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June 8, 2017 — A scandal erupts in New York

Two weeks ago, there was a lacrosse playoff game in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., where the girls’ team of Somers (N.Y.) Central lost to the hosts 9-4.

But accusations four days ago against the boys’ team from Yorktown Heights threatened to derail their run to the state semifinals, which took place yesterday with The Heights beating Garden City (N.Y.) in overtime.

The accusations surround the behavior of some of the Yorktown boys, who were accused of threatening and harassing behavior towards the girls who were assigned to the boys’ locker room.

Here’s what we know: with two girls’ sectional finals being held at Yorktown Heights, Somers was assigned the boys’ locker room at the host school. There were, however, no sectional administrators to secure the room. So, when the Yorktown boys finished practice for a playoff game the next day, they were let into their own locker room at the school, where the Somers’ girls team had already set up shop.

While the controversy roiled, your Founder was inclined to believe the Somers story. In this era when the problem of sexual assault has manifested itself in this week’s trial of comedian Bill Cosby, it wasn’t a hard decision.

That is, until about 4 p.m. this afternoon, when Somers Superintendent Dr. Raymond Blanch announced that the incident had never occurred, per the results of an investigation.

“In social media there was introduced the idea of sexual harassment of the Somers’ girls team,” Blanch said. “Our fact-finding did not uncover any evidence of any sexual harassment.”

For me, this is a stunning reversal. Usually, when enough young women at a school are able to corrorborate an episode like in reasonable clarity, usually there is some sort of wrongdoing that has transpired.

I’m left wondering what made the Somers girls’ team level these accusations.