ball it not in possession. If the player takes the ball rather than the opponent, it would be Eagle ball

47:56 UMD GOAL Caroline Wannen comes from behind the cage, leaves her defender on the ground, beats Ochoa! Maryland leads 12-10

47:20 Boston College goes for goal but mishandles it and Taylor cleans it up

46:05 Hartshorn wins the draw, but the first pass out of the double-team is on the ground and Boston College gets possession

46:00 BC GOAL Kent finds Dempsey Arsenault wide open on the crease, and she won’t miss from there. Maryland’s lead is 11-10

45:30 Kaileen Hart hits the crossbar with the shot!

42:28 BC GOAL Kent cuts in from the right, brings it low to high, finds net! Maryland still leads 11-9


41:19 UMD GOAL Whittle with the speed move, Terps up 11-8. The genesis of this possession is Colson, who came up with the ground ball as B.C. was making some fancy attack in the eight

39:34 BC GOAL Kent simply goes 1-on-1 with an overhand bouncer! Boston College is down 10-8

38:19 B.C. manages to reset the clock with a shot on the goalie; Maryland’s Hadnagy is clothned by a B.C. defender on the ground ball, no call?

38:15 BC FP Kayla O’Connor whips it wide

36:37 BC GOAL Kent is able to split two Maryland defenders and scores while being hit from two sides; Maryland still leads by three


35:04 BC GOAL Weeks with the cut, receives the Kent pass and finishes low again on Taylor! It’s 10-6 Maryland

34:29 Ochoa is back in the goal cage now for the Eagles

34:29 UMD FP and GOAL Giles strikes from the center-right hash! Terps lead 10-5 and they’re threatening to run away with it

33:57 Daly is still in the goal cage; Ochoa is on the sideline but she has not taken her helmet off, interestingly


33:57 UMD GOAL Jen Giles gets a wide-open lane along the right wing and she beats Daly; Terps lead 9-5

33:15 UMD GOAL Steele takes the rebound of a Giles shot and buries it; Maryland leads 8-5 and Daly has barely touched the ball. That first Whittle goal was the absolute worst outcome that could have happened for the Eagles

32:30 Boston College wins the next draw but drops the ball at the arc; Terps gladly scoop up the groundball

31:57 UMD GOAL Whittle finds Steele who cuts and dribbles it off Daly’s leg; Maryland up 7-5

30:19 UMD GOAL Stukenberg finds a wide-open Whittle, who shoots over Daly; Maryland leads 6-5

HALFTIME Boston College has been going with rotating goalies all year; Zoe Ochoa was super in the first half; will Meghan Daly follow on with the same kind of effort?

HALFTIME Credit Boston College’s defense with standing up tall against the Maryland offense and exploiting tendencies. The Eagles are shutting off Stukenberg and are allowing Whittle room to try to make a highlight-reel move

HALFTIME Neither side is particularly shooting well; these are teams which can score five goals in under five minutes under concentrated effort

29:57 Maryland awarded the ball off the scrum and are content to end the half with the score tied 5-5

29:47 BC FP From the extreme left hash, Apuzzo gets triple-teamed

26:59 Stukenberg awarded the ball just outside the arc, but with just one second on the possession clock. Ochoa swallows up the angled shot

26:55 With the shot clock winding down, there is a fight for possession

23:25 UMD FP Jen Giles fires it right at Ochoa and Boston College wins the ground ball

23:03 BC FP O’Connor fires it wide of the cage into Taylor’s goal stick

21:09 UMD FP With Stukenberg at top-dead canter, Maryland with an encroachment! A mental error leads to the turnover

19:59 BC FP and GOAL Laura Frankenfield, from the center-left hash, powers it in! We’re tied 5-5!

18:28 BC GOAL Kate Weeks catches Kent’s pass and backhands it in! Eagles within a goal!

16:27 BC FP and GOAL From the right-center hash, Kent finds net under Taylor; Maryland still leads 5-3

16:24 Kenzie Kent is loose on the right wing and makes a diving shot attempt reminiscent of a Gary Gait or a Casey Powell. Kent is fortunate to get the call and the free position


13:49 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele is the beneficiary of a neat four-way passing play. Huge call to Maryland freshman Lizzie Colson, who made a one-handed catch of Taylor’s outlet pass, outran the B.C. ride, then got the ball to the right spot for the pass play to begin; Maryland leads 5-2

11:22 Whittle is open on the left wing and has her shot blocked; she can’t buy a goal these days

10:30 UMD wins the draw again; that’s 6 of 7, albeit two were awarded rather than earned


10:25 UMD FP and GOAL Pass low onto the crease to Steele, who fakes Ochoa and scores! Maryland leads 4-2

9:39 BC YELLOW Brooke Troy is off for two minutes for the crosse-check

8:27 UMD GOAL Hartshorn finds Caroline Steele , who is decked, but fires through two other players to give Maryland a 3-2 lead

7:30 BC GOAL Sam Apuzzo makes a nice cut into the circle and fires it under Taylor! Wow! Game tied 2-2!

6:30 UMD PC Megan Whittle tries to beat four players; Ochoa makes the stop

4:45 Boston College playing three players high to pressure the ball and give up a three-second call. Now that three-seconds is a minor foul, the Eagles will be willing up to give up that foul all day long

4:03 BC GOAL BC GOAL Kenzie Kent with a nice flip to a cutting Sam Apuzzo; the Eagles are within one

3:00 Boston College rushes one with plenty of time on the possession clock; Megan Taylor eats up the long shot

1:52 UMD GOAL Taylor Hensh follows her shot after having the initial attempt saved by Ochoa and finishes! Maryland leads 2-0

0:44 Wannen hits the post with the shot!

0:10 And because of the foul, Maryland gets the draw again; can Boston College afford more of these?

0:10 UMD GOAL Hartshorn, playing the wall pass with Zoe Stukenberg, scores while being fouled; Maryland leads 1-0

0:00 Boston College is late getting its players on the pitch and the ball goes to Kali Hartshorn, the Maryland center. Wow; the table official is getting involved real early here

PREGAME Boston College is in the all-maroon with gold trim; Maryland is in the white with red numbers and shoulder trim reminiscent of the Maryland flag

PREGAME All that being said, Maryland should win this game. But there’s every reason to believe that Boston College can overcome Maryland’s talent on the pitch

PREGAME This crowd is going to be an early-riser, but definitely a pro-Boston College crowd. That could make a difference, especially if the game is close late

PREGAME Given the lack of flexibility coaches have shown in letting student-athletes play two sports, I cannot remember any time in the last 20 years when a single player from another sport has changed the fortune of a top women’s lacrosse team in any of the NCAA’s three divisions

PREGAME A huge talking point in this game is going to be the play of Boston College junior Kenzie Kent. Since the end of the women’s ice hockey season a few weeks ago, her presence on the women’s lacrosse team has resulted in a change in the Eagles’ fortunes. Boston College has scored 16 or more goals in nine of their last 11 games. Coincidence?

PREGAME Maryland is 22-0 on the season; Boston College is 17-6

PREGAME Welcome to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. for the 38th NCAA Division I women’s national title match featuring Big Ten champion Maryland and ACC at-large berth winner Boston College