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June 13, 2017 — A telcom change

A couple of weeks ago, this site took delivery on a new mobile phone. It’s an outstanding and outsized piece of technlogy called an iPhone 6 Plus.

This new large iPhone is allowing me to change a couple of things. You see, ever since starting my newspaper reporting career in the winter of 1987, I’ve made it a habit of carrying a reporter’s notebook and pen on my person at all times. A few years later, I figured out what kind of large travel wallets I could use to carry a reporter’s notebook and a thin pen along with cards and money.

But as I started using the mobile phone as a reporting tool, I would keep the notebook/wallet separate from the phone, but would pack a very thin ink pen with a magnetic stylus on the end in the phone case.

The week before activating the new phone was an opportunity to look out for a new phone case for this large behemoth of a phone. Oddly enough, aside from a plain back case and a tempered-glass shield, I found that I didn’t have to rely on a special case made only for this model.

Instead, what I’m using is a wallet that I got from a second-hand store for $1.97. There are special slots for cards, bills, change, the phone, and even a pen with a magnetic stylus on one end.

At the same time, I also took the opportunity to change cell phone providers. My family and I have been loyal to AT&T even after the telecom breakup of the 1980s. But when AT&T raised its price on unlimited data for the third time, I decided to shop around for another provider.

As you can see from the list of this site’s suppliers in the third column to the right, we’ve changed to a company called MintSIM. We’ll see how well this partnership works over the next year.

As for the phone itself: it has a lot of gewgaws and features I’ll likely never use, but it will, as usual, serve as a great reporting tool. I’m expecting WordPress to work a lot better on the larger screen.